a simple story of kaira (part 2)

Chapter 2 so sorry for short update in episode 1.in this ill write a lil long
Gayu: achha now lets not waste more time.we don’t have more time.we need to go for shopping and also have some fun befoe my wedding.
Keerti:ok I’ll also go to room and get fresh mumma pls make coffee for me.
Naira: also give me 5 mins I also get ready and we’ll go for shopping.mumma for me also coffee.
Akshara: ok you go and get ready. I’ll make coffee for you two.
Gayu came to kitchen and helped akshara to make coffee.
After five mins naira and keerti came down and drank coffee.after drinking they were ready to go.all went for xyz mall from naitik’s car.

All family were sitting in dining table and having breakfast.karthik naksh and vivaan were also there.
Dadi: beta vivaan ,tomorrow is yours and gayu’s engagement .so pls you three brothers go to xyz mall and buy every thing you need for the engagement.
Vivan:ok dadi
All three brothers went to get ready and after 5 mins came down and.went for shopping singhaniyas and malhotras went to the same mall.
After 20 mins they reached mal.as there was crowd they cant see each other.
Girls went to buy dresses first.boys also went for buying clothes first.after some time they finished their shopping of clothes. Naira was lil back of keerti and gayu. She was walking looking around the mall. Suddenly she bumped with a guy she was going to fall but the guy hold her by her waist.
Naira (In mind:he is so handsome. He is so hot .omg he is not less than shahrukh and salman)

He made her stand .
Naira: thank you so much for helding me.
Guy: pls dot say thank you it was my fault .i wasn’t walking properly.
Naira:no no it was not your fault .anyways thanks…she was being confuse what to call him
Guy :understang her situation :karthik.my name is karthik.
Naira:okay thanks karthik.waise im naira
Karthik:well nice to meet you naira.
Naira pov
Omg she sounds so good when he is taking my name.i love my name so much from now.
I said : nice to meet you too karthik. Hope we’ll meet again.bye
Karthik : bye

Well this much for today.there are more episodes growing of kaira .hope ill post soon . also don’t forget to comment.bye .see u soon.

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    Nice episode

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  2. Really good start waiting for kaira to meet again?????

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    Wow amazing one Loved kaira scences
    Can’t wait for next

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  4. Awesome !!!
    Loved it!!!
    Eagerly waiting for the next

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  5. it’s nice….kaira scene was awesome

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