a simple story (episode 15)

Hello guys first of all I’m sorry I accidentally clicked submit button that’s y it is incomplete.so the test of the part is here.

In swasan room
Wen swara entered she saw sanskar was sleeping , without disturbing him she went towards washroom changed in to night dress and came out.in front of mirror she is brushing here hair, thinking deeply

Swara:(mono)life is strange right,few days before I was excitedly thinking abt my marriage life with laksh,but destiny had some more plans.On the whole I’m happy with sanskar.sanskar is a guy whom every girl dreamt of her husband.indeed I’m very lucky to have him in my life.love u sanskar.I should confess my love soon before it gets late.i never had idea that I will fall in love wid my own best Friend.but it happened.?

I have to be careful also,this laksh is trying to create problems in my married life,he is manipulating sanskar.i really don’t know wat problem this Laksh has, can’t he I’m happy in my life.wen he come back na I will surely explain him that I have moved on in my life.i know he will be hurt but he have to accept the truth that I love sanskar now.

(Suddenly she started to think abt ragini)I don’t know I have a feeling that ragini is faking memory loss,but this not in my concern till she don’t disturbs any family members I will stay quiet.in one or other way I will be thankful to her because of her only I got sanskar in my life,if she didn’t pushed me in to that river I would have lived with Laksh who don’t have trust in me.im more happy than ever that I didn’t married laksh.

Wen she thinking all this ,two arms wrapped around her waist, without a second
Sanskar was looking towards swara shockingly,and swara was shocked as well as scared.yes guys she had slapped him.

Sanskar:wat is this swara how can u slap me like this?
Swara:I’m sorry very sorry woo kya hai has if somebody touches my waist I automatically will slap them.im sorry once again.

Sanskar:but on the other day while making u wear waist chain I have touched u,but u didn’t slapped me
Swara:that is because,I know already that u r going to do that so….Is it hurting very much?
Sanskar nodded

Then let me apply this ointment ur pain will vanish ?
Sanskar:u really wanna vanish this pain,?(swara nodded yes)then you have to do whatever I say.(swara blinked)now like a good girl give me a kiss(naughtily)
Swara:??? wat??
Sanskar: do as I say or else…..

Swara:or else wat will u do?
Sanskar:I will complain to mom that u have slapped me.
Without any options swara lightly pecked his cheeks.but being sanskar he took her in his arms and made her to lie on the bed.
Swara:wat r u doing sanskar??
Sanskar:swara u kissed me to vanish my pain ,so I now will give u punishment wat say.(with a wink)

Sanskar:wait u will also come to know.

Saying this he looked straight in her eyes.his eyes travelled throughout her body.
(With a smirk)hmm u know I don’t like this colour.saying it he opened first two buttons of her top.so that her cleavages get visible(swaras eyes widened)he kept one of his hands on her waist under her shirt and gently caressing it.

Swara I know u r not ready for this I will never force u also.but princess I’m dying to hear those magical words from u.dont make me to wait this much.he pecked her forehead and mumbled good night and went to sleep, leaving a astonished swara.

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