a simple story (episode 16)

Next day
In swasan room
Both were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace,soon sanskar woke up and saw his love sleeping like a kid.he saw her face lovingly,s and then shifted his gaze down,he remembered how he opened her shirt buttons.Now he wanted to mark her as his,but he also knows for that she should confess her love for him.till then he should wait.
While he was thinking all this swara woke up and saw sanskar.she today for the first time saw his eyes filled with desire she too know he had been waiting for her since long and the time has come they have to forward their relationship to next level.
Sanskar saw swara and said good morning.

Swara:good morning sanskar.
By saying that she kissed his cheek and left for washroom to freshen up leaving a astonished sanskar.
When she came back,sanskar was staring her with a look like what was that.but she simply ignored it .
Sanskar:looks like someone is in love with someone,if they that person can’t they confess their love.

Sanskar:(losing his patience)wat hmm swara,yàar I am talking to you directly when will say those magical words to me.i know u love me phirbe kyu baatana kyu nahi chahti.
Swara:u want me to say it right (sanskar nodded vigorously) then first propose me properly (he got confused)u proposed me when u were drunk that too without any chocolate so propose me properly then I will reply.
Saying this she left .
Sanskar was standing there trying to register her words.
Here swara was laughing came towards hall where she bumped in to ragini.
Swara:(without seeing the person) sorry .I..
She saw ragini there with a annoyed look.

Ragini saw swaras happiness and got angry.
Ragini:u r looking very happy swara y not after all u succeed in ur plan now also Lakshji is in love with u .U came here to destroy my life na see today I will kick u out of this house.dont u have any shame without any marriage u are living under one roof that too with sanskar.swara I’m saying for ur good only,go away from mine and laksh’s life.pls let me peacefully.
Swara totally ignoring her started her work,(preparing aarthi thaal)
Ragini was totally pissed off by her behaviour

Ragini:swara I’m saying something to you,look it’s better u leave this place warna I will do something which u will regret afterwards
Swara: done with ur speech.im here to do my work not to listen to ur stupid talks.it would good if u don’t talk to me, it will be best if u stay away from my life.and yes listen I’m not interested in ur life.I do care least abt wat I do and wat u don’t so pls keep ur talks with urself.
Ragini felt insulted and left from there cursing something.
After sometime
All are assembled at the dinning hall to have breakfast.swasan were stealing glances with each other.then only ragini said
Ragini:papaji I think swara and sanskar are not really married
All are shocked by this

Ragini:and I have a proof for this I have set up an camera in their room last night and here it is.
All were again shocked and remembered the old scene where ragini has done the same thing.swasan looked towards each other worryingly as they know wat it contains and how it would be an awkward situation for them if whole family sees this.
Swara:ragini I can’t do like this,how can u fix camera inside our room for god sake have some sense we are married.badepapa mom stop her.

Ragini:y swara?Got scared?Then ok accept the truth and get out of this house I’m sure our family members will surely forgive u.pls swara don’t spoil ur life just for ur ego,as I am ur sister I’m saying this.
Sanskar: ragini I’m telling u na we are married, whole family knows this.bade papa,papa stop this girl.
When BP was going to say,ragini quickly switched on TV and connected camera to it.
Everybody is watching that .
The scene were swara slapped sanskar was shown everyone were shocked seeing this, ragini was happy that her plan succeed.but after a second they came to know the reason .After that swara kissing sanskar on his cheek is shown,after that sanskar lifting swara in bridal way and placing her on the bed,and coming close to her and then “thak”screen gone blank as sanskar took out that camera and broken it.

Seeing all these things ragini was shocked,stood there speechless.
Sanskar:I said right that I and swara are married.If u do things something like this next time u will see worst of me.

Ragini:how cheap u r swara? With out marriage u and sanskar chii I can’t even say.u know swara those women who do these type of things in this society are not respected.
Sanskar:one more word I will forget that u r a girl ragini.dont ever try to disrespect my wife got it?
Swara was silently weeping hearing all this, seeing that DP scolded ragini for her behaviour.
Seeing her plan failed,ragini curtly asked forgiveness from swara and said that she misunderstood her.
Everything went back to normal,but swasan were feeling awkward in front of the family,their family too understood it and changed the topic

In all this sujata was very happy even though she knows that their children have moved on their life still she had a doubt but now that doubt is also cleared.
Ap was feeling jealous as swasan had moved on their life whereas her son is still thinking abt swara,all other family members were happy abt swasan relationship except ragini.
Ragini was not able to digest the fact that how can swara be with sanskar even after loving laksh or is she mistaken ,it might be their plan but in that video it didn’t looked like that.

Precap: laksh returns to mm and coming to know abt swaras love towards sanskar.

Guys here ragini has truly losted her memory

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  5. Y u give negative role fr Ragini….dhebis an innocnt soul who also wants love nd respect…bt in different ways
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      different ways ???? a crime ???? what kind of respect someone will get ?

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    W/o what an amazing episode it was so romantic yet embrassing poor Swasan but I’m happy that devil Ragini got taste of his own medicine

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    Amazing episode Laxmi….. Hahahah…Ragini, you are fell in your own trap!!! Poor Swasan they get embrassed in front of their family…. Please don’t make misunderstandings to them….

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