a simple story (episode 4)


dp:i agree wid sujata.and we all r leaving for office but we will reach before haldi,as i dont want to miss my daughter’s haldi.saying this he blessed swara.

with this swara got tears in eyes sensing fatherly love
after that all males left except for sanskar.
sanskar:swara u eat ur breakfast,till then i wait for u outside then we will go for shopping.ok
suji:swara dont forget to get some sarres too
swa:ok mom.

with all left except swara,ragini and dadi.swara started to eat ,while
dadi;kaise ho laddo,after yesterday night did laksh spoke wid u?did u apologised to him?did he forgave u?
ragini;(cryingly)dadi not only laksh,but all family members r not speaking wid me they r very angry not even want to look at my face,laksh he didnt allowed me to speak also,i slept in guest room yesterday.only ma(ap) is soft towards me.
dadi:dont cry laddo ur dadi is here na,i will make everything perfect but for now u should try to convince others,do one thing u help ladies in work,by that u can converse wid them and ask sorry.
ragini;this is not possible dadi becoz(she told wat swara said in morning)now i cannot even do work becoz of swara(angry look to swara)

dadi:hey choorey tu to hadd kardi aaj tu meri laado ko yeh sab kaha?
ragini:Swara y cant u let me live happily. Y u did this swara??? Y u dont want me to live happily??? “Ragini asked swara…. But in return she got a slap from swara…. Ragini is shocked…..even dadi
swara:chillana mat!Who betrayed u??? Its u who betrayed me…. If at all u love laksh y did u made us one??? Y did u malign my character??? U did fun of me….. Now u r blaming me haan….now count ur days ragini,i swear wen the truth comes out,nobody will save u not even me,sudarjoo warna acha nahi hogaha.
And dont ever come in my way,U do no about me,Mind it..saying this swara went out…. Ragini went back of her and stopped her…..

ragini:Swara u know ma and papa are now living separately….. If u want them to live together then u leave this house Otherwise i wont let ma and papa to come together.
swara:oh it is,i even dont care u know y?becoz watever happened yesterday baba will not beleive u and dadi simply so pls excuse me wid this she went out leaving a shocked ragini and her dadi.
it was seen by sanskar from the window.
sanskar:wow!i dont know this side of urs.bechare ragini from yesterday onwards she is receving slaps from u.
swara:it is not funny sanskar,just leave it let go.
on other side

ragini:dadi i think swara is going to do sumthing we have to stop her dadima else i will be finished.
dadi:ladoo r u hiding sumthing if so tell me or else i cant able to save u.
ragini wid fake scaredness blurted out all truth.
dadi:wat is this ladoo,If u love him that much y u didn’t tell me??? I would have made u marry laksh with any hook or crook.now also there is tym do sumthing and stop swara and sanskar marriage.
ragini:no dadima,if they got married,swara will out of my way becoz as far as i know her she will value her marriage and abt other things after their marriage i will make sure that their fake marriage’s truth comes out,and they will be thrown out of this house and i will get my place here.
dadi:ha u r right,i didnt think this way

ragini:dadima i think they r planning sumthing against me,swara loves laksh so she will never agree to marry sanskar they will do sumthing dadi even chachiji is helping them it seems that’s y she is calm and faking happiness.
dadi:dont worry ladoo,we will think of the way.for now let’s move to kitchen and act as helping them.
ragini:but dadima,wo swara said ki…
dadi:but she is not here na,its a good chance.behave good,feel sorry for wat u have done ok.
ragini (hugging):ok.u r the best dadi in the world.
dadi:i know laddo but promise me once this swara chapter is over dont do any mistakes in this house ok
ragini:Dadi i just want my laksh…. For that i can do anything after kicking swara out i promise i will be ideal wife and dil of this house.
dadi:hmm,let’s move down

sujata ap and pari r making arrangements,then ragini entered along wid her dadi
dadi:we came to help u in these arrangements
suju:oh!but we dont need it,as i said earlier
ap:par sujata.
pari:ma,chachiji is saying correct.i considered ragini as my sister but wat she did chii wid adarsh she ..i cant even say this she cheated me,now i understood the difference in between these two sister,i wish i had a sister like swara.ragini sorry to say this but u r cheap,and disgusting.how can u put a such a blame on sanskar devarji chi ragini.
ragini:bhabi i did that to save my marriage,swara always came inbetween me and laksh.and talking abt adarsh bhai i really dont know abt his affair.this is all becoz of swara.she is doing this so that she can become mahhan in front of all.

suji:see na pari,jiji even now she is not accepting.well but pls get out of here.
dadi:im sorry on behalf of my laddoo,she said this due to angry on swara.pls understand her even she is a woman right.if her husband didnt moved on wid her due to swara then she will feel like this only na.
but suji started scolding even pari also seeing that ragini rushed outside cryingly.ap,dadi worriedly came to her.
ap:i can understand ur state ragini as im also a wife,but instead of getting angry on swara u should try to make relationship wid laksh,understand him,becoz u r his wife not swara.so pls concentrate on laksh.
ragini:so u have forgiven me na maa?
ap:ha just becoz of laksh,as u r his wife i dont want his married life to get spoiled.
saying this she went

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