a simple story (episode 6)


haldi ceremony is going on,swara was dressed in plain yellow saree whereas sanskar is dressed in yellow kurta and pyjama.
all r happy with the happening except our cute villains,(ragini and her family)but as instructed she didnt participated in that function,only seeing it in a corner,seeing this dadi felt furious on swara but what can she do.
ap,suji,shomi followed by dadi applied haldi ,then
ap:pari its ur turn apply haldi to swara and sanskar.
pari:jee maa.
she put full haldi on swara’s face.
swara:bhabi!yeh aapne kya kiya.
pari:i just applied it swara(wid a naughty smirk)
sanskar:ha haa.bhabi u rocked it.waise iss kubhsoorat shakal ka ek pic tho banta hai hai na bhabi?(he took out cellphone take a pic of hers)ha it came very nice see na bhabi
swara:sanskar,u u …she took a handful of haldi ,applied it on him.
seeing this sanskar jaw dropped down.
swa:ab,tumahare shakal na bohot acche hai.in this getup u r looking so handsome just like a monkey.isn’t bhabi?
pari;ha ha..exactly.

sanskar:bhabi r u in my team or swara’s?
pari:sorry devarji,but elders say that never come inbetween a couple’s fight,u guys alone decide ur fight dont involve me,ok(dramatically)
seeing their fighting all burst out of laughter,after a long time in mm house happiness came.
suji:now swara,sanskar go and take rest,after a while we have to start mehendi ritual.
swasan:jee mom.
and they went to their room.
while all went to make arrangements for next ritual except dadi and her ladoo.

raglak room
ragini is sitting in a corner and thinking sumthing
dadi:ladoo dont be sad,everything will be alright.dont lose hope.
ragini:dadi im not thinking that.
ragini:dadi like every girl i also had dreams to do these rituals,to enjoy my wedding grandly but see my wish didnt fulfilled.that swara even after getting bad name once,is getting everyone’s affection and love.today also see na,how she enjoyed her each and everything but i not even able to speak wid others.every one is in love wid her,the ppl who hated her in the beginning love her like anything now chachiji,sanskar,pari bhabi and even chachaji also.papaji consider her as his daughter.this love,care affection should be all mine’s.i have to be apple of every one’s eye.swara is a modern independent and mostly importantly bengali na,but im traditional marwari.i should be the one to get the happiness not her?but y this and all r happening wid?loving someone is crime?to get my love i did so many things betrayed hurted everyone but now also im not getting the rights of wife and bahu of this house,even after repeated attempts im getting failure y?y dadi?(cryingly)

dadi:sshh.ladoo shant hojao.as i said u will get ur rights.im wid u na.
shomi:nothing will happen ma
they saw shomi there
dadi:shomi tu..just go away from my ladoo.
shomi:as if im dieing to be wid her.
shomi:mat bulovoo mujhe maa.im not ur mother.shona already told abt morning incidence,i was shocked how can u stoop so low?chii.
ragini:maa i did this just to get my love,atleast u understand ma in my entire life this is the first thing im fighting for,pls maa help me.tell swara to go away from this house and i promise i will unite u wid papa,i know she is doing this all to unite u both na,i will do this,but pls tell her to go away from my life pls.
shomi:shona will not go and abt ur papa,i have no interest in staying wid him.wat u said love like seriously love,u dont even know the meaning of love becoz if u loved laksh truly na u would have said truth after ur marriage itself,u would have never tried to break his heart,his relations,his family.but u chii.and one more thing watever happen my shona will bring ur truth out someday or the other,so pray to god that wen that day comes u should stay strong to bear all’s hatredness especially ur love’s.

ragini:that day will never come maa,and u r showing partiality if mine place if swara would be here u would have supported her but im a step daughter of urs naa,i can understand.
shomi(crossing her hands near her chest):firstly my shona would never stoop low like u,secondly if my shona did like this i myself would have punished her to the core,not like ur dadi,thirdly im having no relation wid u becoz of ur doing u lost ur right.finally u have always seen my love,as im not having any relation wid u i warn u stay away from my shona else u will see worst of me.get that in ur mind.
with that she left,ragini began to cry more vigrously cursing her fate where dadi is consoling her.
afternoon,mm,in hall
mehendi function
swara and sanskar was sitted in chair at stage.,she is wearing green lehenga wid rink border wid flower ornaments.looking mesmirising.

mehendi ritual begined.
sanskar’s name was written in her hand.the thought of his name in her hand made him smile unknowingly.
suji:my bahu is looking so beautiful today,kisike kaali nazar na laage(saying this by seeing ragini,making her more upset,even swara felt sad for her,but the tears that she saw in her mom’s eyes,sanskar’s eyes made her strong)
ragini:(monologue):y my tears r not affecting swara?did she really broke out our relation?no no she cant do this,may be its her plan.ha but wer is laksh ?from morning onwards he is not there,may be he is hurted wid this marriage.afterall swara is his 1st love.y laksh?y u love her this much?thats y i hate u swara,i hate u.
suji:koi gana vana nahi hai,arre mere chore ke shadi hai,nachoo sab.
pari:ha chachiji im waiting for this ur order only.
.Lo chalee mai, apne devar kee barat le ke lo chalee mai
Naa band baja naa hee baratee, khushiyo kee saugat le ke
Lo chalee mai
singing this she danced around swasan

Devar dulha bana, sar pe sehra saja
Bhabhi badhkar aaj balaiya letee hai
Prem kee kaliya khile, pal pal khushiya mile
Sachche man se aaj duwaye detee hai
Ghode pe chadh ke, chala hai banka
Apanee dulhan se milne, lo chalee mai .

song completed

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