Sinhasan Battisi 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is seen praying in front of god govinds idol saying tat pls help him to save his people in kingdom then samrat and chitralekha start praying to god
God Vishnu is sleeping and devi lakshmi besides her is listening to prayers of samrat and then god Vishnu wakes up devi lakshmi then tells tat due to kuber people on earth are suffering badly and she feels guilty for it as she gave the power of wealth to kuber and asks him to help god Vishnu says tat happiness and sadness are a part of human life and they need to go through it and god Vishnu assures tat this is a part of life and he will never leave humans in trouble he will help him till then just see wat is happening
Then god indra arrives near samrat and chitralekha and tells tat they are god and

so are helpless to do anything and he is here to help in any way and asks samrat that y is he not fighting with go dkuber then samrat says tat he cant and has no power to go to the suvarnalok god indra then motivates him to do this and tells tat he should do garud anushthan as garud dev will definitely help a pursharth person like u then samrat agrees to it
God kuber says tat after all god indra u revealed the secret as expected but no worry i will not let this happen and samrat has to accept the defeat god indra leaves and then kuber shouts again tat he will make samrat bend in front of him and no one can stop him
Into old fort vajranti tells tat god Vishnu is a complete pursharth person same way samrat is the pursharth person as a gods representative on earth and listening to this raja bhoj understands tat y did god indra asked samrat to do the anushthan
Samrat is then seen doing the garud anushthan garud dev listens to this and checks who is tat doing the garud anushthan who wants to make him his ride and is surprised to see tat it samrat and wonders y must he have felt the need of him he then says and asks samrat to stop this anushthan as he is only the ride of god Vishnu and cant be a rider to anyone else other than god Vishnu garud dev than goes to god Vishnu and tells him tat he cant be the rider of samrat but god Vishnu explains him tat he should help him as wenever he himself sat on him for ride he helped the ones in problem and samrat is calling because he is in problem garud dev then agrees to help god Vishnu tells tat there are many difficulties to reach samrat and he should be ready to face it
Samrat and chitralekha along with two poojaris are continuing to perform the anushthan god kuber then stops garud dev and asks him to support him while garud dev says tat he will not support adharma and he should stop it god kuber then asks him to remind during ramayan when ravan stolen his lanka from him and made fraud with ur mother don’t u think it was wrong y didn’t they come to save us at tat time garud dev asks him not to think of past but god kuber asks him to pls consider past and think of your self u are the ride of god Vishnu how did he sent you here and tells him tat now he has started to understand the importance of him and his powers and sso heis punishing the human kind for not following his orders and asks garud dev his decision weather he is gong to support him or not?
Into old fort raja bhoj asks wat if garud dev agrees to god kuber then vajranti tells tat this is a behaviour pattern where to convince one his past is brought in front and forced him to do the said samrats garud anushthan was almost completed but garud dev stil has not appeared and then panditji tells samrat tat the garud anushthan is completed samrat then prays god garud and asks him to appear as he has done his anushthan but garud dev does not appear and then in anger samrat says tat garud dev pls appear or else he will kill himself on his name and is about to hit a sword and garud dev calls samrat to stop and arrives he then tells samrat tat he is ready to be his rider samrat in his mind warns god kuber tat now know one can save him

Samrat reaches suvarnlok and tells god kuber tat he will punish him for his wrong work and trouble given to a common man god kuber gets angry and says tat he will never accept this punishment from an idiot human kind then samrat asks to accept the challenge and fight with him and god kuber accepts it

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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