a simple story of kaira (character sketch and introduction)

Hi everyone. swarnima and for u aashiyaa .I’m very new here and this is my 1st fan fiction on my favorite couple kaira.
Normally boys fall for girls…but in my ff naira will fall for karthik and it’s the story of her to their love…

Character is same as serial but with a twist .akshara is not dead .naitik is karan mehra and naksh is rohan mehra.
naira (22) and keerti (24) are sisters..gayu is 2 yrs older than naira.
Akshara and naitik are their parents and others as serial.
karthik(23) and naksh(25) are brothers. naksh is 2 yrs older than karthik.
So here goes my character sketch.

Naira and keerti are sisters. They both study in same college. Gayu is their best frnd. Gayu is their close frnd from childhood. She is 1 yr older than keerti. They are like sisters. They are very close with naira and keerti .she is marrying vivan.vavaan is the cousin of malhotra brothers. They are like siblings .vivaan and malhotras lives in the same house. Naira and karthik meet on viyu’s marriage. And naira falls for him .it doesn’t only shows the story of kaira but also of two other pairs

Plz give reviews o my ff …if it seems nice then only I’ll continue.

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  1. Beautiful lines.
    Continue pls
    waiting for next !!

    1. Aashiyaa

      thank u so so much for your review

  2. its really nice , happy to see naksh and karthik as brothers and keerti and naira as sisters . awesome . update next one soon

    1. Aashiyaa

      thanks dea

  3. Vinni05

    Excellent part
    Continue pls
    Waiting for next part

    1. Aashiyaa

      thank u so much

  4. Soumya85

    It was really awesome..u know even i wanted a story where a girl should fall for boy..waiting for next chapter egarly..pls continue this story

    1. Aashiyaa

      i have already send next part for review.ot may have already published

  5. very nice ff i loved it waiting for next

  6. Very nice… its awesome…keep it up… n plzzz post daily

    1. Aashiyaa

      i try to post daily out of my busy schedule

  7. AnikaSaini

    Post next asap?

    1. Aashiyaa

      why not ??

  8. Sounds interesting
    Can’t wait

    1. Aashiyaa

      thanks dea

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