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Sinhasan Battisi 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,garud dev drops samrat back to his palace and samra then thanx gaud dev for his help garud dev says tat he is most haapy tat he helped him to follow dharma and he is very happy with that and tells him tat here after wenever he needs his help he will come and leaves.
Into old fort vajranti tells raja bhoj tat samrat did wat he said and so his people in kingdom welcomed him with flowers samrat then says tat its all because of their love towards him which help him succeed and then into old fort raja bhoj asks vajranti wat happened to god kuber vajrati tells tat he has no power of god now and has turned into a normal human being and he will face how being hungry makes a human weak wat is the value of wealth and how much efforts are required to grow food

god kuber is seen coming out of waters and is surprised to see tat he has landed on planet earth and then he tries to use his powers but cant do it and realises tat suddenly he is feeling very hungry and goes in search of food there are some farmers working on their farms and have kept their lunch kuber sees it starts eating it the farmers then see tat a man is stealing their food and they all get hold of him and decide to take him to samrat
Samrat is shocked to see god kuber where the people tell samrat that this is the man who stole their food and was running away kuber then tells tat he was hungry and so he saw food and ate it and tat is not a crime samrat then says tat it is a crime as growing food is not a simple task while kuber is still thinking tat he is god and in anger says tat he will give away wealth instead of the food he ate he trie two times with his powers to make wealth available and gets to know tat he has lost all his powers and samrat gets angry tat u r a criminal and u wil be punished for ur crime and asks his soldiers to take him away and punish him and his punishment is hit him with hunter
Soldiers than hit him with hunter samrat is feeling bad but also thinks tat kuber needs to understand the value of food and wealth into old fort raja bhoj asks vajranti tat is it possible for a human being to punish a god vajranti tells tat one who doesnot follow his dharma will always be punished then smarat’s next punishment to god kuber is he asks him to plough the entire field and plant the seeds kuber then starts ploughing and he is so exhausted tat he asks samrat to give him some water as he has no energy to do anything now samrat refuses to give him water and asks him to complete his given punishment and then only he will be given water but kuber lies down and pleads to give water as he has no energy in him samrat then brings a handful of gold coins and gives it to him telling him tat it is his earning for the work tat he has done kuber then sees it starts eating it and soon realises tat its gold coin and not food while samrat says tat now u will realise wat is the value of wealth as u always consider it as ur prestige and status
God kuber is seen roaming house and house asking people to give him food in exchange of gold coins one man refuses to give food saying tat he needs food to survive and not gold coins god kuber then says to himself tat samrat now i have understood the value of food and importance of wealth god kuber is then seen entering samrat’s palace while soldiers get hold of him and samrat oders his soldier to stop.

Mahamaya is showing raja bhoj the dead bodies of the ones tat appeared in this fort with the thoughts of achieveing the singhasan then raja bhoj is seen praying and its time to see weather he completes his task or not

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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