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Sinhasan Battisi 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen starting his prayers to spply his jeevanti vidya on his maharani and then successfuly makes use of his jeevanti vidya and maharani wakes up raja bhoj is happy to see her alive and all present in the hall are happy too brahmdat then announces celeberations all over kingdom and then ask them to celeberate it with lighting diya’s and also raja bhoj ask them to celebrate it in such a way tat they have never ever celebrated then raja bhoj and maharani are seen lighting diyas all over inside the palace and then he asks maharani tat y did she go to fight with kirats she then saya tat it was her uttardaitva in his absence raja bhoj is happy to hear this and then maharani and brahmdat asks raja bhoj wat happen about singhasan battisi and he then tells tat

samrat vikramaditya was a very known and loved raja and all the god in this universe has gifted the singhasan with his all 32 goon in it .and then tells further how it all started

He went into the fort and saw singhsan and as he touched it everything around changed and appearaed mahamay the rakshak of singhasan battisi and tells him the imoportance of singhasan and there appears first devi, devi of Parakram jailakshmi and tells how vikramaditya saved earth from rahu 2nd was tyagputli raktmanjiri she tells how samrat saved ritvik dhaj witout caring for his life 3rd was nyay ki putli chandrakala she tells how samrat did justice to a common man,4th was charitr ki putli she then tells how he was loyal towards his wife and how charitrvan he is 5th was yogshakti ki putli yogmala she tells how samrat challenged his life to save a common man on his way 6th was paropkar ki putli who told the story of smrats paropkar and 7uttardativa ki putli uttara and told story of uttardaitva and then brahmdat asks who took the tests raja bhoj then tells tat she was mahamaya who took his test of all this guns tat are required to achieve singhasan and then he tells how he took his exams for 1st parakram,2nd was tyag,3rd was justice,4th was charitrya,5th was yogshakti,6th was paropkar raja bhoj then tells tat the important part of samrat vikramdityas life was his wife chitralekha who always stood with her husband maharani vallri then asks he has climbed only 6 stairs and raja bhoj replies tat this was his tests of uttardaitva and now he needs to go back to tat fort where he can continue his journey
Maharani then asks raj bhoj to let her help wenever he needs his help and then takes wishes from her and leaves go futher with achieving singhasan battisi he then reaches the fort and uttara tells him tat she is happy to tell tat he has succefully completed his uttardaitva of being a raja as well as a being a husband and then she takes his leave and goes back in to singhasan
Mahamaya arrives and congratulates raja bhoj on successfully completing the 7th stair and tells him tat the next step is very important and not an easy one while raj abhoj tells tat he will do it while mahamaya tells him tat he has to keep his legs fitted on tat stair if he cant do so then he wont be able to ahead raja bhoj then climbs the 7th stair and suddenly it starts trembling and stones falling on him from above but he dosent move then an another power locks up raj abhoj’s leg he tries to move but remids tat he should not move from this stair and remains standing on it and seeing this arrives pursharth ki putli vajranti and introduces her and says to raj bhoj tat she is happy to know tat he didnot move from the stair even after s many accidents were forced on him to move

Samrat sees tat a mahakals mandir is not taken good care and he then asks wats wrong to a passerby he then shows wats happening in the village and samrat is shocked to see tat all the villagers are busy in watching a lady dance and spending the money on her samrat is shocked to know tat y all the people are not following dharma and doing adharma

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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