Sinhasan Battisi 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort vajranti is telling raj abhoj tat samat leaves to suvarn lok and then samrat is seen riding on a horse to go to suvarna lok he reaches river side and jumps into it to swim to suvarna lok to meet kuber but he comes out of water and is surprised tat y has he not reached suvarnalok and there arrives kuber and tells him tat he has taken away his power to reach any other planet along with his body and ask samrat to accept the defeat he wants his people in kingdom to be safe and happy samrat then says tat he is hear with his problems and the solution is to think and behave rightly but kuber refuses and asks him to accept him as their only god and asks his entire kingdom also to accept it while samrat refuses saying tat he is not their god and he will never do

Into old fort vajranti explains tat pursharth is the quality of goodness of a human kind raja bhoj say tat he is feeling motivated by listening this but vajranti tells tat may be u r feeling motivated but samrat vikramaditya is in a big hustle and then villagers are seen requesting varhamirji and maharani chitralekha to do something for food as they are dieing due to lack of food chitralekha then assures tat samrat will come shortly with some solution and arrives samrat with sad mood and then sees tat all villagers are around him and requesting him to to do something and provide food chitralekha then asks wat happen samrat then tells everyone tat he didn’t went to kuber lok but met kuber dev and kuber has asked them to consider him as god and remove the idols of god from all the temples and keep his idols and pray him as god then villagers ask samrat tat wat did he answered samrat tells tat he refused to accept him as god and also tell all the villagers tat it is his decision to follow dharma and asks the villagers to take their own decision while villagers also agree to follow wat samrat says and refuse to accept kuber as their god chitralekha then asks all the villagers to not feel alone as samrat and all are there with them
Samrat in his palace is thinking about how people are going through trouble all this needs to be stoped and he is feeling the urge to find some solution on it and asks varhamirji wat to do?
Varhamirji then tells tat wat we are doing is dharma and we need to follow tat but samrat says tat y so much pain and such a tough exam varhamirji tells tat a human learns slowly u can take example of rushi muni samrat says tat they are sidd purush and are not normal human being varhamirji tells tat rushi muni originally is a normal human being who practices his prayers and gets habittated to remain with food and this is wat he has to teach all his villagers samrat then says tat how could he tell this to the villagers while varhamirji tells tat this is important to make every individual aware in terms of the medicine i.e vanaspati and all should eat them and survive
A soldier comes in and tells samrat tat the villagers are dieng due to lack of food samrat gets worried chitralekh ais seen giving water to a villager and assuring him tat samrat will soon find out solution while samrat arrives and tells maharani tat water is not sufficient to survive and they need food and then explains the villagers tat like the birds and animal survive by eating vanaspati(plants and trees)
He then asks people tat are they ready to eat sag and plants one villager come forward and tells tat they will eat wat according to dharma is right kuber sees all this and happily says tat samrat look at ur situation now all this is because u rejected me to accept as ur god still he has chance but if u don’t accept it ur earth will turn into pool of dead bodies samrat then sees tat a mother is asking his child to eat this grass they child refuses and asks her foe rice while the mother tells tat this is only their food now and shows him by eating this samrat feels bad after seeing it
God indra is talking to guru brahspati tat something needs to be done as kuber dev is consistently doing adharma and if life on earth finishes the existence of god will also be over and then samrat is seen praying to god’s idol to help him find a solution on this problem

Indra dev asks samrat to do garud anushthan samrat starts his anushthan and then request garud dev to appear as he needs his help or else warns to kill self there and then

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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