a simple story (episode 17)

As swasan were highly embrassed due to morning incident,two pair of eyes were extremely angry one is ap, other one is ragini.ap was angry how can swara moved on in her life quickly when laksh still is remembering her.ragini was not able to understand the inner turmoil going inside her,one side she is thinking of swasan are happy with each other then she can get laksh,but other way swara can be a big problems to her if she brought her truth out.

Soon the day passed,night came after finishing dinner all left to their respective rooms.

Swasan room
Swara: sanskar don’t u think ragini had really losted her memory,I mean whatever she did today morning it proves that she is not faking memory loss.
Sanskar:may be u r right swara,but I seriously don’t want to talk about her now.
Swara:but we must talk abt her,don’t u Remember wat she had done in past,right now she is so angry on us may be she will plan something against us,then like usual drama will take place in this house.
Ragini entered there
Ragini:yes swara u r right,u have to be careful with me I can do anything to get laksh.
Sanskar:just shut up and get out of my room ragini.
Ragini: sanskar I’m here to talk to swara not u,who r u to interfere in between us haan?

Swara:he is my husband,he have the every right to interfere in my life,it’s u who is no-one to me except to a fact that u r my husband sil
Ragini:wow what an acting without marriage how can he became ur husband.swara I thought you are really a nice girl,but u proved me wrong
It’s good that I betrayed u that day,u don’t deserve my laksh.
Swara on listening to this started to laugh not only swara but sanskar also making ragini confused.

Swara: ragini firstly I’m not behind laksh, nextly if accept it or not but the fact is I and sanskar are legally married and are happy in our Life.so pls leave us from ur laksh puran.
When ragini is going to say something swara literally dragged her out of their room and shut the door on her face.
Seeing this ragini felt bad as well as angry,

@mid night
Sanskar was sleeping peacefully in the bed, swara moved to him and waked him
Sanskar:wat happened swara u woke me up at this hour?
Swara without speaking anything held the hand of sanskar moved to balcony.
Sanskar who saw the balcony was surprised,the whole balcony was decorated with white,red balloon and cake is placed on the table it has written happy birthday sanskar.then only he remembered that today is his birthday.he felt more happy that swara has done all these things for him.
Swara: happy birthday hubby
Sanskar: thanks a lot swara.

Then they cut the cake and feeder each other.
Sanskar:so where is my gift.
Swara:I have bought one but I will give it to you morning.ok
Sanskar:but I will take it now myself
By now swara understood what he meant
Swara: noway first u should propose me then only..
Sanskar without wasting any minute kneeled down and proposed her in gentleman style.where she accepted.they danced, enjoyed their moments.
They both consummated their marriage.

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