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Sinhasan Battisi 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is thinks tat he should chant gayatri mantra and then he can get the way to find the Vedas tat were stolen and he starts chanting loudly this voice eraches haivadan then raj abhoj says tat pls all the Vedas reply to my voice so tat i can find u and then he hears the reply of the same mantras and it is seen tat in a cave there are Vedas then raj abhoj thnx the Vedas for replying to his half said mantras and now he can find them soon Haivadan is surprised to hear this then his soldier tells tat he has smelled a human being here in their planet then haivadan asks his soldier to go to the cave where he has kept the Vedas as they will find the human there itself and then raja bhoj hiding from the soldiers goes and climb a mountain and reaches the place where Vedas

are kept and then the ved kumar asks how did he reach there then raja bhoj tells tat he heard the reply and followed it and tells them tat they should leave soon to reach earth On earth a rushi muni is seen tell ing his students tat a student lied on the field to stop the flow of water and the students say tat man must be a great human and suddenly black clouds pass through them and the students ,misbehave and call their teacher a fool while the lady sees all this and requests raja bhoj to come soon and raja bhoj is seen taking all the Vedas safely back finding their way out to reach earth but they find themselves coming back to same place haivadan reaches caves and sees tat the human has taken back the Vedas and orders his soldiers to go and catch them While the ved kuma r prays and finds the way out to reach earth hey were about to leave and there arrives haivadan and his soldiers and take all them back to his palace into old fort vajranti says tat it happened wat she was fearing and how will raja bhoj save the Vedas while mahamaya says tat may be he is in problem now but she believes tat raja bhoj will succeed Raja bhoj asks haivadan to leave them as this is not dharma and not right haivadan asks raja bhoj tat wat wrong is this if they want to learn Vedas raja bhoj says tat the way he has stolen them to learn is not right and says tat he is suggesting him for his good to leave them but haivadan doesnot listens to him The lady on the earth is seeing black clouds all around and people are misbehaving where the lady sees tat a man is asking his wifeto leave his house as he wants to marry another woman the lady asks him to not misbehave an dlive with love and she is seen worrying as the Vedas that is the knowledge is getting eliminated from the universe Haivadan says to raja bhoj tat he appreciates his daring but he should leave from here and they will use this Vedas to get strong but raja bhoj says tat he is advicing him and then challenges haivadan to fight with him and says tathe will defeat him while haivadan laughs and asks his soldiers to leave him and invites him to fight both of them come in front of each other and start fighting where haivadan is hitting him badly and at one point raja bhoj fells down a whit horse is seen riding who comes and hits haivadan while raja bhoj sits on it and runs but then haivadan hits him with a javelline and it hits raja bhoj on his back and he is injured haivadan then asks his soldiers to catch him and they all are seen following raja bhoj

PRECAP: A lady is seen telling raja bhoj tat it is difficult to defeat him raja bhoj then asks there must be some way to defeat him then a rushi muni is seen telling tat he can defeat haivadan but for tat he has to turnhimself into one as in ashvalok that is half man and half ashva raja bhoj agress but rushi muni says tat after turning into the ashva he will not be able to return to the earth planet raja bhoj is seen worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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