Hey guys , its dolly back again ….thanks for the beautiful comments u gave me …..its reallly a good going ….

So here is the link for the previous episode,
Here , the story ,
Swara changes into sanskar shirt …

Swara ; this perfume , which I gifted him on this 15th birthday , still he is using this brand
She smiles and goes out

Sanskar was memerised seeing her in his shirt
Laksh whipsers : sanskar , why r u looking like as if u r gonna eat her
Sanskar composes and makes faces to Laksh
Swasan: shall we leave ?
Kavitha : hmm ya …its late for class
Kavya : yaayy ….this is the best period
Laksh : what period
Swakavkavi : dance period ….

Sanlak rolls their eyes

@dance class
Adharsh sir : good morning students …so as its ur last year in the school , we have farewell where the boys and girls will have prom night …I guess u all remember
All girls and boys cheer
Adharsh : so today we will start with the couple dance

(Adharsh intro : age 19 dont like to study , so joined school for teaching dance , he is a very bad flirter , misbehaves with girls often )
(I will call adharsh as Ad )

Ad : so now I will separate u into couples
All were excited ,
Ad notices Swara laughing with kavitha , he watches her lustfully

Ad : OK girls who wants to dance with me …

Whole girls rise their hands ….including Swara (no one knows his intentions)
Boys all frown

Ad : OK I will select…..hmmm .ya that girl (pointing Swara)
Girls all fume in jealousy , boys chuckles

Swara goes towards him with a joyfull face
Laksh (low tone) : sanskar , why ever sir likes Swara
Sanskar : maybe she is good enough , and morever she is a good dancer right
Laksh (low tone) : but Adharsh doesn’t seem right ……because I was noticing his moves
Sanskar thinks

Ad : OK everyone …..according to each low pitch of the music partners will change OK ….
All nods

(Disco deewani plays)
Ad pulls swara’s waist closer and touches her hands sensulously , Swara was feeling uncomfortable
Ad turns Swara and does a back hug style hands …..tightening his grip in her waist ….
Swara : sir ….sir ..its bit paining
Ad : hmm ….sorry …
Swara nods

Now the partners change …..
All boys spins their respective partners ….all girls lands on the chest of the boys
Swara lands on sanskar chest

Both look into each other
Sanskar spins Swara and pulls her closer
He slides his hands slowly into her waist , which gives shivers to Swara

Laksh. Kavitha and kavya were smiling seeing this
Sanskar was about to tighten his grip , Swara backs off

Making all shocked
She goes out of the classroom , sanskar feels sad and guilt

Kavitha and kavya follows her
Kavitha : Swara what happened
Swara ; vo ….I ….actually , I felt uncomfortable so ……I just came
Kavya : u felt uncomfortable when sanskar touched u
Swara nods a big no
Kavitha : then
Swara : ad sir was looking at me , which seemed wrong …..I couldn’t take it more so I came
Kavya (angry) : again this sir …..
Kavita : we will say this to sanskar and Laksh

Swara ; no no …..u know na last time what happened to raghav sir ….he tried to misbehave with me sanlak fought very badly with him and sanskar hand got fractured , while Laksh head started bleeding …..I can’t afford to lose them
Kaitha and kavya thinks
Kavya : OK this time we will leave , if this continues , then surely u will say us OK
Swara nods …kavitha ans kavya hugs her …..

@class room
Sanskar was thinking that because if his touch Swara felt bad
Laksh : array saddu , there may be other reason …why r feeling guilt
Sanskar : what if because of me , she felt bad
Laksh : no way how can Swara , this is not the first time u touched her …..remember all the dance programs …u both did couple dance
Sanskar thinks
Swara , kavitha and kavya enters
Laksh : lo agayi the ri girlfriend ….our devils
Sanskar looks at Swara , who giving him a questioning look
Swara : array what happened to sanky
Varun : vo ….he is thinking because of him u went out
Swara ‘ kavitha and kavya laughs ….

Sanlak and varun stands up and gives a shocked look
Swara : buddhu , I had a stomach pain so I left immediately …
Sanskar gives a relief sign
Kavitha : lol sanskar …….
Sanskar makes faces
Sanskar : now r u OK ?
Swara smiles and nods

Ragini comes to Swara ,who was packing her bags
Ragini : Swara
Swara : haa tell me ragini

Ragini : vo …can u bring Laksh ….I want to talk to him
Swara controls her laughter
Swara : for what lucky
Ragini : about the project I want to talk to him
Swara : u go and call na
Ragini : u know na …..I am scared of boys
Swara : OK OK …u wait here …I will call him

Swara goes towards the gang
Swara : Laksh ragini wants to talk to u
Everyone looks at her
Laksh : why me
Swara : array she said ….she has fallen in love with u ….so wants to say “I love u Laksh ”
All were shocked ..
Sanskar : seriously my sister …..Swara
Swara nods
Kavitha : wow ….Laksh …someone is gonna propose u

Laksh ; of course …I am so handsome and dashing girls die for me na
Sanskar gives a glare
Laksh : I mean girls die for us ……
Sanskar smiles
Kavya : chal laksh , accept Karo aur sanskar na jiju ban jao
Sanskar widens his eyes ……
Swara controls her laughter Laksh wins and leaves

Swara : aab ayaga maaza
All looks at her
Varun : what do u mean Swara
Swara : I just joked …..sanskar do u think ur sis will propose a boy that too Laksh
Sanskar : I knew ….it
Kavitha : bechara kitna dialouge Mara tha usne ……..
Kavya laughs

@raglak side
Laksh blushes : hm ya say
Ragini gives a weird look
Laksh : go on …I am waiting
Ragini : I want to say that …I (Laksh interuppts)
Laksh : that I love me
Ragini widens her eyes ..

(Swasan and all laugh)

Ragini slaps Laksh
Ragini ; how dare u idiot …..I came to talk about project and u came to talk about love

(Swasan gang were shocked but were laughing)
Ragini : listen complete the diagram for bio emetics and bring tomorrow OK
Laksh nods like an baby
Ragini leaves ……

Laksh gives a death glare to his gang …especially Swara
Swara : sorry .
Laksh : Swara ki bacchi , now no one can stop me ……..

Swara runs , Laksh chases her …whole class laughs ….
At corridor
Laksh catches Swara and back hugs her (like type)
Swara ; sorry sorry …..
Laksh was feeling sword being so close with Swara ….
Swara : sorry na lucky leave me na
Laksh was feeling happy hearing his name for her mouth …..lol
Laksh : what do u think ….I will leave u so easily
Swara : OK give me the punishment u want …..

Laksh : the diagram , which she said me to do ….u do that and bring tomorrow
Swara pouts , Laksh gets memerised seeing her doing it for the first time
Laksh : u should do and bring OK …….
Swara : OK Now leave me its paining ….
Laksh leaves her , Swara goes inside the class
Laksh in mind : god whats happening to me

Will Swara bring conflict between sanlak ?

Screen freezes

Now u all must have came to know the story
*The Pairs are swasan
*Main Villain is Laksh
*Second villian is sahil
*second pair is raglak (they will have a hate story)

Hope u all like ….I am sorry for giving a boring and short update , anywyas next one will be big one ….
Thanked or reading

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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