a simple story (episode 8)


sanskar happily filled swar’s maand and adored her neck wid mangalsutra.swara was somewere happy with the fact that she is now mrs.sanskar maheshwari.
laksh was seeing all this wid guilt,remorse and a bit jealous.but more than it angry on himself for not trusting swara,his love
after the marriage got over,every one focus turned on ragini who was looking down may be due to guilt or being scared.
lady 1:look how shameless this girl is?she tried to murder her own sister,how can anyone stoop so low?
lady 2:really,by seeing her no one can say that she can do these type of things,being a sanskari marwadi family she did like this.
hearing these comments,some were sad,some were irritated some were angry,so many emotions were reflected in that hall but none of them were happy bu these happenings.
sumi:(to those ladies)pls stop ur talk,think before u speak u r standing in this house and talking abt ill our family member.anyways u all came for wedding na,the wedding is over,after having food u can leave.
all guest left.
sumi:dpji im really sorry,they r ur guest but i spoke rudely.
dp:y r u asking sorry sumji?i should be the one to ask,even after knowing abt swara’s character i didn’t trusted her on that day,instead of finding truth,i also beleived in ragini.(to swara)im sorry swara beta,mujhe maaf kardena.
swara:no no badepapa dont ask sorry from me,u r not wrong but the situation made u to think like that,anyways all that is over na,truth has also came out.
shekar: swara hum maaf maangne ke bhi layakh nahi hei, par phir bhi tumse maafi maag rahahum , mei bahuth bura hum swara mei apni hi betiyo mein farakh kiya, mei har wakth ragini ki baatho mein andha visvash kiya aur hamesha se tume aur misthi ko galath sabith kiya .

Saying this he came to touch her feet,
swara:baba,sorry mr.gododia i have already forgived u,becoz it’s not ur mistake the mistake was mine(all shocked)yes mistake was mine,my dida said a number of times that u dont deserve my maa,but i being stupid united my maa wid u by going against my dida and this society.i just thought the love,affection of father which i was longing from childhood will be fulfilled.u,me,maa and ragini will live as a family.
shekhar:im really sorry beta.pls dont say like this
swara:do u even know the meaning of father??if u want u know,see from my badepapa and papa.even though laksh,sanskar,uttara and adarsh bhai r not real siblings,they treat them equally.even if they do mistakes also,badepapa will try to rectify them,teach them wat is right and wat is wrong,if they r wrong,he will set them to right path.not like u who broke the relation itself.they r called as father not u.not only for me,but for ragini also u cant be a good father,if u r so good,u would have long back guessed that ragini is wrong.and i want to ask a question if i really eloped from my marriage also,u shouldnt have insulted my maa and dida like that,u broke my maa ,now i myself dont want to consider u as my father.
dadi:chorey tu mare bete se aise baat nahi kar sakti hai.baap hai tere,kam se kam izzat to kar.
shekhar:maa! swara is right in her place.mishti atleast u make her understand im really sorry for wat i have done.forgive me for last time mishti,i promise here after i will always trust u.
sumi:no shekhar i will not stop shona becoz she is right in her place,rahi baat humari i married u so that my shona can get father’s love and i can give motherly love to ragini.i considered both as my daughters only,even now also.but u broke my trust not once but twice.i have lived my 46yrs of life alone,now i can live rest of my life alone.i dont need anyone especially man like u cannot keep up his promises.
every good hearted soul in mm,was feeling proud of this strong lady.
dadi:look how is she talking to her husband,these bengalis na…leave it.dpji i know ragini have done a mistake but give her a chance,she will never do these type of mistake in future.
suji:it’s not mistake but a crime kakisa,my swara is so good that’s y ur poti is still here instead of police station.
dp:sujata is saying right take away this girl from this house right now,kal i myself will handover laksh and ragini’s divorce paper,make her sign in it.
dadi:ye aap kya keh rahe hai!listen dpji i request u pls dont spoil my ladoo’s life,
sanskar:then she should not spoiled swara’s and her maa’s life na dadi.
dadi:u pls keep queit,if all the truth has come out then explain abt ur fake marriage truth,dpji if my ragini is wrong then wat abt swara,she also did faked as sanskar’s wife just to snatch laksh from ladoo and married sanskar in real to get laksh.
dp:no need to explain anything sanskar,i know it from the starting itself that swara and sanskar are faking,so that only in real i have got married them.becoz in somewere in my heart i thought swara is right and it is reveled as true.and i’m happy wid that.
all r shocked wid this sudden revealation.

laksh:now take ur poti wid u dadi.
dadi:atleast u understand her na damadji,she is ur wife give her a chance.
dp;i said enough of drama,pls kakisa leave this place.
sumi:im also leaving.sanskar take care of shona.nameste!
suji:sumiji!kal swara will come to her mayka for pagpera rasam,u didnt forgot na?
sumi:i know ji,i will now take leave.
soon a broken ragini along wid her papa and dadi, and sumi left the mm.
all left to their respective rooms except swasan and laksh
laksh:swara! im really sorry for wat i have done.
swara:laksh,leave it all.i forgave u long back,and thank u so much for bringing out ragini’s truth.it means a lot to me.and i really think we have to forget our past and move on to our future.so just forget all the bad things happened in past.
sanskar:swara is saying correct lucky.just leave all and concentrate in ur future

in ramata room
rp:really,i havent thought that ragini would stoop this much.
suji:ji,apko pata nahi,yeh ragini aur kya kya kiya tha. put that aside, now we must concentrate on swasan.i hope everything goes on well.i just want my children happiness

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