A simple story (episode 22)

Swasan reached hospital and informed at mm also.
Now all were standing outside the ICU ,whereas laksh was being treated inside.

After sometime doctor came out , seeing him all went near him to ask about laksh s condition
Doctor:see Mr.maheshwari i won’t give high hopes,the patient is in critical condition he have lost lot of blood and his injuries is severe,we are trying our level best.Now we need to operate him immediately.but there’s a problem
Ap:what problem doctor?Do u know whom we are ?We are Mahesheshwari s .We will pay u high pls cure my son.
DP: sambhalo aapne aapko ap.doctor what’s the problem.
Dr: actually there is a doctor who have better experience in handling this type of case.actually she resides at us.but before 5-6 months we have lost her contact.if she does this operation means it will definitely be successful.
Ap:then y r standing here,go and call that Dr we will pay him high.if u can’t then give his phone number we will call him.
Dr: Mrs.maheshwari she is not ordinary doctor,she is Asia’s topmost cardiologist.i have never seen her.but we have her no.her name is swara Bose.
When Dr uttered these words all were looking at swara .Some with proud some with angry some with expectations.
Swara coming forward.
Swara:dr I’m only swara bose abt whom u were talking about.and the patient who is inside is my husband s brother.i will surely help u to save him.

As she finished the doctor was shocked and smiled, and said to her to be ready for doing operation. Saying that he left.
After that swara looked at sujata who is smiling with tears.eventhough she is laksh’s chachiji she also loved him like her child but less than her sanskar.
Ap was keenly watching swara, she is afraid if swara did anything to laksh then wat will happen.she knows that now swara knows the truth abt her what if she took revenge on laksh becoz of her deeds.she has no less harmed sanskar then how can she leave her son.no no she must do something to stop her.
Today for ragini swara was not less than a god,becoz she is going to save her life her laksh.now she is realising how much she had hurted her and felt guilty.
Sanskar came towards swara and whispered in to her ears
Sanskar:i ? u

To which swara just smiled.soon she went to room to get ready for operation.
Ap slowly penetrated towards swara room
Ap:y r u doing this?U hate me na then y the hell u agreed for this?I know u must be planning something.but i swear if something happened to laksh means i will not leave u.understand
Saying this she left
Swara was really pissed off hearing her. Then ragini and dadi came in, seeing them she was hell irritated .
Ragini:swara I’m really sorry for my deeds pls save lakshji i love him a lot.if u want i will go away from his life.but pls save him.saying this she fell on swaras feet.making dadi and swara shocked.swara immediately got her up
Swara:see ragini i will give my best.As a doctor i will do whatever I can.but pls stop ur dramas.
Saying this she left.

After a lot of arguments ap convinced the doctor to see laksh.
Many machines were attached to laksh’s body, seeing him like this was very painful to ap.
She took slow steps towards him . She started to caress his hair

Ragini gone to temple to pray for laksh.there she heard priest saying that if someone climb up the temple on his knees his wish would be fulfilled.then without any second thought she started to climb up the stairs by her knees
Blood was oozing out at her knees her yellow lehengha has turned red due to her blood.but still she didn’t give up.
At hospital
As ap was caressing his hairs,laksh started to take heavy breaths . Seeing that ap was shocked, immediately she called out doctor.but here laksh took his last breath and then ….

Precap: ragini in pain,ap blaming swara.swasan out of mm.

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  1. Simi

    Good one dear

  2. i think may be laksh went in coma or may be he is dead.whatever it is swasan should not be seprated.its good in one way that ragini will learn a lesson. and ap too bcoz she also try separate swasan.
    if laskh is actually dead that ragini ap and dadi will unite and can try to separate swasan.it will be bane to swasan.
    yeah after a long time u have posted.plz be regular and post the next part soon.

  3. Awesome dear

  4. Rosey

    Amazing Lakshmi I loved it
    And that Ap she has cheap thinking I mean how can she think a doctor will harm his own patient disgusting

  5. Phoniex

    That lady has nothing to do other than blaming Swara

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    Awesome dear ❤❤❤

  8. Shiksha

    Good one.

  9. Nice dear

  10. awesome may be he slip into coma jo bhi ho swasan seperate nahi hona chahiye and btw be regular and update next part soon

  11. Mumpi

    good one.

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice.. Disgusting Ap…cheap minded. I am ok with that Swasan out of mm but please don’t separate them. And haan try to be post regularly…

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