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Sinhasan Battisi 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,indra dev is asking gurudev brahaspati tat wat is wrong with god kuber while gurudev brahspati say tat samrat did the right thing tat he killed the kam,krodh,moh and labh while god indra tells tat now kuber should stop this and there comes narayan and tells tat god kuber has messed up the entire system on earth he has vanished all the wealth on earth into clay and everything on earth seems to be disrupted while listening to this god indra gets angry and says tat now he has to do something to stop all this but then gurudev brahspati says tat he cant do this as only asurs (devils) fight with each other and there is samrat on earth who will find out some way out of it
In palace samrat is seen worried about the problem where varhamiji says tat all the people in our

kingdom are hoping some solution from u and then there comes god kuber and says tathe has a solution to his problems and asks samrat to consider him as the only god and worship him and also ask his people in the kingdom to do so and he will also make him amar where samrat refuses to worship only him as god then kuber says tat its fine if he is not considering him god he will have to forget the wealth as wealth is only thing tat can make a human kind happy and will be able to survive and kuber leaves
Samrat then asks varhamirji to ask all the people in the kingdom to come near the agricultural land and he will talk to them samrat is then thinking of how to proceed ahead without wealth and then the sunsets and ornaments on samrats body also turns into clay then in front of all the villagers samrat explains tat they can live there life witout wealth or ornaments all they need to survive is food and they will here after follow barter system and exchange goods for everything while a lady villager asks how will they get ready and look beautiful witout ornaments samrat then tells tat u can do the same u make god look beautiful by the use of flowers into old fort vajrati tells raja bhoj tat samrat was trying to do something to come out of this problem which was commendable raja bhoj also says tat samrat is very intelligent tat he convinced his villagers tat the real wealth is food and not gold but vajranti says tat kuber still is not understanding tat he is doing wrong
God indra is requesting kube god to stop behaving like a asur(devil) but kuber says tat he knew tat u would come here to tell me but u don’t know tat gold is everything ti survive while god inra warns him and leaves then samrat is seen working on land to grow food along with the villagers where they successfully survive and do business and survive happily even the villagers say to samrat that they never thought tat they could do this it is all because of his vision and belief and they pray to god with all the grown food items and thnx him for the blessings
Into old fort raja bhoj is happy to see tat samrat has found a way out of problem but vajranti tells tat god kuber was still not understanding his mistake then kuber is seen in his palace in angry mood where he is shouting tat samrat cant defeat him this way and there arrives narayan he then asks god kuber to go and say sorry to samrat as he can see on earth tat people on earth are happy witout wealth also kuber gets angry and says tat this cant happen samrat has to accept the defeat and shoul consider him as god and he will force him to do this and kuber leaves and on to his rath he decides to destroy all the food on the earth and then attacks with arrows and turns all the farms and food into ashes and people get panic samrat is also shocked to see this and wonders who has done this kuber then says tat he has done all this and he will continue to do this
Into old fort vajranti says tat god kuber being a god has become so selfish tat he is not able to see anything then raja bhoj says tat if a god can do this how will a human being behave and then samrat sees tat all the villager are leaving the village in search of food and they are going towards the forest samrat is trying to stop them but they don’t listen and go ahead then varhamirji and samrat sees tat people are eating leaves and fruits to survive seeing this varhmirji asks samrat to do something then samrat says tat he thought god kuber is a mature person and he would understand but he is not tat mature and says tat some steps need to be taken.

A soldier tells tat all the people in the kingdom are fainting due to lack of food varhamirji then ask samrat todo something and then god indra ask samrat to fight with god kuber but samrat refuses and say tat he cant fight with god and he does not have tat powers to go to his suvarnalok then god indra says tathe wil help him and asks him to do some anushtahan and then samrat is ready to so anushthan

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