a simple story (episode 3)


swa:sanskar i admit that u r a nice guy and as a friend i respect u,trust u more than myself but love i cant..just cant becoz i had lost my trust on this thing.
sumi:ok swara tell me onething,are u going to be single for whole life?will u not marry?
swa:no mom its nothing like,i will marry but not now.
suji:swara do u have any problem wid sanskar,dont u like him?
swa:aunty i agree that sanskar is really a nice guy,he have all the qualities which a girl finds in her life partner,but could i able to give him happiness which he deserves that too as a wife?
sumi:i understand beta but time heals everything,dhekhna shaadi ke baad u would definitely fall in love wid him.

sumi;no ifs no buts my decision is final if u consider me as ur mother then u will marry thats it.
swa:(giving up)ok maa.im ready for this marriage.
sumi,suji got happy.even though sanskar was happy at somewhere he felt bad as she is being forced for this.
suji:sumiji wat im saying kal subhah haldi,sham ko mehendi then raat shaadi hoga toh accha hai na.i want my bahu to enjoy her marriage with all rituals.wat u think
sumi:hmm ok as u say.now i should leave,meet u tommorow.bye swara,sanskar tc
sumi left

suji;now y r u looking at my face?go to ur rooms and sleep.waise be kal bohot kaam hai.sanskar tomorrow morning 1st thing u should do is go for shopping wid swara.and u swara select urs and sanskar’s bridal dress u know na my son is very poor in selecting things(dramatically).
sanskar keept a pout face seeing this swara and suji laughed hard.
wid that they dispersed in to their rooms
raglak room(at the same time)
ragini:laksh wait a minute let me explain.
laksh:”Ragini, there’s nothing left to explain. You can’t leave the house, fine! Get out of this room! I can’t stand you here another minute.”

with that he closed the door on ragini’s face,she cryingly left to guest room.on the way she met swasan.they too saw her state.
ragini:now u r happy na swara,u snatched my happiness na,u came inbetween me and laksh,
swa:let it be sankar, i can understand her sadness so pls
ragini:dont be happy swara,i agree u brought sanskar’s innoscence,but still u didnt proved urs and u maynot be in future as tommorow urs and sanskar’s wedding will be done and laksh will be mine forever.u lost swara u lost it to me.
swara:ragini u wont understand it but the truth is i never came inbetween u and laksh,i came here just to unite maa and baba.im telling u lastly accept ur deed and ask for forgiveness from our family,they will definitely forgive u,then u can start a fresh life wid laksh.

ragini:no never,instead of thinking abt me think abt urself and make plans how to stop ur wedding,becoz this time ur are finished,i suggest u to accept ur truth and go out of this house and let me live peacefully.
swa:i thought after this much u would have gained some sense but no,its okay i promise u dear that i will soon bring ur truth infront of everyone.sanskar let’s go.
swasan go their room and ragini to guest room
in guest room

Swara. Her sister. Why did she not say anything? She was clearly worried for Sanskaar. Wasn’t it a fake marriage? But in all of this, why couldn’t the truth stay folded under the wraps? but thank god the real truth didnt come out else all would have thrown me out of this house.i have done so much to get u laksh,now i will not back off.i will do each and everything which bring us closer.firstly i have to do swara and sanskar’s wedding,if swara married sanskar then she will be out of my way.im sure they must be thinking to stop this wedding,but its of no use i will make sure that they get married to each other or swara’s fake marriage truth comes out,then u will hate her laksh,hate her to infinity.
with that she sleeps
in raglak room
sanskar was innoscent,swara har proved it.ragini whom i trusted stooped this level,i have never dreamt of ragini doing this if it is true,may be swara is saying truth,maybe swara is innoscent like bhai.oh god if it is so,i have to stop bhai and swara’s wedding.tommorrow i will bring out all the truth in front of everyone no matter it is.
he sleep wid determination.

in swasan room
both r trying to sleep but sleep was far away.
sanskar:r u happy wid this marriage if not so u tell me i will stop this,i dont want to force u
swa:sanskar right now i dont know wat to do,but as mom said i will marry u but i want some time to accept this relation and i also know that u will give me time,so without any tension sleep or else tommorow at our wedding u will look ugly(winks at him)
sanskar:kya?mein aur ugly?u know im very handsome all girls drool on me,yesterday also in office ria flirted wid me.
swa:handsome and u?i think that girl ria has some eye problem,she should consult doctor.

with these nokh-jok they slept.
at the dining area all r seated,while swara,pari,ragini are standing and serving but none of them talked to ragini and also take food from her hands.she felt bad but her mil ap was bit soft towards her.
suji:bhaisa as u have said swasan wedding will held today,i want some more rituals like haldi,mehendi to be added to it.wat u say?
dp:that’s good idea sujatha
ap:but ji we cant have these rasma as time is very short.
suji:u dont worry jiji,i and sumiji will manage,we will do all arrangements.
pari:chachi even i will help,swara is like my younger sister she did so much for me.
suji:ofcourse beta.(smiling)
ragini:i will also help in arrangements chachiji.
suji:no need,u did so as much as u can.
ap:sujatha i agree ragini did a mistake,but she is also having right to be there in her sister’s wedding.so please
suji:no jiji,i dont kya pata meri bahu ko ye nazar lagayegi to.
ap:par ..
dp:as it is the wedding of swara and sanskar let them decide,wat u think sanskar.swara?
swara:i dont want ragini to be in any rituals(wid a strong look to ragini)ragini and others not expected this especially sanskar,he was looking into her eyes trying to understand wat is going on her mind.
ragini in real felt bad .

san:im wid swara’s decision im sorry ragini.
dp:so its done ragini,i dont want any drama’s here so please dont disturb anyone here.
this was a shock to ragini.
suji:sahi faisla liya swara,aur bhaisa haldi will be in some time but before that swara and sanskar will purchase their wedding clothes
dp:hmm ok,let them go.beta(to swara)i have some rajasthani marwadi jeweliries for u.take them as a gift of mine,these jewels r our kanadani which is from my mom if u put it in ur wedding i will be happy.

saying this he handed a sets of heavy and beautiful jewellry like necklace,chains,maangtika and all other.seeing this ap,ragini got angry and jealous as they were kandani jewels.
dadi who was entering in to mm heard this and got furious,on the otherside suji and all r happy.
ap:but ji how can u give these jewels,these are meant for ragini right,we have decided to give it to her
dp:but she is not worth of it annapurna.so im giving this to swara who deseves it.(with a stern look to shut up).
swa:badepapa if it so give it to her(ragini)i dont need anything except ur blessings.
dp:my blessings r always wid u beta,whenever i see u i really get jealous,gosh i had a daughter like u.

san:badepapa even now she is ur daughter.
while they r talking ap,ragini,dadi fumed.
ap:are kakisa aap yaha?
dadi:wo as there is a wedding here,i thought i can help u in arrangements.
ap:its so good of u kakisa
suji:but we dont need it.
ap:sujata! dont talk to her like that.
suji:jiji my bahu already said that she dont want ragini to participate in her wedding then wats the use of ragini’s dadi?
dp:i agree wid sujata.and we all r leaving for office but we will reach before haldi,as i dont want to miss my daughter’s haldi.saying this he blessed swara.

with this swara got tears in eyes sensing fatherly love

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