a simple story (episode 12)

sanskar:swara im sorry,i shouldnt have done this,but kya karoon i just thought u still love laksh, becoz of circumstances only u married me na.i just thought if life is giving u a second chance then u will gain ur happiness.im sorry i failed to understand,it’s my mistake only.pls forgive me 4 the last time.i swear i will never repeat this
swara:(calmly)sanskar,we r getting late,we should leave to baadi now.
saying this she simply went to the car and sat inside.after a while sanskar also sat and drove to baadi.
at baadi
dadi was saying everything wat she had saw,how laksh requesting swara to come back in his life,and sanskar supporting him.
ragini:dadi ye sab kya hogaya! i thought if swara got married to sanskar she will forget laksh,and move on her life,but she..(in angry voice)i thought she would change but now also she is snatching laksh away from.here i am thinking how to reunite maa-baba,there she..
dadi:that’s y i am saying ladoo,beware of her.she can do anything even after marrying sanskar,she is behind ur husband.u r too much innoscent,that’s y she is playing with ur life.now u have to be strong enough to defeat her.
ragini:(sadly)i’m not getting wat should i do?itna sab kuch karne ke baad be,im not getting my happiness.now i think i should stay away from their lives,let they do they wanted if laksh is really destined for me,then i will get him back in my life,if not im ok with it.i will start my life afresh,i have started to find job also,with that i will move on in my life.
dadi:wat r u saying laddo?have u losted! if a girl remained in her mayka for more than 10 days itself this society taunts her,they will never let u live in peace.pls understand that.(cupping her face)ladoo tumne haar manliye,is this is ur love?ladoo look at ur mangalsutra this signifies the right u have in mm,on ur husband.how easily u have made ur mind,r u losing to that swara,u r laksh’s wife laddo it’s u r right and duty to set him in path.u cant accept defeat easily like this.
ragini:toh wat should i do dadima,laksh humse nafarat karte hain,maa-baba,whole mm hates me now.
dadi:with ur affection and goodness u have to win laksh’s heart,u r saying laksh hates u na,then make that hatred turn into love.u can do this and ha dont care abt others if laksh is wid u then automatically all will be in ur side.
just then they saw sumi-shekar entering in their house wid luggage.
dadi:shekar,wat she is doing here?
ragini:(happily)maa apne mere baat maan li,thank u so much maa.now we will live like before.
sumi:dont expect so much from me ragini,i came here becoz of court’s notice.as per ur dadima plan,we filed divorce na,they r saying that for 3 months i have to stay here so that i can get divorce from ur papa.so pls till i live here,i dont want any sort of drama(looking towards dadi)is that clear?and yes i will live her by my own rules.
dadi:look shekar how she is talking to ur maa and daughter,sumi dont u have any shame u r going to be divorced but still ur ego didnt go off.
shekar:maa pls aap chup rahey!till mishti lives here,i want her to be happy..i have done so many wrong things,that’s y god is giving me this chance to ractify it.now swara and her in laws would be coming,so maintain silence in this house.
swasan side
both reached baadi.
swara:do u have water bottle inside the car?(widout looking)
sans:ha yes here it is.
swara washed her face,did some makeup to hide her red eyes and her pale face.sanskar was seeing this in guilt.
both reached bose house,but sujata and others were standing outside ragini’s house wen they clearly saw,they saw sumi there swara was shocked and immediately went towards sumi and hugged her.
swara(breaking hug):wat r u doing here maa?did ragini or her dadi again pestered u?
sumi:nothing like that beta,wo actually(told everything to her)so i have to stay here for 3 months,u dont worry i will be ok.
swasan(both together):r u sure maa?
everybody looked them in aww expression.
sumi(smiling)haa bilkul.
just then shekar dadi and ragini came in to the scene.
shekar:sumi,welcome them in to house.beta im sorry i was..
swa:maa cant we go to our house for this ritual,
shekar:pls beta atleast do this ritual in my house,let me do my duty as a father.pls
suji:beta i think we should do this ritual here only,if u dont wished means it;s ok
swara:its ok maa.we will go by ur sayings only
sumi welcomed them wid aarati,when they were going to enter in to the house.
shek:stop! actually its our tradition that when a girl enters in to her mayka 1st time after her marriage,then she should enter in ,by her husband arms.
swasan were shocked and looked at each other.
dadi:shekar it is not necessary,even raglak not did this na,so y r u compelling them.
suji:(taunt):kakisa raglak didnt do this as god didnt wished to as he knows that ragini is wrong.but my swara didnt do anything na,so they will do this ritual.
hearing this ragini and dadi got angry,and jealous.
pari:(naughtily)arrey devarji,dont shy this much she is ur wife only.we r not asking u to romance in open,just lift up her in ur arms.thats it.
ap:pari bahu!!
with no choice left,sanskar lifted swara and entered in to gm.
sumi and swara went towards kitchen and making preparation
swara:maa actually i want to say one thing.(closing her eyes)maa if u want to be wid mr.gadodia i have no problem.for me nothing is important more than u.if u want i can also try to forgive him.but it will take time and i will not able to love him like before.
sumi(smiling)my baccha,i said na i did this marriage just for the sake of u and ragini,but he distrusted me and u,so there is no point in discussing all these.ok.
waise r u happy with sanskar?
swa;(thinking)hmm.yes maa.
just then sumi sees the bite mark in swara’s neck and thanks god in her mind that her daughter moved on in her life.
sumi:waise swara u should use more makeup.u know atleast after ur romance wid ur husband.
sumi:wat maa,see ur neck it is displaying how much sanskar loves u.there fore im saying use makeup.
swara(highly embarrased)i think i should go and check pari bhabi.
saying this she literally ran out.
sujata who was seeing this behind the door.
suj:sumiji u shouldnt have teased her like this,bechari how embarrased she became.
sumi:but frankly i enjoyed her expressions but more than that im happy for her.our children have moved on in their life.our decision of marrying them was correct.
suji(happy)so to hai.
in hall
ragini tried to talk to ap,pari but they paid no heed
dadi:apji i want to talk to u abt ragini,i know she did wrong but she is repenting give her one last chance.
ap:kakisa watever ragini did is very wrong,i dont even want to see her face so pls live this matter here itself.
suji:jiji sahi keh rahi hai.kakisa bhaisa told me to handover these papers to u.
dadi:(taking papers)what r these papers?
suji:these r divorce papers of raglak,and yeah pls make ur poti to sign in this.
ragini felt like somebody snatched her soul,and was crying uncontrollably.sumi,swara who saw this felt bad.dadi was angry.
dadi:wat is this apji,how can u just do this,by this not only my ladoo’s but laksh life also get affected,our family reptuation in the society will get low.think abt this.
ap was somewhere agreed to dadi,but sujata was angered by this
suji:hold ur tongue kakisa,our laksh didnt do anything so we will not face any problem its ur ladoo who did..
dadi:im speaking to apji sujata,she is laksh’s mother not u.looks like by having a bengali bahu,u also lost ur values,ur son and his wife will be happy only na afterall they got their happiness but wat abt laksh and his future, anyways apji think abt this it will afect both of our children’s life and explain it to dpji.
ap was all silent.ragini saw ap as her last hope.
sumi who was watching this to change the mood of everyone announced the ring ceremony ritual.
swara and sanskar started to search ring in the milk,but both of them lost in morning’s incidence,atlast sanskar took out ring.
suji:sumiji kal muh dikai ke rasam hai,so we r inviting u all except ragini.(dadi was angered by this)
and mm people left.
at night
after the morning incidence sanskar was trying to speak to swara,but she avoided him like anything.pari who saw this asked the matter and sanskar blurted out everything.
pari:sanskar wat have u done?u shouldnt have hurted her like this,that too on laksh’s saying.u r her present,laksh is her past.
san:i know bhabi,i just wanted her happiness,but now she is very angry,give some idea to pacify her.
pari:idea!!i know wat u should do,be romantic in front of her,show her how much u love her.
san:no way she wont like it,instead she will get more angry.
pari:sanskar u should understand her,do u know y she got angyr wen u tried to unite her wid laksh, she started to love u,but she is not realising it.we women get happy with little little things,when our husbands express their love by these things,we will be on cloud nine.

in swasan room
swara was arranging the coach to sleep,sanskar entered and saw this.
sanskar:swara sleep on bed.
but widout hearing she lied down on coach,but after few seconds she saw herself in sanskar’s arm.sanskar in bridal style lifted swara and placed on her bed.she strruggled to release herself.
sans:u said na u r my wife then like a sweet girl sleep like this.
sanskar slept hugging swara tightly.while swara was shocked by his behaviour.
after thinking she smiled a little,kissed his forehead and caressed his hairs by her hand, slowly drifted in to deep slumber.after she slept sanskar opened his eyes and kissed her forehead.
sanskar:good night love.may tommorow morning give us happiness and i will try maximum to make u realise ur love for me.that’s my promise.

precap:romance in the air and then a accidentttt”BOOM”

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