Sinhasan Battisi 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen lieing on the bed of arrows and raja bhujang asks bhadraksh to take away the lotus and the kalash from his hands after taking it they hit him another arrow and kill raja bhoj bhadraksh now says tat lets go now but raja bhujang says tat we cant leave his body behind coz if rishi shandilya finds it he will give him life again and so he targets an arrow of fire on him and raja bhoj’s body is seen burning.
Into old fort mahamaya is sad and says tat the fear has come true and raja bhoj is dead and then uttara says tat she is too upset and feeling very bad for raja bhoj mahamaya then tells tat now they have to again wait for a daredevil and a intelligent raja to come and complete the singhasan battisi but mahamaya tells tat even though he is dead

she still has hopes tat raja bhoj will come back
Bhadraksh then asks bhujang to lets go soon as we have to reach ashram before all the havan kund gets lit but raja bhujang says tat they cant leave the ashes also here as acharya shandilya can give life to bhola from this also and asks bhadraksh to put the ashes into the kalash as this will be the definite end of bhola dev
In ashram shipra is worried as bhola dev has not arrived yet and then she sees bhadraksh with the lotus and kalash shipra is shocked to se and asks where is bhola dev bhadraksh tells tat he did not see him and goes ahead to complete the anushtan raja bhujang then stops shipra and goes ahead and asks bhadraksh to put the kalash in front of acharya shandilya as acharaya shandilya is concenterating he just picks up the kalash and drinks the water in it while raja bhujang is seen happy and thinks tat now there is no way out too give bhola dev life and then acharay shandilya brings his hand ahead and raja bhujang then asks bhadraksh to give the lotus shipra tries to stop them but raja bhujang stops her and asks her to be quiet as if she tries to disturb acharaya he may die and so she keeps quiet and then after taking the lotus in hand acharaya completes his anushthan ad opens eyes while bhadraksh suddenly starts feeling fire all around his body and so he runs to save himself and seeing this raja bhujang also runs behind him
Then acharaya shandilya asks tat wat happen to shipra she thentells tat bhola dev did not arrive but it was bhadraksh who came acharay shandilya also gets shocked and then shipra asks acharaya to use his visionary power to get to know wat happen to him in the ujjaini palace brahdat sees tears in maharanis eyes and asks doctor tat how did tears come out even doctor is surprised to see this and then brahmdat says tat may be raja bhoj is in some danger as the tears in such a situation can come out only for the husband from a wifes eyes
Acharaya shandilya then with his visionary powers sees tat bhadraksh and raja bhujang has killed bhola for the jeevani vidya he then tells shipra and also tells tat now even he cant give him life as the ashes are inside his body and if he has to give life to bhola dev then he has to kill himself but acharay athen decide to kill bhola ashes too which are inside him]then shipra is seen crying and thinks tat she cant let her father kill bhola then acharay sits in his hut and decides to punish bhadraksh and raja bhujang for their wrong work but he has to first kill the ashes of bhola dev and then comes shira crying and asks his father not to kill bhola dev and even if he decides to do so then hehas to kill her too as she is in love with him and wants to marry him listening to this acharay accepts to wat shipra is saying and then goes out and sits for concenteration.
Raja bhujangs soldier hear all the conversation between acharaya nd shipra and go and tell it to bhujang ,bhujang is then seen angry after listening tat shipra loves bhola and not him bhadraksh tells him tat acharay should not give life to bhola as if this happened shipra will marry bhola dev
Then acharaya tells tat only human body is dead and not his soul and then acharaya shandilya talks to raja bhoj’s soul and tells him tat he will now give life to him but wen he will get alive acharay will be dead and then he has to use jeevani vidya to give life to acharaya bhola refuses to this and asks acharaya not to do this only for him acharya then tells tat he is doing this for his daughter shipra and then with his powers and prayers give life to bhola and as bhola appears with his body beside acharay the same time acharaya shandilya dies

Raja bhoj is seen fighting with kirat raj and kills him then raja bhoj is using jeevani vidya to give life to acharay and then he is seen reached at ujjaini palace where doctor tells tat his maharani is dead now

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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