A simple story (episode 24)

So the last episode ended with ap planning something against swara
A leap of 2weeks is shown
In this two weeks many things happened laksh came to know he is paralyzed,he was very much broken on hearing it,but seeing his family mostly his mother he decided to stay strong.Here ragini was devastated seeing laksh’s condition,she did everything what she could do to make him feel better.seeing this ap was more proud on ragini and more angry on swara whom she considers to be responsible for laksh’s condition.soon laksh was discharged from hospital.
After the leap

Raglak room
Asual ragini was taking care of laksh, feeding him soup.
Seeing her care towards him,laksh started to fall for ragini.but he was hesitant as for now he thinks he don’t deserve ragini.
That’s when dadi came there
Dadi:laddo i want to talk to you would u come with me for a moment
Ragini;ji dadima bas abhi ayi.
Soon dadi along with ragini went downstairs where whole mm was having their breakfast.
Dadi:apji,dpji i want to talk to u , something important
Dadi:it may looks bad to say these things at this point of time.but wat can i do,i don’t have any other option,if it’s about my laddoos life.look dpji as u all know laksh is paralyzed so he can’t keep my ladoo happy,i want them to be divorced.

All of them were shocked to listen this.even ragini was resisting.
Ragini:how can u think like that dadima,i wont do anything like this.i will never ever divorce lakshji.samjey ap.
Dadi: ragini u keep quiet,u don’t know anything.trust me whatever i do is of ur good only.
Ap: kakisa how can u say that.see kakisa i know u are worried about raginis life but believe me laksh will sooner be fine and ..
Dadi:apji u can’t give assurance for that.i don’t know anything i just want raglak divorce.anyways ur family and laksh has always disliked ragini.it is also good that raglak didn’t forwarded their relationship.so it will be easier for me to make my laddo to marry again so that she can live her life happily.
Rage was clearly visible on ap’s face so does ragini.
Ragini:bas chup karey,who r u to say this that what should i do or not?Ha.keep this clear in ur brain dadima that i will not divorce lakshji at any point of time in my life.he is my first and last love.no one can did u hear no one can take his place in my life.if u want to speak abt this further,they pls don’t ever step in to my House.
Saying this she angrily left making dadi and others to be shocked.
Dadi was standing there trying to register what her ladoo said,the things that were said by ragini came as an slap towards her face.really did her ladoo for whom she did all these things for whom she always stood against all ,said this making her insulted in front of all.
Not wanting to hear any taunts or words from others she unsteadily left the mm with heavy heart.
Here laksh who has listened to all this felt more guilty.
After sometime
Sanskar:papa,bade Papa i wanna ask something from u
DP:what it is sanskar?

Sanskar:papa ,bade Papa ,maa,mom i want swara to continue her job.as u all know swara is a cardiologist,i want to continue her in doing her job.i know u will not agree easily for it but try to understand in my POV.i mean she is talented and by doing this she can safe other lives,it is also a good thing right then y can’t she?
DP:i understand u beta,
Before he completes
Ap:but our house dil are not permitted to work sanskar,this is our house custom and for ur saying we can’t broke this tradition which is coming there from generations.?
DP: ap is right sanskar we can’t broke our tradition just like that.
Seeing it ap was ??
But sanskar was sanskar
Sanskar:?but u only said that swara is like daughter to you BP.and don’t even forget that day in hospital swara was the who operated laksh.in this way may be she can also cure laksh.think abt it BP.
Now sanskar played his cards well,he yesterday itself told his parents abt that even though sujata didn’t approve at first,then after continuous request from her son and husband ,she approved.
Here DP was thinking about the laksh thing,he wanted to see laksh fit and fine like earlier,if by agreeing to this it will happen then y not.here he is also little selfish after all he is also human right?.
DP:hmm then ok.

Hearing it sanskar and his parents were like ??. And ap was ?
And at a corner swara who was entirely unknown to what’s happening there was like?
She couldn’t believe what she heard and was looking at sanskar who inturn was winking at her.
Ap(mono):bohot khushi hooray heina swara,now u will cry.today something gonna happen which will shake u up,and it’s my promise dear that u will never ever remain happy in this life.
She immediately messaged someone .
After 1minute or so
A girl runningly came there with panting heavily.
With in seconds that girl hugged sanskar and tightly ? his cheeks in front of all making all shock especially swara.
Sanskar soon broke the hug with confusion and shock all he can say that is
Sanskar: “kavitha”

So guys with this I’m stopping and I’m glad to tell u all that only two more episodes are remaining for this ff to complete.and if anyone wants any specific or special scene pls tell me in the comments so that i can add it

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