“Singing is the sign of happiness/love and you need to see that” Episode 5


“Singing is the sign of happiness/love and you need to see that” Episode 5
Guys every episode has a title so I will always add all the links if you missed any episodes. Also so damn sorry for the delay because of summer vacation that’s why I couldn’t post much. But now I am back with another episode of I know I seen you but took me forever to find you… So I hope you guys liked the first two episodes and now I will be showing you episode 5 aha xx.

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New Character
Doctor Priya Sharma (Nia Sharma)
Anush Kapoor (Shivansh Kotia)
At the healthcare
Ragini: Sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar then comes back to his sense and pushes Ragini away from him.
Sanskar: Sorry I didn’t know it was you…
Ragini: But you were playing a game
Sanskar: Yes and I didn’t know what I was doing at the same time
Ragini: It’s okay, you probably thought I was someone else
Ragini was about to leave when Sanskar asks her something
Sanskar: Ragini I need to ask you something
Ragini turns around and walks towards him again. Ragini also nods her head.
Sanskar: Can you sing me a song?
Ragini: What? Why?
Sanskar: I just want to hear you sing
Ragini: But why do you want to hear me sing
Sanskar: Because I love when people sing
Ragini: But why me? I can’t even sing
Sanskar: That’s why I am testing you
Ragini: But I don’t feel like singing
Sanskar: Wow you’re such a great helper; you hurt your own patient’s feelings
Ragini (In mind): His so stubborn and angry but still he looks cute
Sanskar: Hello I am talking to you, just because I am blind doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything
Ragini: What do you mean? I wasn’t even doing anything
Sanskar: I know you were making faces at me
Ragini: And why would I do that
Sanskar: Because you can do anything that’s what you said
Ragini: Okay now you’re making stories up because I never said anything like that
Sanskar: Well you’re acting like you did
Ragini: All I said is you look cute when you’re angry
Sanskar: Wait what
Ragini then gets shocked after what she said
Sanskar: Did you just say I look cute when I am angry?
Ragini: I didn’t mean to say that
Sanskar: So that just came out of your mouth
Ragini: Hey, I said it was an accident and also you’re not even cute
Sanskar: Oh I get it you’re changing the topic
Ragini: Okay I have idea what you’re talking about
Sanskar gets angry and pulls Ragini hand. Ragini is really close to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Just because I am blind doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything, you know I was once a man who could see
Ragini: I didn’t even say anything bad about you
Sanskar: Then why do you always act so different around me but not others
Ragini (In mind): Does he know about my feelings I have towards him?
Sanskar: Answer me
Ragini: Eh because you’re a mean guy
Sanskar: Huh
Ragini: I mean you’re a cute guy
Sanskar: What the hell are you saying?
Ragini: That the kids are watching us
Sanskar gets angry and holds Ragini’s shoulder and pulls her closer towards him
Sanskar: First I would like to say, you need to stop acting
Ragini: I am not acting, but can you let me go…
Sanskar: I have been blind for three years and I know the touch and smell very well
Doctor Priya enters the place and tells everyone it’s lunch and play time
Priya: Everyone time to go
Kids: Yippee let’s go
Adults: I am starving

Priya calls the nurses in and takes them out
Sanskar let’s Ragini go… Ragini sees Priya and distances away from Sanskar
Priya: Ragini what are you doing over there?
Priya comes towards Ragini and sees Sanskar behind her
Ragini: Um I was talking to Sanskar
Priya: Oh I can tell but you know its lunch and Sanskar should be there
Sanskar: I am not hungry so you can’t force me
Priya: Hey don’t get angry with me
Sanskar: You can’t do anything to me; I can buy your place within minutes
Priya: Control your mouth Sanskar, you’re a patient here so that’s why I talking to you nicely
Sanskar: But I didn’t ask you too
Ragini: Okay guys stop
Priya: What do you mean stop?
Ragini: I will bring him outside, you go with the others
Priya: I don’t know how you deal with him
Priya leaves the place and Sanskar keeps shouting
Sanskar: How dare she talk to Sanskar like this?
Ragini: Okay listen to me
Sanskar: How dare she?
Ragini gets annoyed and bends down again and shuts him down by putting her hand on his mouth.
Ragini: You talk a lot when someone bashes you
Ragini puts her hand down and says
Ragini: Okay we should be going; you need to have your lunch
Ragini was about to leave when Sanskar pulls her hand she falls right back at him
Sanskar: I only caused that fight because I wasn’t done with you
Ragini: What do you mean?
Sanskar: When I say something, I show it myself…
The song Wajah Tum Ho plays
“Kaise kahun ishq mein tere Kitna hoon betaab main Aankhon se aankhe mila ke Chura loon tere khwaab main”
Sanskar pulls Ragini closer to him and holds her hand and makes Ragini feels his face while she closes her eyes…
Ragini: Sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar: Showing you two meanings… the romance and how a blind guy does something…
“Kaise kahun ishq mein tere Kitna hoon betaab main Aankhon se aankhe mila ke Chura loon tere khwaab main”
Sanskar pulls her even closer towards him and holds her waist.
Sanskar: Remember you said guys like us can’t be romantic
Ragini: I was joking…
Sanskar: Hush don’t speak
“Mere saaye hain saath mein Yaara jis jagah tum ho”
Sanskar touches her head with his finger and goes towards her lip with his finger
“Main jo jee raha hoon Wajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho.. (x2)”
Ragini gets shy and shivers… Sanskar pulls her closer and touches her face…
Sanskar: There is something I know about you
“Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein (Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein”
Ragini: What do you mean? You know about me?
Sanskar touches her faces and she holds his hand…
Sanskar: I am not done with you…
“Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein Tumhe bhuloon kaise main Meri pehli khata tum ho”
Ragini touches Sanskar faces and he holds her hand…
Sanskar: Nope it’s my choice…
Ragini: What do you mean?
Sanskar holds Ragini’s waist closer to him
Ragini: What are you trying to do?
“Main jo jee raha hoon Wajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho.. (x2)”
Sanskar: I feel like you’re testing something
Ragini: Huh what do you mean?
Sanskar: You’re coward
Ragini: How though
Sanskar: Because you can’t sing for your patients
Ragini: I am no coward; I will prove it to you in front of everyone
Sanskar starts laughing
Ragini: Why are you laughing?
Ragini stares at him while he is laughing so much.
“Kya jaane tu mere iraade Le jaunga saansein chura ke (Saansein chura ke) Kya jaane tu mere iraade Le jaunga saansein chura ke”
Ragini: I haven’t seen you laugh like this before
Sanskar then stops laughing
Sanskar: Just because I laugh doesn’t mean I forget everything
Ragini: Then why are you getting closer to me? Do you have feelings for me too?
Sanskar becomes quiet and pulls Ragini closer and says
Sanskar: I never had feelings for you… I was just making you confess so you can sing
Ragini: That’s cheating
“Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage Main gumshuda si raat hoon Meri khushnuma subah tum ho”
Sanskar: I didn’t cheat; I would never fall in love ever again because that word is probably the worst I know.
Ragini: Just because one person hurts you… doesn’t even there is nobody else for you in this world.
Sanskar: Stop acting like you’re someone
Ragini: I am because “Singing is the sign of love/happiness and you need to know that”
Sanskar becomes quiet and Ragini stares at him while the wind is blowing heavily towards them.
“Main jo jee raha hoonWajah tum ho.. Wajah tum ho.. (x2)”
Sanskar: Singing is not the meaning of love
Ragini: It is that’s why you wanted me to sing for you…
“Wajah tum ho”
Ragini: Your silence answered my question Sanskar.
“Wajah tum ho”
“Wajah tum ho”
“Wajah tum ho”
“Wajah tum ho”
The song ends with Ragini smiling while Sanskar is quiet.
Sanskar looks away and Ragini hears the kids and adults coming back towards the room.
Ragini: Oh god everyone is back you haven’t eaten anything
Sanskar: I am not hungry, so please leave me alone and I think you should be happy because you have already had food
Priya enters the room and makes all the kids and adults go sit down so they can talk to each other
Ragini: Why are you acting like this?
Sanskar: You annoying me, please leave me alone for now
Ragini gets sad and goes towards Priya
Priya: Ragini where were you?
Ragini: I was with Sanskar
Priya: Did he eat anything or leave the room?
Ragini: No not at all
Priya: Did you eat anything?
Ragini: No not really
Priya: What do you mean by not really?
Ragini: No I didn’t
Priya: You didn’t eat because of him?
Ragini: It’s not that
Priya: Ragini tell me, do you actually like him?
Ragini: I don’t know, after meeting him I feel like maybe love is actually the meaning of life
Priya: How can you love him, his so rude to you
Ragini: And I will change him
Priya: He doesn’t even like you
Ragini: I promised him something
Priya: What did you promise him?
Ragini: I need to do it in front of him, because I lost against his lie
Priya: What did he tell you to do?
Ragini: Sing
Priya: Huh?

Unknown place
Girl: This is never going to happen I need to find that place
Woman: But you can’t get him back now
Girl: I can do anything, you should know that
Woman: How are you going to do that?
Girl: With my brain
Woman: You have a child god sake
Girl: So what?
Woman: All he wants is his mother’s love
Girl: I am not a perfect mother
Woman: You’re horrible
Girl: Shut up
Woman: I want to kill you
Girl: Try me first

Ragini gets everyone’s attention
Sanskar doesn’t turn around and ignores her.
Ragini takes the microphone and starts singing Rehnuma instead of Teri Galiyaan
Tune plays
Ragini: “Rehunma…”
Sanskar gets touched by her voice…
Ragini: “Tu jo mila, sab mil gaya Dil ki namaazein jaake Pahunchi falak se aage Toh jaake paaya tujhko Mere rehnuma…”
Sanskar gets shocked hearing her voice and remembers that girl who sang hear the temple… He starts visioning her through the memories with her long hair…
Ragini: “Mujhko mera Rabb mil gaya Baahon se aage tere Duniya nahi hai meri Rakhle yahin tu mujhko Mere rehnuma…”
Everyone is enjoying Ragini sing… Priya looks at Sanskar who is sweating nonstop
Tune plays
Ragini: “Jo naa bhaaye, teri nazar ko Dekhungi naa main phir woh nazara Tu jo mile toh, chhod doon khud ko Tujhme kahin hai mera kinaara Bas tu hi tu mujhe yaad hai”
Sanskar: No she can’t be that girl I have been looking for ages
Ragini looks at Sanskar smiles
Ragini: “Dil ki namaazein jaake Pahunchi falak se aage Toh jaake paaya tujhko Mere rehnuma…”
Sanskar closes his eyes and seeing a girl running around the valley laughing and smiling…
Sanskar: Who is she?
Ragini (In mind): Why does Sanskar look confused?
Tune plays
Ragini: “Guzri hoon jab se, main tere dar se Hasne lagi hoon main, khul ke rehbar Dard se tere rista juda toh Ab muskuraate hai mere manjar Haan.. Rabb ki mujhe saugaat hai”
Sanskar thinks in his mind
Sanskar (In mind): What if she is the girl I have been looking for ages?
Ragini: “Dil ki namaazein jaake Pahunchi falak se aage Toh jaake paaya tujhko Mere rehnuma…”
Sanskar then gets flashback about his past and says to himself
Sanskar: No I can’t fall in love again… But this voice… Is singing the sign of love/happiness and should I know that?
Ragini: “Baahon se aage tere Duniya nahi hai meri Rakhle yahin tu mujhko Mere rehnuma…”
Sanskar gets dizzy and faints
Ragini: SANSKAR!!!!
Ragini runs towards Sanskar
The episode ends with Sanskar’s fainted and Ragini running towards him
Moral – “You need to stop that happiness when you start singing again”
Recap: Sanskar gains conscious and kisses Ragini on the forehead and she gets confused by his behavior. Sanskar tries to stay away from Ragini but she asks him something… “Sanskar can you give me a chance to win your heart?” Sanskar says “Are you that girl I met?” She gets confused again. Ragini takes Sanskar out to have ice-cream she annoys him and he gets mad. A girl comes there and says you selfish girl stop blocking my way and Sanskar is shocked to hear her voice. Anush says Mom what are you doing? Sanskar tells Ragini to promise him something.

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