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Sinhasan Battisi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,god kuber is pleading samrat and saying sorry for wat he did and says tat he has understood the importance of food and begs samrat to give him some food to eat while samrat says u have gold coins use it then kuber says tat he has understood tat gold coins cant buy him food there appears god indra and says to god kuber tat if u have listened to me at tat time u would not have been this situation samrat then says tat a person learns from his experience then god indra says tat yes and tat is y u have understood the importance of it now samrat then says tat he just followed his pursharth and dharma god kuber then pleads to forgive him and also asks god indra to ask him to forgive him while samrat says tat there is no need instead requests god kuber to make proper use of

the wealth u have now while god kuber saya tat he has now understood the importance of food and wealth and says tat samrat is a great personality and folds hands in front of him then samrat request god indra to take him to his land and they disappear
Into old fort vajranti tells raja bhoj tat this was the story of samrats pusharth and raja bhoj says tat he was a great personality and showed his quality of pursharth very purely as he made god realise their mistake and their arrives mahamaya she then says tat u were listening to the most important story of samrat’s pursharth and she thinks tat its going to be very difficult for u to go through next test raja bhoj says tat it is difficult but not impossible mahamaya then says tat I said the word doubt because u have failed to prove pursharth raja bhoj then asks when did he fail he has not yet given the exam also mahamaya then tells tat u have come here before to achieve the singhasan and she is not talking about now but about his past janm he has came here to acquire sighasan in his previous janm and ask him to come with her and takes him to a cave where raja bhoj sees dead bodies and is shocked to see his own bodies decaying and lying dead and ask mahamaya tat are these his bodies she then tells tat these are ur bodies who came here to achieve the singhasan and failed so they are here raja bhoj says tat how is it possible she then tells tat proof is in front of u and so u cannot doubt and says tat it means u have been coming here for last 1100years to achieves sighasan battisi but every time u were not successful raja bhoj then request her to please tell him in wat test did all these fail then mahamaya tells tat this is first body and he failed in the test of justice the second body failed in paropkars exam and in the same way u also failed in kutniti and vachan badhata exam and this body here has failed in the exam of pursharth but I trust u tat this time u will succeed while raja bhoj assures tat he will definitely prove himself then mahamay warns him tat u must keep in mind tat u can fail and also u can die listening to this raja bhoj says tat he will keep all this in mind and this time he will be successful and he will do this for happiness of the people in his kingdom and then he lands on planet earth and reminds the message of mahamaya ta this is his exam of pursharth and if he fails to prove his journey will get over while raj abhoj says tat he will make it happen this time
Raja bhoj feels thirsty and thinks of drinking water at the river side when he reaches the bank he sees the view of dead bodies of his past and remids wat mahamaya says tat if he fails to prove the pursharth he will also fail to achieve the singhasan while raja bhoj assures himself tat he will complete this exam and drinks some water as soon as he leaves he hears a ladies sound who is saying prayers and she sounds a bit worried and seems to be crying raja bhoj then goes to find who is this he searches in the direction of sound but is surprised tat he cannot see anyone here he searches near by and there appears mahamaya raja bhoj is surprised to see mahamaya and asks her tat y is she here mahamaya then tells tat it is not only his exam of pursharth he will not be able to see wat is happening around until there is no emotion of pursharth into him raja bhoj says thank you to her for guiding him and mahamay adisappears and raja bhoj is on his search again at one place he stops and concenterates and pray and then opens his eyes to see tat a lady is crying and doing a (pooja )yagya and also sees tat she is using moti to do yagya and wonders wat kind of yagya is this he then goes ahead to find out wat it is and asks her permission to ask her the reason to tat y is she crying while doing a punya karm she says tat wat will he do after knowing it raja bhoj then says tat he wants to know so tat he can help him solve her problem she says tat no one can understand her pain but raja bhoj request her to tell and she then tells tat the reason is this letter raja bhoj says tatt this letter how can it be only the reason for ur pain she then asks him to pls read this for her raja bhoj when takes the letter in his hands says tat there is nothing written or he can see tat is readable the lady then says tat if he cant read it for her then he can never understand her pain because in this writing lies the solution to reduce her pain and if he cant do it then he should leave as he failed to understand it but raja bhoj says tat he will make use of yog shakti to find out this
Raja bhoj starts his concenteration by keeping the letter on his lap and light gets emmited from the letter the lady is surprised to see all this and suddenly the letter flies in the air and gets burnt and turns into ashes the lady is shocked and starts blaming raja bhoj tat wat has he done and here after she will remain sad forever and blame him for all this raja bhoj is shocked and surprised to see this he then thinks how did his yogshakti didn’t work properly or is this giving a hint of some message he then remids wat brahmdat has said him tat a wood burns and turns into ashes and ashes end only when let in water and raja bhoj understands his message and will make his next move accordingly

God is telling tat there is big problem coming his way on earth as the four important Vedas have been stolen raja bhoh then asks who stole the pure Vedas godess then tells tat its harvadan from ashva lok raja bhoj then assures tat he will bring back all the Vedas from ashva lok

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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