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Sinhasan Battisi 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort pursharth ki putli vajranti tells raja bhoj tat if he have moved his leg from the stair his journey would have stopped and then she starts telling the story of samrat’s pursharth samrat vikramaditya and maharani chitralekha aree seen performing pooja of godess durga and suddenly raja bhoj hears the sound i.e cry of dogs and gets disturbed seeing this chitralekha also sees around and asks wats wrong and samrat tells her tat he is hearing dog cries and then chitralekha says this is bad signs it is indicating something bad is going to happen and he then leaves to find out wat has happened and follows the sound and says tat something against the dharma is happening and reaches a village where he finds tat the mahakals temple is looking messy and then he

calls out if anyone around and a man comes out and tells samrat tat people from this village don’t visit the temple and don’t take care of it also no one has time for god the samrat asks where is the pandit of this temple and the man tells tat may be in the ashram
Samrat then goes to find wat is wrong and then a dancer in the ashram releases an arrow in the sky and flowers fall from it and the people change their moods and as she starts dancing and all tune to her dance and start enjoying samrat is shocked to see tat instead of doing gods pooja everyone is dancing to the tune of a dancer then a soldier comes and tells samrat tat not only this place but this is happening in all other places too and then he decides to leave and find out the reason
A Well wisher is seen calling out the villagers and asking them to give away their dharm and ask people to give their idols of god and takeaway the wealth one man comes crying and says tat he has not ate food for last two days and so he gives the idol he has take the wealth and is happy seeing this others also start giving away idols and take in exchange samrat arrives and stops the well wisher from doing this but the well wisher tries to explain tat their is nothing like god and everything is just due to wealth while smarat does not agree to it and ask him to stop this but instead the well wisher asks samrat to sell the idol and take wealth senapati gets angry listening to this and tries to attack while samrat stops him and then he asks to take the idols to palace and leaves
Into old fort vajranti tells tat samrat was tensed due to all this as dharma was being avoided and he was not able to find the reason raja bhoj says tat how is it possible tat raja bhoj was not able to find the reason and once he heard tatthere was a announcement made in avillage an dsamrat then reaches the place with his getup changed and a lady is seen attracting people and asking them to measure the land the people then refuse at first and then ask wat will they get she then tells tat she is leaving the town and wants to sell her land for doing punya people find this as an attractive opportunity and aks her wat she needs them to do she then tells tat the land maximum they can measure will be thers and people get greedy and run all around thinking tat they will become the raja of the land they will see and measure samrat is shocked to hear this and tries stoping people running around him but they don’t listen to him the lady then in her mind says tat this is wat she wanted tat people start fighting with each other as the lady turns and sees tat samrat is standing there she then asks tat he doesnot want the land samrat then asks her tat y is she doing this wat is the reason behind it she then tells tat she is here to give away he land and these people want it as they are greedy while samrat tell her tat he will stop these people
Samrat then tries to stop people and try telling them tat she is playing with them and they should stop doing this but people warn him to leave them or else they willkill him samrat tries to tells the lady to stop all this but she refuses and enjoy watching people fight all the people wen reach a point ask the lady tat who owns the land she cunningly tells tat she will not but u all will decide people start fighting over it in-between them and start killing each other samrat sees one person is hit so hard tat he dies in front of him and the lady is enjoying the view seeing people fight and kill each other.

Samrat is seen along with chitralekha saying tat the people around are not following dharma and everything is going out of their control but varhamirji tells tat they cant stop this if they promote bhakti and dharma all over samrat replies tat this is difficult but we will try

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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