Hey guys , as I said that I will start a new ff in the mid post ….so here is the new ff and I will try to entertain u all ….and u all plz comment and support me in this journey also …..will u all !

So here is the story ,
Mishti : Swara , Swara come fast
Swara comes running downstairs
Mishti : every time u wake up late …why don’t u get up fast Swara
Swara pouts
Shekar : let it be na mishti ….why r u shouting at her in morning itself …
Swara smiles ….but seeing mishtu angry , she shuts her mouth
Mishti : Shekar now u don’t come …..because of u she is being spoilt ….
Shekar : OK OK she is a kid na ….let it be
Mishti gives a angry glare …
Swara : ma sorry na …plz forgive me I will try to wake up earlier from now on OK (with puppy eyes)
Mishti melts

Mishti : OK OK now get ready fast need to go school na
Swara hugs mishti …
Swara : love u mom
Mishti : love u too mera baccha ….(she kisses Swara forehead)
Saying this Swara goes upstairs and gets ready
Shekar (smiles) : still a kid na
Mishti (smiles) : right !!!! Now go and get ready for office ….
Shekar smiles and goes ……

Ap : ragini ….
Ragini : haa ma coming one second ….
Ap : sure
Ragini comes down wearing her school uniform (white shirt with red strapped skirt till knee with red tie )
But our ragini is traditional so she wears full length socks to cover her legs (lol)
Ap : take this Prasad ….
Ragini takes and haves it ….she prays to god
Ragini : ma where is bhai tell him to come na ….its getting late
Ap : OK OK don’t worry I will call him …
Dp comes ..

Ap and ragini gulps in fear and looks at each other
Ragini takes blessings from Dp
Dp : khush raho beta
Ragini smiles
Dp (angrily) : where is the lazy head ….?
Ap sweats ..
“Here dad” a voice came from behind ..
Trio looks at stairs ….
Our hot , dashing , handsome sanskar was standing with his bag ….(he was wearing red full pant with white shirt and red tie ….wearing a red watch and I’d card )
Ragini and ap gives relief sign

Dp : oh oh did sun rise from north today what !!!!!
Sanskar : no dad ….sun raised from its correct place only ….but sanskar woke from wrong place !
He smirks …
Dp : whatever come fast have breakfast and leave ….
Saying this Dp leaves …
Ragini : come fast bro ….I don’t want to be late again !

Sanskar : oh oh chasmish …..wait let me have my mom’s handmade food then I will join ….he na ma (teasing tone)
Ap : correct
Both sanky and ap gives HiFi …
Ragini pouts ..
Sanskar : by the way chasmish ….y r wearing long socks ….u r damaging my image in school …be modern not traditional …
Ragini : I know u don’t need to teach me OK….
Saying this ragini goes outside and stands ……
Ap : why r u always behind her ?
Sanskar : what to do ….onky one sis na (teasing)
@gadodia mansion ..

Mishti : Swara wear long socks ….see ur legs are shown clearly !
Swara : mom which age u r in ….come on ma …..
Mishti : but still
Swara : no still nothing ….its school uniform right …then let it be …plz ….
Mishti : can’t win with u in talks ..
Swara smiles victoriously
Shekar comes and gives HiFi to Swara ….
Shekar : miahti y r pitting too many rules for her ….let her na
Mishti : Shekar …she is 17 and I really need to care for her na , she is grown up now….
Shekar : offo ! Leave it ..princess are u ready ?
Swara nods ….(Swara was wearing a high pony tail and was wearing small socks and her legs her clearly visible) (lol)

(Note : maheshwari mansion and gadodia mansion are opposite to each other)
Outside !
Shekar : one sec princess I will take car u turn OK ..
Swara : OK OK …..

Opposite side
Dp : one second I will start the car …
Sanskar (teasing) : fast , fast dad ….we r late already ….ha ha ha
Dp makes a angry face ….ap and sanskar giggles

Mishti and ap looks …
Ap : hi mishti …
Mishti : hi ap ….work finished
Ap : has finished ….after they will go I will be free na …
Mishti : correct for u two still …but for me one only but she is equal to 10 childrens …
Ap laughs …

Ragini : hi Swara ….
Swara : hi ragini ….again u wore full socks ..
Ragini sees down ….
Swara : come on ragini u r Swara friend ….u should be modern na …
Ragini : its OK …
Swara : OK but at least change ur hairstlyle …wearing plates …ufff !!!!!
Mishti : y r u spoiling her also ….
Ragini laughs ….
Swara (embarressed) : ma …..
Ap : its OK Swara …I guess u should give some tips to ragini also …she is always old fashioned
Ragini (embarrassed) : ma ….
Swara laughs …….

Sanskar comes hearing their laughter ….
Swara side hugs sanskar (friendly type) sanskar also does the same …
Mishti whispers to Swara : array Swara what r u doing ..
Swara : ma friends ….we do these things na ….
Mishti : but he is a boy ….
Swara keeps hand on her forehead …
Swara : y don’t u trust me
Mishti : OK OK …
Sanskar smiles listening to their talks ..
Sanskar : anyways we r late let’s go now ….
Swara waves bye to mishti and ragsan waves bye to ap
Trio leave in their respective cars !

Screen ends !

No precap

I know it will be like parvarish …..but not the same inky the mother daughter thing will be like that …other things will be different …..
Hope u all like it and plz comment

With love ,
Esha (dolly)


  1. SHAN


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    Wow u told on fri u will update ur ff but u updated today itself…… Thank u dr….. Its awesome nd thanks for swasan dr……

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