a simple story (episode 11)

ragini:maa pls dont say like that,if a mother also punishes her child where she will go?i consider u as my own maa and i love u a lot.pls maa dont hate me like this,im ur daughter only na.
saying this she cried her heart out.
sumi was also having tears she wanted to take ragini in her embrace but….it is possible
but shekar comes in the midway
shekar:enough ragini just enough,how many times u will ruin my family ha,dont u feel any shame?

ragini:(cryingly)papa i was just asking sorry from ma for my deeds,i know papa becoz of me only u both got seperated so i want to rectify my mistake i came to ask maa to come to our house.
shekar:(sarcastingly)wow beta,today only u remembered that she is ur maa im just amazed,like u did everything to ruin her life and by saying sorry u want to set things ha!
sumi:i think this is my own house so stop ur father-daughter drama and get hell out of here.i’m saying for last time ragini that i and shekar will never unite,thanks to u and ur dadi.
sumi:just stop,and get out.

saying this she pulled the door in front of their faces.both were shocked,sad and frightened by this nature of sumi.
but sumi was crying hard remembering her moments wid ragini and shekar.
sumi(mono):y ragini?y did u do like this,if u told maa i love laksh means i would have never agreed for laksh’s proposal for swara,i would have asked swara to maintain a distance from him.infact i myself would have taken ur rishta for mm.but u spoiled everything ,maligned my shona’s character,dia many conspires againt her,but still i love u as my daughter.but i will never show it to u becoz from childhood onwards my shona faced a lot,this society blamed for those things which she didnt do.if i could make swara happier by neglecting u,i will surely do it,i know my shona will surely forgive u if i say a word but i will not say it,becoz this tym she suffered lot,i have seen her breaking from inside,but not anymore.if my ignorance towards u will get my shona mind peace,then i will definitely do it,even if it hurts me like hell.becoz im her mother,and she is always right.
while on the other side,swasan
sanskar was driving car to a lonely place.
swara:sanskar y r we here?we have to go to baadi right.mom and others must have reached baadi.we have to go there.

sans:swara,actually laksh wants to talk to u something imp,so i..(voice got choked)
swara:(scary)wat laksh wants to say?we can talk to laksh later now let’s go to baadi mom must be waiting for us.
by then laksh came,both swasan got out of car and reached laksh.
laksh:swara first of all im sorry,i know i did many mistakes by not trusting u,but trust me swara i was blinded by ragini that time i was just..
swara:it’s really ok,as i have earlier said i forgave u and i think we should leave sanskar let’s go.
laksh:swara i want to say sumthing else,……………dont u think we have to give our relation a chance?
seeing her not replying

laks:ha swara mei tume bahuth pyaar kartha hum, yeh sab iss ragini ke vajese hua hei shone…mei iske bolapan and pyaari si baath par fass gaya..mujhe maaf karona shona and mujhe ek chance dho.pls…
swara turned to sanskar and saw uske lifeless eyes…she feel like she get stabbed on her stomach
swara; laksh don’t…ek aur baath laksh ..tum mujhe shone mat bulavo mujhe shone bulane ki hak sirf mera apno ka hei tumareliye mei swara hum sirf swara nahi swara turned to sanskar and said looking into his eyes balki SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI hei, samjhi tum…”
laksh:but swara i know u will not be happy wid sanskar,u dont love him then y r u doing this to me,to u,to us?

swara:there was no us laksh,for ur kind info im very happy wid my husband so pls dont ever think like making relationship wid me.ok(wid blood shoted eyes)
laksh:haan that’s y u still have not given husband rights to sanskar,and u will not able to give also,becoz u love me not sanskar(snapping at her)
swara looked at sanskar who is looking sad,angry,irritated and what not
swara:that’s in between me and my husband suno nahi MY HUSBAND.and yes me and my husband have hundred’s of matter in between us,and i dont want any other third person to interfere between us.understood.

hearing it sanskar got happy,not happy but a sense of victory in his eyes.
laksh:but wat’s ur problem swara,im asking sorry and waise be mine’s and ragini’s divorce is going to happen..
swara:just shut up,u r talking to ur bhabi ur bhai’s wife have shame,and i dont care if u divorce ragini or not for me my family and my husband is important,u r also my family becoz u r my husband’s brother,my DEVAR.if u dont mind pls leave.

laksh felt like he got stabbed at heart,and left that place immediately.this was seen by dadi who was passing their side,and was getting angry on swara.
now swasan are alone.sanskar was gaining courage to talk to her.
sans:swara i ,actually…
swara;just shutup!for god sake sanskar,im ur wife cant u understand this little thing.how can u just allow him to speak like that ha?(cryingly)more than laksh u have hurted me today,u know sanskar i thought atleast u would understand me,u were my best friend na,then.u know na i came to mm just 4 reuniting maa and mr.gadodia,not for laksh phirebe.i know i asked my own time for relationship,as i wanted to accept it with my full heart,i wanted to fall for u.i just wanted to set things right so that we can stay together widout any awkwardness,but u made our relation a joke in front of laksh by revealing abt our relationship status to him
by saying this she broke down,he came forward to hug her,to stop her tears but she didnt allowed him.
swara:(lifeless)just one word sanskar,if u would have said that swara i want my husband’s rights,i would have myself given it to u,not becoz u r my husband but becoz u r my bff.i think like laksh,u also started considering me as a characterless.that’s y u wanted me to unite wid laksh.u want divorce na?ok live ur life happily,i myself give u divorce,u r free from this characterless..

wen she is going to say that she felt a tight slap upon her cheeks,she saw sanskar wid astonishment.next moment he kissed her like anything he was continusoly biting her lips,but she was so shocked to react,then after some time releasing her.
sanskar:(while biting her neck)how dare u to tag urself as characterless,ha.
sensing no moment from her side,he saw her face which was pale,dull and puffy eyes.then only he realised wat was he doing,he immediately cupped her face.
sanskar:swara im sorry,i shouldnt have done this,but kya karoon i just thought u still love laksh, becoz of circumstances only u married me na.i just thought if life is giving u a second chance then u will gain ur happiness.im sorry i failed to understand,it’s my mistake only.pls forgive me 4 the last time.i swear i will never repeat this

precap:guess karo yaar!

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