Sinhasan Battisi 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is saying tat he will give justice to the atmas and not just them but all the females and will give them their deserved respect.A villager is teaching other people tat they should not give respect to woman as they are not so important and should be kept under rule and should not be given repect and the two atmas listen to this and with their magical powers lift him in aier to teach him a lesson seeing this the two villager run for their life while the man in the air is wondering wat is happening in palace samrat tells chitralekha tat he will give justice to everyone and for this he has to go to the place where the ladies got vanished.a girl is seen running and telling the two following her to do not attack her while the two people say to her tat this is a very

lonely place and now no one could save her but the two atmas see this and with their powers they stop those two people from attacking the lady while samrat ,chitralekha and varhamirji are in the village where they see the man hanging in air samrat ask him wats the matter and goes forward to help him but he goes up he then asks samrat to save him and then samrat asks him wat happened and the two villagers come and tell him tat he was teaching us not to respect women and after this all this happen to him and then their comes a lady with her husband who has lost his voice while he was removing her from his house and she tells this to samrat then comes the two villagers who seem paralaysed and they then plead samrat to help him as this happened to them wen they were disrespecting a women samrat understands tat all this is happeneing because these people disrespected women and so he goes towards the siddh kund and then concenterates and prays the ladies to appear.
All the 5 ladies appear and are very angry and ask samrat tat y has he called them here samrat try to explain tat he is here to help them but the ladies tell samrat tat they don’t need any help as they are firm to take care and say tat all men are same and they will punish all of them samrat try to explain them tat he is here to help them give justice but they don’t listen to him and with their magical powers push samrat and then they vanish samrat fells on ground and is wondering tat wat he will do next while chitralekha is telling the suffereing villagers to be patient as samrat will find some way out and the men ask her tat if they have disrespected their womens in house then will they also be punished then chitralekha says tat she doesn’t know about previous done disrespects but now if u misbehaved or disrespected a women u will be punished.
Samrat then decides to take help of vetal and remembers his promise tat he will help him wenever he need and he goes near the tree to call vetal while vetal is seen observing a group of childrens who are talking a child says tat it is bad to steal food and eat while another child says tat know our mother says it so as to frighten us and nothing is wrong in this and we should eat it while vetal sees it and with his powers vanishes the plate of food so tat he can eat it while the childrens get frighten and then he hears voice of vekramaditya calling him samrat cannot see vetal near the tree and is constantly calling him because he badly needs help now vetal reaches and says to samrat tat ene he is in problem and asks him tat is he scared of him and vanishes and plays with him while samrat pleads to stop this childish behavior but vetal says tat he is also in trouble as the childrens are not much scared of him and he went to nagar so tat he can eat halwa puri as he was hungry samrat is trying to explain him tat he needs help as last time he promised so but vetal asks him to leave but samrat requests him to help him and then vetal says tat ok he will help but then he has to answer one riddle and asks him wat is that which is importand in summer and its vapor hurt us and samrat asks him to repeat but vetal says he wont and then samrat thinks a bit and answers water and then he tells vetal his problem and vetal says tat he will surely help but right now he is very tired and wouldn’t be able to walk and so he has to take him on his back samrat agrees and takes vetal on his back and walks towards the siddh kund and stops after reaching it and samrat tells vetal tat this is the place where the atmas are in this kund and then vetal goes around to have look while samrat wonders y is vetal always behaving childish and then after two arounds vetal comes and asks a riddle while samrat says tat this is not the time to solve riddle but vetal tells him to answer as the solution to his problem lies in it and then samrat focuses on the riddle and it says tat the one which lies in deep sea is a moti while one tat lies on the banks has less important and then vetal asks him to go jump in the kund and find out .

Samrat is requesting a lady to please allow to help him but the lady says tat they need not require help from their enemy their enemy is male they have always troubled and disrespected women and they will take revenge while after listening to the sufferings of the lady even tears roll out from samrat and vetals eyes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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