a simple story (episode 5)


shopping mall
swara and sanskar bought their bridal dresses and going towrds sarees section
sanskar:swara look at this saree looking good na?
swara:ha par we cant buy it
sans:but y?
swara:becoz i dont know to wear these,so i go for easy wearable sarrees.
after completing the sentence,sanskar started to laugh like hell.seeing this she got angry and walked towards that section
sanskar followed her and asked sorry for which she got convinced.

swara:bhaiyaa(to shopkeeper) wo yellow,green and redwali pack kardehigye
after purchasing they got in to jewellry section
swara:now y we r here?
sanskar:I want to gift you something a symbol of my commitment towards you.. I want to give you an engagement ring…if u like so…
swara:(shocked first)no like but i love it.i donno ki u have this much brain
sanskar:wat swara here i am gifting u ring and u ..
swa:ok im sorry.

sanskar:aur madam yeh rahi tumhari ring…it was a diamond studded platinum couple’s ring,…
Sanskar: may I??????
Swara nods and they make each other wear the ring.
then they move towards the paying counter,there she saw a beautiful waist chain.
swara:wow,its so beautiful
sanskar:u want it,(to sales man)pack this also.
sales man:ok sir.

swara:thank u thank u…very much.u know sanskar i’m very fond of this jewel, in every festival while wearing lehenga na i will definitely wear this waist chain,in fact ma and dida used to tease me for this,even ragini teased me very much for my madness(she got tears in her eyes remembering her and ragini’s bond in the past)
sanskar:r u fine?(by keeping hand on her shoulder)
swara:wiping her tears )hmm.
within that they saw a couple quarelling with that shopkeeper for that waist chain
boy:please bhaisaab,pls give that jewel to us na,my gf liked it very much.
sh.k:soory sir,but it is already purchased and this is last stock in this design.so sorry
girl:u r useless,u cant even get me this.huh we r in relationship from past 2 yrs,first time ihave asked u sumthing but u.huh.
boy:sorry dear,but select another one na
girl:no im leaving.

swara:wait!sorry i have heard ur talk it is me who bought that,but u can take it.
boy:thank u so much sissy
boy:i mean sister,hello im arjun and this is my gf priya
swara:hello arjun ,priya.im swara and this is sanskar my husband.
priya:hi and thanks for giving.
swara:it’s ok.they talked and become friends.swasan invited them for their marriage to which they complied
they done their shopping and left to mm
sanskar:swara can i ask u sumthing?

sanskar:y did u behave like that at morning that too wid ragini.
swara:becoz she deserves it sanskar.to be frank im fed up of ragini’s lies and betrayal even im human sanskar she everytime keep on humiliting me so i decided that i will ignore her.now i understood that my old ragini cannot come back and i have accepted the truth.the affection,love and trust i had for ragini is nomore now.now i dont love her nor hate her.i dont consider her as my sister,she is a just stranger for me.and i really dont care wat she do and doesnt until she crosses mine or our family’s ways.after bringing ragini’s truth also i wont support her.i even dont want my ma to unite wid mr.gadodia.i had spoken wid maa and she is happy wid my decision.i once made a wrong decision by uniting my ma wid that spineless man.but not now

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