a simple story (episode 14)

Sorry for late update guys, actually got busy with my internal exams.
So the last chapter ended with raginis unconscious.
Swara: laksh sanskar pls call the doctor fast.
Dadi: it’s all because of u girl that my ladoo is now in this state.are u happy now after destroying my ladoos life?

Swara:(ignoring her words)mom bring first aid box we should stop the blood flow.
After a few minutes swara did first aid of ragini till then ragini got consciousness.
Ragini:ahh! Maa (seeing all of them)y all r seeing me like this.dadimaa wen did u came.oh shit! I just forgot today is my muhdikhay rasam jai na.
Everyone were shocked especially swara to see her like this

Dadi:(coming out of shock)ladoo u r alright na,d is it hurting very much?Thank god u r safe or else this swara had planned it very well ki
Ragini:wat did swara planned wat happened to me?(touching bandage on her forehead)and this wound how did I get this sound? Everything is so confusing here.
While then doctor came there

Ap: doctorji she is my bahu she slipped from the stairs and got hurted in forehead and speaking weirdly.

Doctor;ok I will check her pls wait outside for sometime.
All mm members waited outside and doctor came there , announced that ragini had a partial memory loss and they should not stress her to remember past.
All r shocked by this but ap and dadi we’re happy
Dadi(mono):wah ladoo! Wat a game u have played now u can stay here and win ur right as a bahu of maheshwaris.But for that I have to convince these fools especially this uncultured girl swara.god only knows how my son got trapped by these Bengalis first her mother now daughter is being obstacles in my family.

Ap:(mono)now everything is going to be perfect if both raglak lives under same roof there is a possibility for them to lead a good life.they can be one together,but for that I have to convince others specially sujata.
Dadi:dpji my ladoo is in this condition becoz of laksh only so I want him to take care of ragini until she recovers.
Dpji:this will not happen kakisa,? I myself will tell all the happenings to ragini and make her sign in divorce papers.
Laksh:ha papa U r right,I think ragini is faking her memory loss so that she can get in to this house but I will never let that happen.
Dadi(bit scared but covered)laksh u know na wat doctor had told After this also u r sticken to ur decision,for god sake she is ur wife for that relation pls help her .And also it was u who have pushed ladoo from the stairs so u have to accept ragini back.
Ap:and I agree wid kakisa.
This made everyone to get rooted to their spots.
With lot of efforts ap convinced DP and all others except laksh
Laksh:ok maa,if u r saying then I will surely let her stay in this house but till she becomes fine but one thing I will never act to be good with her.this is my final decision.

Though ap and dadi we’re unhappy abt it they brushed it away and thought after few days he will accept ragini wholeheartedly.
All others left to their respective rooms and dadi after once seeing ragini went to baadi

At garden
Swara is sitting in a swing and recollecting the things happened that day, suddenly laksh came there.
Laksh:swara everything is happening worst here now I have to tolerate that ragini for few more days but I promise swara after that we will become one

Swara:are u insane?When did I said that I will come in to ur life.u and me cannot be one again laksh.for ur kind information I’m married and I’m very happy with my husband.
Laksh: swara we have talked abt this right.u don’t love sanskar,u love me.i accept that I did mistake but…
Swara:?laksh just stop it.pls yàar how many times should I tell u that I’m happy wid sanskar intact I’m in love wid him.he is the best thing that have ever happened to me.so be in ur limits saying this she left.
This was watched by our hero sanskar,he happily danced in his mind.
But here laksh was more upset and sad on hearing this,but he thought that swara is still angry at him and he will make her to accept him back in her life.(poor soul)
At night @dinning area
Everyone were having their dinner when laksh talked

Laksh:papa actually there is a imp conference in Mumbai tomorrow so I have to be there
So I’m going to board Mumbai flight tonight
Everyone knew what’s the reason behind his unexpected conference except ragini and they did no objection.

Ragini:? par Lakshji is it necessary to attend,I mean we are newly wedded…..Ok let’s do one thing I will also come wid u,then we can spend time with each other.
Laksh:no I can’t take u there.i have more work there so try to understand.
DP:laksh sahi keh raha hai ! He is going on office work so u stay here itself ragini.(only. Dad can understand son’s problem)

Ragini got angered but faked a smile
Ragini:wen will u return back Lakshji?Woo I will pack ur bag.
Laksh: there’s no need for that as I already packed it and kept in car.and I will take leave now.
Giving a swara a sad look,he left.this was seen by ragini whose anger has reached its peak.
After all the house hold works both swara and pari were leaving to their respective rooms.

Wen swara was going to her room ragini stopped her.
Ragini:y r u doing this swara?Pls let me live peacefully with laksh.today also he is not giving me a damn look but with u a beautiful eyelock wat a irony is that.
Wen she was saying all this swara without paying a heed went to her room murmuring dramebaaz.

In swasan room
Wen swara

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