A simple story (episode 21)

After swasan left there was a huge drama going to start in mm
At raglak room
Dadi:it means u really lost ur memory.is it true?
Ragini:dadima now u r scaring me.what happened to me.y r u saying i have lost memory
Dadi:laddo u have lost ur memory,u don’t know what happened with you in past days
Saying this dadi explained all the things happened in the start from ragini s molestation drama to her divorce with Laksh
Ragini sat with this on the bed.

Ragini:oh my god,i couldn’t believe it all of them know my truth,still they are behaving normally with me.and now i understand y laksh is supporting swara nowadays.and swasan are married for real.that means whatever i saw is real,they really moved on their lives.
When ragini is concluding all this sumi entered into her room
Sumi:yes they have moved on their life and if i even try to keep ur evil eye on my daughter u will see my worst.keep it in ur mind

Ragini:(with tears)maa.is swara is only ur daughter,am i not?
Sumi:u lost that right ragini.u did so many wrong deeds with my shona.due to u she suffered the most.i will also tell u one thing if in my place janki would have been there also she will do like this only.now I’m going down to inform all that u gained ur memory so that u can’t harm anyone in this house.
Saying this she left.

Dadi:ladoo do something,we should stop her else everything will finished for us.
Ragini:no dadima not this time.whatever maa has said is correct only.already i have done so many mistakes but not now.i have hurted my maa,Baba and my sister.i have also hurted my love for whose love I’m doing all this.maybe after i left from this house laksh will be happy.i want my love to be happy even if it is without me.i have realised my wrong doings.we will leave from here.
Dadi: laddo what r u saying?What will society talk abt u?Do u accept defeat in front of swara.

Ragini: dadi it’s never been war between swara and me.its between the good and evil side of me.the evil side of me provoked me every time and made me to do things which hurted everyone including me.i never wanted to separate maa Baba and i never wanted to hurt my swara.but i did it that too intentionally.now i have to bear it for life tym.and about society dadima do u care for ur society more than ur laado.
Dadi:it’s not like that laado,..
Ragini:then no more argument dadi we will leave from here let me pack my bags.
Outside the room sumi was watching all this with a teary smile

Sumi(mono):thank god i have got my old ragini.she realised her mistakes that’s what i want.Now she can live her life peacefully without any hatred.ragini this is my promise to u i will always be with you irrespective of situation.and i wont let u break.As u have realised ur deeds u should get a chance to mend ur relationship with Laksh.i will talk with abt this.and make sure u get what u deserve.

At swasan side
Swara has arranged the surprise dinner party for sanskar by calling his close friend at college.sanskar who met his old friends was so happy and thanked swara through eyes.
Ajay:bhabhi i must u look beautiful that i cannot call u bhabhi can i call u swara
Swara just smiled.
Sanskar: don’t flirt with her Ajay remember she is ur bhabhi.
Ajay mouth hunged down listening his words later chuckled.
Niraj: waise swara thanks to u that we saw our old sanskar.after death of kavitha i thought i have lost my best friend but i gave us our sanskar.i know how much sanskar had loved kavitha.

When he said this swaras face went pale,which was not gone noticed by sanskar.
Rest of the dinner went by cracking some jokes and talking about random things.
While returning to mm.swara has been thinking about kavitha.
Swara(mono):do i making mistake by not telling sanskar about kavitha.its his right to know abt her.no no swara u should not tell him abt her betrayel,after knowing this he will be hurted.anyways now sanskar loves me then what’s the use of telling all these things.

Otherside sanskar was silently wishing that swara tells all the truth by herself he wanted to trust him enough that she should share every thought.
The car comes to halt suddenly In that traffic filled road.
Sanskar:(to a man)what happened ,y there is so much traffic here
Man: it seems some accident has taken place

Man2:yes and the man who was driving that car was heavily injured .
By the tym ambulance came and few men rushed the victim to the ambulance.
Then only swasan saw his face and by seeing his face both are rooted to the spot
Sanskar:no it can’t be possible”LAKSH”
Immediately without wasting time they followed. Ambulance till it reaches hospital

Precap: ragini begging swara to do something.and laksh’s last breath in aps lap

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