a simple story of kaira (part 1)

a cute bubly girl is seen in a room.she wakes up due to the warm sunrays on her face.she gets up from her bed and goes to another room.a girl is seen sleeping in another room.she started sprinkling water on another girl.
another girl:UGHhh..NAIRA ki bachhi .why don’t u let me sleep in peace ?.
yes guys the cute bubly girl was our naira.
naira : keerti di , yeh kya baat hui . youre sister is waking u up with such love and u are scolding her that’s not fair ..she started showing her fake sadness and flowed crocodile tears keerti : u wont improve nah wait I wont leave you now
naira started running and keerti chased her.they reached the hall and they were fighting still like a kid.akshara and naitik and other family members were also in hall.

akshara:these girls will never behave like an adult.now also they are fighting like kids.
naitik : are kya tum bhi . my pincessess are so small now also.
akshara: due to your extra loe only they are spoiling.you are lgiving them more space.(in fake angry tone )
naira: mamma papa dadu dadi pls save me…
bau ji: stop fighting like a kid.ohh gayus engagement was going to be fixed nah what about it ??
gayu came to house at sametime

gayu:its tomorrow dadu and you all have to come.pl haan no excuses.
keerti :why not .well definitely come.afterall its my sisters engagement..and they hugged.
naira: see they forgot me …showing her crocodile tears…no body loves me here…
keerti :now stop your drama and come here to join us ..trio hugged and others were smiling seeing their bond.

phew…1st episode finished .i know its so boring but i promise kaira’s seen will be coming soon.and plz comment .so much sry for grammatical mistakes.
preview: gayu’s engagement shopping and kaira’s first meet.

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  1. Amazing!!!
    Plz update the next soon and plz try to make it a little longer…

    1. Aashiyaa

      thanks dea .
      i will make it longer next time

  2. Vinni05

    Nyc one
    Waiting for next part

  3. nice one

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