Sinhasan Battisi 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,garud dev tells samrat tat he is ready to be his rider samrat then thanks him and asks chitralekha to look after the kingdom until he is back and also take blessings from the poojari’s and sits on garud dev and flies garud dev takes him to the planet of god kuber and god kuber is surprised to see bringing samrat here and sees beside tat garud dev is standing beside him he then asks wat is all this then the original garud dev tells tat the garud besides him will not talk as it is his copy he then tells lord Vishnu knew tat u may create some obstacles so he with his magic powers created two copies of it and bpth the garud gets united all the other god are seeing this listening to this garud dev angrily says tat even all the other god betrayed him he then asks samrat

to accept him as god but samrat refuses and asks him tat how can he behave like this being a god how can he trouble people and asks him to accept defeat or else he will be punished god kuber gets angry and says tat he will never accept this punishment from an idiot human kind then samrat asks to accept the challenge and fight with him and god kuber accepts it
God kuber prays godess lakshmi’s idol to give him strength to defeat samrat godess lakshmi appears in front of him and suggests him not to fight with samrat as he has 10times more power due to his good dharma while god kuber tells lakshmi tat he has to defeat him as he will further capture all the other planets even ur planet but godess lakshmi give blessing tat may the right one win and leaves while god kuber is stunned to hear this from lakshmi
Into old fort raja bhoj asks vajranti tat this is not good for the universe and wat will happen now and vajranti tells tat the fight happens and it is basically not good for the universe as it is going to be affected badly then god kuber is seen attacking samrat with an arrow while samrat notices an arrow coming and dodges it and then god kuber warns him to accept the defeat but samrat refuses and fight starts between them both of them start firing arrows at each other and after one arrow god kuber disappears all the gods are seeing this fight from their respective places and seeing god kuber defeat narayan says tat human kind is most powerful in this universe and no can defeat this
Samrat and god kuber are then seen fighting with gada and later fighting physically and god kuber gets hit badly by samrat and fells down while samrat says tat he will take away all his powers with the help of which he troubled the human being on earth and removes all the ornaments on his bodyya nd tells him tat after removing this he is a normal human as on earth and now will suffer the pain he gave to humans on earth and throws him down kuber is then seen falling from the skies into the sea.
Godess lakshmi appears in front of samrat she then tells tat he is a good persona nd is also a pursharth person as he showed right path even to god and so she will finish all the problems spread by kuber and then the entire planet earth gets back greenery and also the ornaments and the wealth samrat then says thnx to godess lakshmi while godess blesses him tat there will be never lack of food and gold in his kingdom
Into old fort raja bhoj is happy and praises samrat for his pursharth then vajranti tells tat yes samrat was the pursharth person on this plannet and then garud dev rides samrat to his earth back then samrat thnx garud dev for helping him

Peoplein ujjain capture a man and bring him to samrat and tell tat he has stolen food and samrat is surpised to see the man the man then himself comes forward and tells tat he is god kuber and then samrat tells tat first he willbe punished for stealing and then he will be made to realise tat how much it is tough to grow food and then god kuber is seen ploughing land

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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