a simple story (episode 2)


so the next chappy is here
shekar:how can u do this ragini,that too wid ur inlaws.i didnt expect this from u (holding her shoulders)y?y?y u did this?i trusted u so much and u.
laksh:wat this ragini,how can u do this that to with my family,how much i trusted u and u?
ragini couldnt meet anyone’s eyes she just bowed her head down.
swara:which family u r speaking laksh have u ever considered sanskar as ur brother?if u considered na then u would have trusted him.(laksh stared her wid full of jealousy as she is supporting sanskar)

suji:mari bahu sehi ke laksh,bhaisa aap ragini ko saaza dejiye jab mare chora aur bahu bina galti ke saaza kati hai to.(as usual started her nautanki)
dp;ha sujata is saying right,after wat ragini did,i cant accept her to be my bahu,so kakisa take ragini to ur home itself.if anyone has objection can speak.(ragini and her family r shocked even swara and sumi as they dont want to ruin ragini’s married life.
dadi:na na pls forgive her this time dpji pls i beg u.
dp:no kakisa she has crossed all her limits,hume aise bahu nahi chahiye jo iss ghar ke bete par hi..chi.

ragini:pls papaji dont do this wid me,im sorry papaji i did all this just to get my love,laksh has denied moving on his life wid me due to this swara,he is still loving swara that;s y i did this.and moreover this swara had messedup my marriage life.
rp:so its laksh fault na,then y did u punished my dil and son ha,u r so cheap ragini.
ap(who was queit till now);ji i think we should give another chance to ragini,afterall its about laksh’s married life.
dadi:aur ha after the betraying u all ppl ,u can give swara a chance to stay here then y not ragini?
sanskar:dadi swara didnt betrayed anyone,i will soon prove her innoscence then u watch.
shek:i know ragini had done wrong but she did this to get her love,not like u ppl who r living in same roof widout marriage.
rp:not a word against my son and dil,else u take ur fav daughter wid u.
hearing this all (means rag,dadi,shek)got scared.
dp:laksh wat do u want?
laksh:papa whatever u decide i will follow that.
dp:ok ragini will stay here but as a guest till all forgive her and if she do sumthing like this again she will be thrown out of this house mind it.
dadi,shek:thank u dpji,she will get all ur affection back
dp:and i announce that tommorow swara and sanskar’s marriage will take place,im really fed up wid this roz roz drama.
this announcement made all of them shocked,but ragini and her dadi was smiling evilly.swasan were devasted so do sumi and sujata were happy.laksh was broken
after all were dispersed
at the garden area.swasan wid their respective moms were present
swara:wat should we do now?we have very less time,we must plan to stop this wedding
suji:but y?u can do real marriage na?

suji:wat mom u said u love her na then?
swa:but i dont love him aunty,i came here just to unite my parents nothing else(though sanskar got hurted he approved her decision)
suji:sumji i officially want to ask ur daughter’s hand for my son,wat u say
sumi:from my side it’s yes
sumi:swara tell me onething do u still love laksh?
swa:no not at all ma he is ragini’s husband and i have moved on in my life.i only want to unite u and baba that’s it.
sumi:then wats ur problem beta,sanskar is a nice guy he will keep u happy and..
sans:ma mom dont force her.

swa:sanskar i admit that u r a nice guy and as a friend i respect u,trust u more than myself but love i cant..just cant becoz i had lost my trust on this thing

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