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Here is the story ,

Later that evening ,

Swasan gang were talking standing outside the school gate ….

Swara : lucky monkey how was slap very hard na

Laksh gives death glare to her

Sanskar : but the terrifying point is my sister doesn’t know even to stamp an ant but how did she slap a

Kavitha cuts : slap a elephant …

Everyone laughs …

Laksh ; oh hello enough of your laughing my dad came I am going

Swara : bye bye …gorilla

Laksh makes faces and leave with his dad in car

Kavitha and kavya also bids bye and leaves ..

Only varun , Sanskar and Swara were standing waiting for their dad ‘s

Varun : oh ya I forgot I have to go ritesh house to get my book …OK I am leaving bye

Swasan nods and bids bye …

Ragini also comes and joins them

Swara : what’s this Ragini …coming after everyone went

Ragini : hmm I am scared to stand in front of them

Sanskar : oh hello madam they ate also humans …not animals …they won’t eat u

Swara hits his stomach with elbow
Sanskar smiles ….

Ragini : I know you are teasing …

Sanskar : at last u came to know na

Ragini pouts …Swara side hugs her

Swara : Sanskar stop teasing her

Sanskar : now u are in her gang

Swara smiles…

Shekar comes .

Swara (angry) : what dad u came so late …

Shekar (pleads) : sorry shona

Swara doesn’t reply …

Shekar signs and puts 10 sit ups ..

Ragsan smiles seeing them

Shekar : now ok dear

Swara hugs him

Swara : now better

Shekar smiles and pecks her forehead …

Shekar : Sanskar , Ragini u also come …your father won’t come now …he is managing me deals there …he said to drop u

Sanskar in mind : nice topic to tease dad in home …he he

Ragini : oh thank u uncle

Shekar smiles ….Ragini sits beside Shekar …while Swasan sits together .

Shekar : so how did you day go everyone ….

Sanskar : very nice uncle ….but first day itself project

Shekar : aww …that’s bad right

Swara : haan dad but we all got our dame group only …

Shekar : oh then …fine …

Swara : dad did u bring my phone with u

Shekar : yes here …

Swara takes it from him …

Swara : come sanskar let’s take selfie and post in our group ….

Sanskar nods …Swasan sit close to each other and takes selfie

Then pose sanskar keeps hand on Swara’s shoulder ….

Shekar was smiling seeing them it was all common ….

Swara posted this in their what’s app group


Sanskar smiles …

They all head home …Ragini runs to her home and freshen up

Ap : Ragini …never changes

Sanskar comes all smiling …

Ap : hayy mera Baccha what happened ….

Sanskar : nothing mom ….. hmm nice smell .. what special

Ap : lucky is there na they are coming here for dinner

Sanskar : laksh …oh really it’s good then …we don’t need to study ..will play games …Lol

Ap : enjoy enjoy …but behave good in front of your dad …OK

Sanskar : let’s see

He winks and leaves to his room , Ap smiles ….

There at swara mansion

Swara was wearing a red crop top and very short pants (black color) her belly was clearly shown …

Mishti ; when did u purchase these tops

Swara : when we went to London last time

Mishti ; oh ….but swara it is very short na

Swara (keeps her hand on her forhead) : mom this is today’s trend

Mishti ; u and your trend …

Mishti leaves …Swara smiles and surfers her phone …taking many selfie

There at maheshwari …

Laksh arrives …

Laksh : hi aunty

His parents (ram and sujatha also comes)

Ap ; oh u all came …plz sit ..

Ram ; where is dp ?

Ap ; vo he is still in office having work

Sujatha : oh

Ragsan comes down ….Ragini was wearing full sleeves kurti and pant

Sanskar was wearing black shirt and red trousers ..while laksh was wearing white shirt and green trousers …

Sanskar ; hi uncle …hi aunty …

Ram and sujatha : hi beta …how are u

Sanskar ; all fine uncle ..

Ragini goes and takes blessings

Laksh whispers : array yaar this behenji….is becoming more behenji na

Sanskar : haan …

Sujatha (smiles) : khush Raho beta

Ram : where is swara …

Sanskar ; vo she is in her home uncle …

Sujatha : actually they also called us but ram was having work with dp ji ….that’s y we came here

Ap smiles ..and they all talk

Laksh ; come let’s go to Swara’s house

Sanskar nods …these both goes to her house (they are opposite)

Mishti opens the door

Mishti ; haay laksh beta you here

Laksh : haan ….aunty some work so

Mishti ; oh come in beta …any coffee …snacks …

Laksh ; no aunty …

Sanskar : where is swara mom …(he calls her also mom)

Mishti : she is in her room talking to Kavitha and kavya from past 2 hours

Sanlak (shocked) : two hours???

Mishti nods ….

Sanlak goes upstairs slowly and peeps into her room …

Swara was sitting in bed and taking to Kavitha and kavya in loudspeaker

Kavitha : ha ha ha swara ….good name for sanskar …

Kavya : ya (conference call)

Swara : from now we will call him amul baby only ….it’s perfect for him

Laksh chuckles …Sanskar eyes him angrily

Swara : by the way about laksh …they are numerous names for him …it’s difficult to choose u know

Laksh was looking at her angrily

Kavitha : what about duffer ..that’s actually useful for him na

Kavya : ya ya …

Laksh gets angry now sanskar chuckles

Swara : ok kavya and Kavitha ….this idiot sahil is calling me continuously will talk to u later ..bye

Kavya and Kavitha hangs up

Swara ; what do u want sahil

Sahil ; u

Swara was shocked …Sanlak were fuming in anger …

Swara ; what the hell

Sahil ; listen did u finish the diagram

Swara : ya ya …u have finished ….that’s it na ..let me cut the call

Sahil : whatever ….finish and cme we will submit first ..OK

Swara cuts the call …sahil gets angry ….

Swara turns and finds Sanlak standing with one eye brow raised

Swara (tensed) : when did u both come

Sanskar : when u kept my name as amul baby

Laksh : and me duffer….

Swara (tensed) : oh …ha …vo…

Sanlak looks at each other and moves forward to her …Swara goes backwards …..

Sanlak tickles swara …Swara laughs hard ….

Swara (laughs) : ha ha ….ha….leave me ….ha ha ….

Sanlak tickles her a lot….Swara laughs … laksh was feeling something different …. he was seeing swara in a different mode today !!! …..

Swara ; enough …enough

Both stops …swara sits

Swara : you both are too much huh … by the way lucky when did u come

Laksh ; I came to sanskar house ….dad has some work with his dad so….

Swara : oh ….

Sanskar : ok u sleep .. it’s late ….we will see tomorrow in school

Laksh : ya …bye good night

Swara smiles : good night both of u ..

Sanskar goes …laksh turns

Laksh (teases) : by the way swara ..you are looking very hot

Saying this he runs …..swara laughs

The next day ,

The first period was dance …

Swara (tensed) : array …I don’t want to dance with sir …

Kavitha ; don’t worry … if he chooses u ….take any another partner …OK

Swara nods …

Kavya : haan Kavitha us right

They trio head inside the dance class …adharsh (ad) sees swara with lustfull eyes …

Ad : ok dear students …now let’s practice again like yesterday

Adharsh comes towards swara ..but swara holds Sanskar’s hand

Swara (tensed) : sir …he is my partner …

Ad : oh …no …I was your parter yesterday right

Sanskar looks at swara ….

Swara : hmm ….

Ad takes swara with him…swara looks at sanskar ….. Sanskar could feel something but was confused

The song starts …adharsh rubs his whole body on swara ….swara feels very uncomfortable with his touch

Adharsh presses her waist … swara tries to move ..but he didn’t allow her ….

He twirls her and she lands on his arms ….ad touches her chest slightly …..

Swara pushes him and leaves …..while everyone looked on shocked…

Kavitha and kavya goes behind her

Laksh ; what happened sanskar

Sanskar : even I didn’t see …

Ad : guys …guys ….come on start the dance again

Ad in mind : one or the other day …u will be with me only na …

Swara goes to washroom and cries ….

Kavya and kavitha consoles swara

Kavitha : swara it’s better we say this to principal

Kavya : kavitha what we will say to principal that he touched swara chest ..and all …even principal is a man …

Kavitha : ya …why don’t u say to your mom and dad

Swara ; it will be a big problem ..better let’s leave this

Kavitha nods ..but kavya was not convinced …

They all head towards the classroom …later during lunch …

The boys were present …waiting for their devils (girls)

Varun : array yaar …I am already so hungry and this girls …

Laksh : they don’t know how to be puntual

Sanskar : ya correct …

By that time the trio girls were coming toward are canteen

Laksh ; see all smiling and coming….today we should scold them like hell

Sanskar : ya correct

Suddenly sahil comes in between and blocks the girls

Sahil : swara rithu ma’am is waiting for u in dance room

Swara : but why ?

Sahil : don’t know .. she wanted to talk

Swara : ok …kavya and kavitha take this lunch ..u go ….I will come

Kavya and kavitha nods …sahil leaves ….

Swara goes to dance room

Sanskar ; where is swara going ?

Kavitha ; rithu ma’am called her so..

Kavya who was thinking suddenly gets shocked …

Kavya : kavitha …(shocked)

Kavitha ; what ??? (Confused).

Everyone stops eating

Kavya : today rithu ma’am is absent right…

Kavitha widens her eyes …the boys were confused …

Kavitha : dance room …. (shocked)

Kavya and kavitha goes running to the dance room …

The boys were confused …they also follows them …

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Guys alia will update her five shots and her obessive lover this week and I will update this ff this week

After that we won’t update any ff till April …. because we all are having exams coming up so …

There won’t be any other ff update from us …kindly understand us ..till then enjoy this ff ….

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