Sinhasan Battisi 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort uttara tells mahamaya tat if a ashes of a human can give life back to a human then anything can happen in this world mahamaya agrees to it and tells tat yet raja bhoj’s uttardaitva is to be completed and the biggest obstacle is shipras love for raja bhoj and now shipra asks bhola dev to go and complete his uttardaitva while bhola tells tat he will first give life to acharaya and then move further and starts praying and concenterating hard and achieves success in giving life to acharaya shandilya then acharaya wakes up happily and even brings back bhola into reality and thnx him and tell him tat he did this for his daughter love raja bhoj thnx him but then acharaya tells bhola tat shipra loves him and even he also wants him to get married to shipra raja

bhoj is shocked to hear this from acharaya and shipra is seen smiling and happy about it Raja bhoj then says tat he is happy to hear tat he finds him as a correct person for his daughter but he cant marry her acharaya and shipra are shocked to hear his rejection while acharaya gets angry and says to bhola tat he has to marry her as the life he has got is because of her and if he refuses to marry then he has to loose the knowledge of jeevani vidya bhola then tells tat he accepts whatever acharaya is telling but he cant marry shipra and shipra cries and rans towards her hut whike acharaya gives bhola timing till next morning to decide and leaves Raja bhoj then reminds of his maharani and then goes to acharaya and shipra and tell them tat he is already married and was here to learn the jeevani vidya to save his wife’s life acharaya then says tat u lied again and ask him to tell his original identity and then he tells tat he is raja bhoj and heis the enemy of kirats and he was here to learn this so tat he can save his wife acharaya gets angry and says tat he will take away the jeevani vidya as he has not just lied but has also hurt his daughters heart while shipra stops his father and tells tat he should not do this as she is not hurt but happy to know tat she understood wat is love.and then shipra asks raja bhoj to go and save his maharani’s life but raja bhoj refuses and says tat his wife’s life lies in the blessings given by acharaya and then acharaya changes his mind and then says tat he is happy tat his vidya is in good humans hand and he is sure tat bhoj will make proper use of it. Raja bhoj then leaves for ujjaini and in his way he is stopped by kirat raj and bhujang along with his soldiers raja bhoj asks them to let him go as he is not here to fight but to complete his uttardaitva to save his wife but kirat raj does not listens to him and starts fight with him raja bhoj gets hold of kirat raj and tells him tat he is running out of time now so he is leaving him or else he would have killed him right now. Doctor is checking maharani while brahmdat is asking doctor to do something to save maharani and there comes raj abhoj and says tat he has come now and know the jeevani vidya while doctor tells tat he has came late and maharani is no more now raja bhoj is shocked to hear this and cries and asks maharani to get up while brahmdat ask mahraj to not to lose hopes and ask to apply the jeevani vidya tat he has learnt even the doctor ask him to do the same and then raja bhoj also decide to make use of the jeevani vidya .

PRECAP: Raj abhoj is seen praying and concenterating to make use of jeevani vidya and gives life to maharani maharani wakes up and calls out raja bhojs name raja bhoj is happy to see her alive

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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