A simple story (episode 25)

so sorry guys,i know i’m late but what to do guys i have my placements going on these months,still i havent got placed.please pray for me friends that i get placed sooner.

now below are the link to my ffs

simple story
All Parts here

now the episode starts from
kavitha:yes sanakar im kavitha,ur kavi.saying this she affectionately looked towards him,making all of the mm shocked specially swara.
seeing this swara couldnt hold her tears,she started to weep.
sanskar saw this,and in next second he threw kavitha away and went towards swara and began to console her.
sujatha:her chori,why are u hear after ruining my sons life?ha,get out from my house.
kavi:aunty,what are u saying?i know aunty that u all dont like me as im a bengali but aunty i and sanskar love each other.
sanskar:that was past kavitha.now i love my wife swara unconditionally.
kavitha:wife! what wife? u r only mine sanskar,remember the promises u made to me.i know sanskar that i was not here for a while thats y u took a big step and married someone else,but see now i have returned so pls come back to me.
hearing these commotions all other family members including parish and ragini came there and saw everything.
ragini:u what type of woman u r?ha,dont u feel ashamed by taking away someones husband?
suji:first time that ragini spoke something sensible.now what are u waiting for?get lost from my home.
ap:sujatha pls atleast listen to her,u also know how they both used to love eachother,let me handle this.
rag:but maa,this is not done ,swara and sanskar are married how can this girl can claim right on sanskarji?
ap:(angry):look here ragini,this is not ur problem so pls be queit we elders are there to solve this.u just take care of laksh ok?
ragini closed her mouth seeing ap angry but she herself is confused y ap is angry with her.
but sanskar,rp,suji and swara get to know that it was all planned by ap.

im sorry friends i know this is a very short one but trust me i will upload other parts in this week itself,and coming to this story im gonna finish this in this week.
thanks to my readers who read my ff’s

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  1. Shiksha

    Your stories are awesome.. n end the ff the way you will.. n we pray that you may get the placement..

  2. Awesome and excellent dear…. Please update soon

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    Wow finally you posted I’m waiting for next part eagerly…post soon and yes please post your ss too I’m waiting for it from so long

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    Finally u updated dear. And thanks for this part.
    Awesome part yaar!! Eagerly waiting for next part. And I will definitely pray for u dear.

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  6. Nice one..I’ll pray for u..tc..

  7. Amazing update…. waiting to see what swara will do to that kavita… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

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    oh gosh have been waiting for it from soooooooooooooooooooooooo long….
    please please please post ur other ffs too…
    can’t wait to read all of them…

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    Awesome update

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