Sinhasan Battisi 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort raja bhoj says tat as a son is been recognised byy his fathers name the same way a humans life is counted on the good karmas he has done then god brahma asks chitragupta to check the punya done by samrat and asks how is to be measured and then chitraguta tells tat these punya are very necessary to be done by a human being to get another lifeand they are Dharm,karma,suvichar, ayu and pran and then chitragupta tells how samrat did not care pf his life and saved earth from the rahu and listening to this based on dharma did by samrat lord brahma gives him life and samrat is seen getting up
Into old fort uttara tells tat this how based on dharma brahmdev gave life and then asks raja bho about his second gun and uttara tells tat it was during the educational

times samrat was in a srea where there were heavy snowfall and no one was able to travel due to heavy snow and samrat hears some voice and goes to help and asks the travellers to come to a safe place where he hide and he himself stays out so tat all the other travellers are safe
Into old fort raja bhoj says tat vikramditya is so great personality tat he thought of other people and asks uttara y he went out she then tells tat he stayed out in the cold wen in the next morning the travellers see raja vikramditya stiff with cold then the travellers help him to get normal and wen samrat wakes up are u those who he gave shelter last night they all introduced themself as they were here to test him and say him tathe is a great personality s he did not care for his life and then lord brahma agreed and gave confirmation to give life and then into old fort uttara further tells tat once there was atime wen samrat travelled for 15 days withno food and water and reaches a mahadev mandir and finds some rice and then uttara tells tat samrat brought some wood from jungle and cooked rice he felt so happy tathe got something to eat after such a long wait and the moment he served himself there came a coupla and asked samrat to help him as they were very hungry and again samrat without thinking of himself gave al the food to both of them
Into old fort uttara says tat day he completed the uttardaitva of giving food and so brahmdev gave this punya to samrat and samrat is seen moving his hands uttara then tells tat due to this he get the punya of suvichar and then uttara tells tat yet he has to gain two main punya and tat are ayun and pran she then tells tat once samrat goes ona ride and sees tat on human and his family are preparing the death bed for their son and also sees 4 more beds and then samrat asks wat is the problem and then the baba tells tat intheir family his son was the only source of income and now they cant survive as their son is dead while samrat stops them from doing this and tells tat this is against gods wish and this is sucide and they should not do this while the baba refuses and says tat now no one can stop them
Into old fort raja bhoj says tat this was the difficult situation infront of samrat then uttara says tat it was difficult and so it was in front of samrat then she asks raja bhoj wat would he have done he then tells tat either give his son life or give them the savings then uttara tells tat samrat used his yogshakti and was ready to give his half life to the son of baba raja bhoj then says tat this is the best solution tat samrat has find out but then uttara tells tat the diificulty was tat there were 3 more bodies and how was he going to give half ayu then the baba is cursig god for his such siiuation and raja vikramaditya is seen standing thinking

Lord brahma is then seen accepting the punya done by samrat and it wil be seen in next episode tat how he gave life to samrat

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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