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Sinhasan Battisi 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raj abhoj is seen walking towards river side with the ashes of the letter burnt in his hands he then empties the ashes in water and chants some prayer and sees tat the ashes turn into a message saying tat there is a n unsee lok called ashvalok and he then decides to tell this msg to the lady and their arrives the lasy and she turns into godess sarsvati raja bhoj then prays and godess sarasvati tells him tat there is a problem arising closer rahja then asks wat problem sarasvati then tells tat the four Vedas are stolen and this is stolen by harvadan from ashvalok raja then asks y did he steal them for his ego he is half manand half body is of horse god brahma gave the saptrishi authority to guard the book containing these four Vedas and once wen they were doing there anushthan

harvadan came and stole these Vedas and then the godess sarasvati tells tat tthis is why she was doing the anushthan and using these moti these moti are nothing but punya of a human kind and wen these all will get over the Vedas and the importance of the knowledge will also eliminate from the eniter universe listening to this raja bhoj assures tat he will bring back the Vedas while godess tells him tat only a pursharth person can bring tat back and raja bhoj tells tat he doesn’t know tat weather he is a pursharth person but he will do this for the welfare of the entire universe Then harvadan is seen announcing to his entire troop tat they are the most powerful on thisearth but lack due to knowledge and now they have the Vedas which will give them knowledge and they will acquire it and be the powerful of all and asks all his member to go and call all the other remaining members as they will soon start the lessons of Vedas and he wants everyone to compulsorily take knowledge of it and raja bhoj is then seen searching the path to reach ashvalok and searches according the message given by godess saravati he then reaches and sees the msg written on a stone and gets a hint tat the ashvalok is nearby but he cannot see anything like ashvalok and goes further to see and he sees tat a horse is running he hides and see it going and decides to follow him and reaches the ashvalok and he ssees a loot of wind blowing their due to which he finds it difficult to see ahead the devi is seen doing her anushthan and using the motis to do the prayers to bring back the Vedas Raja hides behind the bushes and see tat there are people working liftinh heavy stones he is shocked to see tat the humans are so strong here he then thinks tat he can see the humans but not horses and then he gets to know tat these in the human are actually the horses One of the soldiers of ashvalok comes to their king and tells tat he has send the message to all the horses and they will soon arrive and then haivadan says tat soon we will get to know all the Vedas and we will became more stronger then raja bhoj sees all this and decides to soon find the Vedas and get back to earth or everyone in ashvalok will make wrong use of the Vedas and he then starts finding the Vedas thinking tat where should have these horses hidden the Vedas Into old fort vajranti fears tat raja bhoj may fail in this test while mahamaya ssays tat lets not be negative but i strongly feel tat raja bhoj will successfully complete this task while vajranti wishes tat he gets successful while the lady is seen doing the anushthan and crying and gets to know tat their is the last moti left and after this there will be lack of knowledge all around the world and says tat raja bhoj should come soon with the Vedas one of the man smells tat their is a human here and he then thinks to inform it to their raja nd goes while raja bhoj thinks tat he has to soon find where the Vedas are and decides to use tat way

PRECAP: Haivadan asks raja bhoj to accept the defeat while raja bhoj says tat the humans always fight for one another protection and they both start fighting where haivadan is hitting raja bhoj

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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