a simple story (episode 7)


pari danced happily on swara’s mehendi
ragini:(p.o.v)see how happy they r?as if it is the marriage of their daughter.swara u r enjoying na,enjoy to the core becoz here after u will be crying,but i dont get the thing y is she happy?she should be sad right,after all she is marrying her love’s brother,but here she is laughing wid others,i have to be careful,seems like she is planning sumthing i need to know it in anycause..
lady1:are sujatha u forgot one ritual,dont u know that bride’s sister should apply mehendi to bride’s feet?
hearing this dadi,ragini and ap too got happy,wid this they can interact to others.
ap:haan,ragini ajaa beta idhar
ragini was abt to come.
swara:sorry auntiji,but i dont have any sibilings.nor sister no brother.
all others were shocked to the core,ragini felt insulted more than hurt.sanskar was like r u really swara or some other women??
swara:sanskar im swara only(whispering)so close ur mouth.
lady2:then ur sil can do this ritual beta.

ap:hhmm.so ragini beta..
suji:pari bahu can u do this ritual?
pari:yes chachi.(shocked afterwards smilingly nodded)
pari did that ritual,after that all left the place except mm and gf.when swara was going to her room
dadi:ye chori,how dare u to insult my ladoo like that?sumi look how is ur upbringing firstly she ran away from her marriage after that she married sorry acted as this sanskar’s wife to get in to this house to kill my ladoo’s happiness.now she insulted her like this wow wat a girl,i have never seen this type of characterless..
sanskar:dadi just stop,u and me all knows how is swara,dare not pinpoint at her character,before accusing her look at ur ladoo’s doing and remember u r talking abt my wife,maheshwari kandan ki bahu,so give respect.
shekhar:sanskar how can u talk like tat that to wid maa,she is ur elder ,keep that in ur mind and u swara how can u say u have na sibilings?haan.

swara:(calmly)i think u have memory loss mr.gododia that u urself said that im not ur blood,then i will say like this only na.
her answer astonished everyone especially shekar .
suji:for me swara is done good thing only as she already made clear abt ragini’s participation in her wedding.so everything is clear and kakisa im telling u lastly dont even interfere in swara’s matter.hope that is clear.
ap:i didnt expect this from u swara,u r this house dil and it is ur duty to bind all relations even if they are wrong to u.
dp:ap,im wid swara now.i dont think she did wrong as sujatha said she told her decision morning itself and i respect it.
pari:even me maa.
ragini runned to her room feeling dejected.

all left to their respective rooms
at evening
marriage arrangement r full swing,all of the members r dressed beautifully.now its time to call bride and groom.
both swara and sanskar decended the stairs interwening their hands,ppl who saw them were like haww so cute.(guys u can remember their forced marriage right,their wedding clothes match the same)
they were seated and mantras were started.all r happy,ragini was somewat happy but a little fear also,swara is feeling happy,little nervous a bit excited all type of emotions normally a bride have.sanskar was like on heaven as his dream got true.dadi & shekar were disgusted of the things but remained silent,
soon they were called to do pheras,after taking 7 vows,sanskar was abt to fill swara’s maang but “STOP” A SOUND IS HEARD
wen all of them saw towards the souece laksh was standing there with 2 ppl,slightly injured.seeing that all of them get shocked and he came down
ragini:laksh!! apko kya hua??aap tekh hain na.
laksh:bas ragini.i dont need ur anything.after wat have u done i dont even want to see ur face.
ragini:wat r saying laksh?zarror swara ne kuch kaha hoga,swara y r u behind my husband,didnt u not got other boys??
laksh slapped ragini.
laksh:how dare u to say these things to swara?
ap holded ragini
ap:laksh !!is this way to treat ur wife?ragini r u ok?
laksh:ma u dont know wat she did,she was the one who pushed swara in to the river on my marriage day,after that she drugged swara and made a mms of her sent it to my phone and by doing fake suscide drama she married me.
knowing that laksh got to know the truth swasan felt happy while dadi,ragini felt scared but to win this battle again,

ragini:laksh these all r rubbish dont beleive it,im damn sure swara is instigating u against me,but trust me laksh i didnt do anything.and also wat proof u have laksh?no proof na.
dadi:ha damadiji dont u trust ladoo,she is ur wife so pls dont insult her like this
laksh:who said im not having any proof ragini(got scared like hell)these two men witnesses everything that held on that day.
ragini:no laksh these r fake proof,maybe swara has given money to them to say these things.(to swara)swara say na (helding her shoulders)this is all ur planning,that’s y u said yes to ur wedding,from morning u actes as being happy,im correct na say the truth swara swear on god.
sanskar:ragini(jerked her hands on swara)u r hurting her.
swara:sanskar pls let me handle this.ragini i swear to god i didnt brought those men and i full heartedly agreed for my marriage,becoz i want to be wid sanskar …forever.speaking abt these men,i really dont know who r they ,may be u didnt noticed them on that day without noticing them u pushed me in to the river.
ragini:no swara,before throwing u in to the river,i checked wether ppl r there or not.i myself made sure that nobody sees u while dieing.
listening this all mm,shekar got shocked.ragini after a second realised that she blurted out all truth and looked down.
laksh:yes ragini u r rite,there was no one who seen u doing all this.this was all my plan to get ur truth out.becoz if u can accuse my bhai for molestation they u can do anything and i just took one chance,but see my doubt got true.chi ragini how can u stoop this low??
shekar and sumi had an sad eyelock,but soon sumi broke it
shekar was totally broken by revelation of truth.dadi was thinking how to save ragini
shekar:ragini how can u do this that to wid ur sister,moreover to me.wen im accusing sumi,swara for these crimes u didnt even stopped me u betrayed me and ur family y?y?
ragini:becoz i love laksh papa,i really love him. swara came inbetween me and my love so only…i didnt wanted to take her life i tried my level best to stop their marriage,but didnt get successful.on marriage day helplessly i pushed her in to the river.becoz i really love laksh

laksh:When Swara got to know that I have hurt you by loving her, she slapped me. But she couldn’t see me die. I can’t believe, you of all people, tried to kill your sister. Is this why you were so interested in asking for rights as a wife? Ragini Gadodia, Breaking news! What you feel for me is not love but obsession!! Get over it otherwise you will be finished in life..

dp:i couldnt beleive that this girl can go to this extent.kakisa i drugaprasad maheshwari head of this family,breaking all ties with this girl.take her wid u to ur house ,laksh u r ok wid it na.
laksh:yes papa.
this decision made everyone shocked,ragini and her dadi was totally broken,sumi felt bad for ragini,afterall she considered her as her daughter.swara was feeling sad as ragini’s tears is still effecting her,sanskar and sujata were happy.rest were shocked.
panditji:sahaab,muhuraat is going off,as marriage is completed pls ask the groom to fill brides maang,and tie mangalsootra
by hearing this dp asked swasan to go to mandap and do the rest of rituals weras laksh was disheartened seeing his love marrying some other person that too his bhai,cursing him for not trusting swara.

sanskar happily filled swar’s maand and adored her neck wid mangalsutra.swara was somewere happy with the fact that she is now mrs.sanskar maheshwari.

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