a simple story (episode 9)


suji:ji,apko pata nahi,yeh ragini aur kya kya kiya tha. put that aside, now we must concentrate on swasan.i hope everything goes on well.i just want my children happiness.
in swasan room
swara and sanskar was totally silent.sanskar was just staring her,who is much engrossed in her thoughts.so to break silence.
san:so swara we have won!now the truth is in front of everyone,we must celebrate this moment right.
swa:hmm.(a faint smile)
san:wat is bothering u swara,u can share wid me na iam ur best friend right.
(overwhelemed by his gesture)
swa:sanskar,i was just thinking whethere i took right decision by breaking my and mom’s relation wid gadodia’s,morethan me mom was affected in the past few days,more becoz of my saying only she broke her marriage,am i doing injustice to mom?may be if i forgive him,he and mom may live again together happily,am i being selfish?am i being obstacle in my mom’s married life?may be maa loves him now also,but didnt said anything becoz of me.im just confused wid this.
san:firstly u didnt do any wrong,anyone in ur place would have done this only,if u want to know whether ur decision is right,u have to speak to maa itself if i try to convince u also it wont work,only maa can do this and u will have a clear idea abt her feelings.as tomorrow u r going to ur house speak wid maa,ur confusion will get over.
swa:yes u r right.
san:now change ur clothes and sleep,it’s already late.
swa:no first u freshen up ,then i will.
sanskar nodded and moved towards washroom,after freshening up .swara also freshened.

sanskar was arranging pillows in coach and lied down while swara is in wash room,laksh who was passing by that side saw this and thought something,after that he went to his room.when swara entered the room she saw sanskar lying on the coach,asked him to get up and sleep on bed.
san:but swara im really comfortable here,u sleep on bed and i will sleep…
swa:chup.ekdum chup..sleep on bed,the bed is large enough so we both can sleep.more ever we r married,i know i told u that i want some time but i cannot allow u to sleep on that,u will definitly get back pain.so pls.
when sanskar was going to say sumthing
swa:sanskar im comfortable only.so dont think that much come here and sleep.any ways dont worry i wont kick u in my sleep.(wid a serious face)
san:wat! ha ha..u r so funny swara,how many shades u have?some time matured,sometime childish sometime arroganant.
swa:u have ur life time to see my shades,for now let’s sleep.we have to wake up early tommorrow.
when she was going to other side of bed she hitted a vase and it broke down causing a wound on her palm.she hissed in pain,sanskar immediately got first aid box and does her first aid, and started to scold her,while she was listening to it wid a pout.by seeing this he melted and after a lot of chit chatting both slept.after sumtime both slept in hugging position
raglak room
laksh(mono):sanskar was sleeping on coach that means swara didnt married sanskar by her own wish,may be swara still loves me,may still i do have a chance of getting my love.i feel like hating myself for trusting ragini,after divorcing ragini i have to convince swara and get her to my life again.right now i know she is angry,and she is right at her place.now i should ask for forgiveness and slowly convince her.i know swara i have done so many wrong deeds,didnt trusted u but in future i will give u so much happiness that u will definitely forgive me and accept me back.
wid that he slept peacefully not awaring wat future has stored for him.
at baadi
everybody came to know abt the ragini’s deed and whole heartedly apologising to shomi,for badmouthing swara.and she simply said it’s ok.

at shekhar’s house
here shekhar was broken and reminiscing all the happy moments wid swara and shomi.he was angry at himself for not trusting his wife,his daughter swara and trusting ragini,but he made sure that he will do sumthing to put down all the sins commited by him.
ragini’s room
here ragini was going on crying and dadi was consoling her.
ragini:dadi i did this much to get my love,but see wat he has done to me.im his wife na,he should trust me na,but instead he trusted that swara and trapped me to say my truth.now wat will i do dadi?papaji threw me out of mm,laksh is saying he is going to divorce me,now my life is spoiled.but after all much happened,that swara is happily married to sanskar and living in that house.i have to get my rights any how dadi,i cannot lose laksh.he is my love,my breath and my everything.
dadi:see how much u love him?but he never cared for u,but dont worry ladoo ur dadi will set everything.me,ur,dada and shekar will go to mm,apologise them and i will make them to accept u back.afterall u r dil of that house,u r laksh’s wife.no body can easily seperate u both.
ragini:sachi!..dadi even papa is angry wid me,how would he react to this,
dadi:u dont worry abt that,sleep well now.i will handle rest of the thing.

next morning
swasan room
Swara woke up first than sanskaar and when she realized the way she was sleeping in she remembers everything that happened last night and smiles to herself and looks at him who was so peacefully sleeping and was looking absolutely cute and calm

precap:some romance but whose?raglak or swasan

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