a simple story (episode 10)


at swasan room
after bathing swara came out of the bathroom,and was getting ready thinking abt the recent moments
swara:(monologue)now i’m wife of sanskar but still i am unable to be a good life partner for him,the love,respect and trust he has on me is more, i know he is selfless,he is not expecting anything from me but still how long can i ignore him.one day or the other i should give his rights.but sumthing is still stopping me from doing that,may be im not ready for this.shit..i dont understand wat to do,(speaks audible) i guess i have to speak to maa abt this.i have to go to baadi now as mom said yesterday,i have to face all including ragini.no no i cant i just cant …
hearing the last line sanskar just wokes up,and saw swara who is having tears in her eyes.
sanskar:swara wat happened?r u fine?(cupping her face)
swara:yes,i’m.it’s good that u woke up i was just going to wake up,anyways get ready soon we have to go to downstairs.

(avoiding eye contact)

sanskar:when did i becam stranger to u swara,we r friends right,(sees her tension face)if u r worrying abt ragini i swear if she even tries to harm u,i will definitely not leave her,so widout tension we will go to baadi.ok?
swara:sanskar im not thinking that ragini may hurt me or not,after what and all happened i just cant see ragini in this situation,once she was my soulmate,now also i cant able to hate her,now also she is my sister only na,i know that day i said so many things to her,i even slapped her becoz she was wrong,but after the truth revealation i am just..
sanskar:concerned for her,becoz u love her a lot.u know swara after this much happenings u still consider her as ur sister,really ur love is amazing gosh! in the place of ragini i would get ur love.(he said this widout thinking,making swara more guilter,when he saw swara’s face only he understood wat he spoke,so change the topic)
u know i have bought something for u(saying this he handovered a gift packet,when she opened it was a beautiful waist chain which suited her red color sari perfectly)
swara:wow!! this is so beautiful,when did u get it?if u bought it u should have given it to me earlier na,it would have been more prettier with my green lehenga.(Wid a pout)

sanskar:i really dont know that u r this much dress consious.
as swara was going to wear that she was having difficulties as her hand still has wound.sanskar saw it,and said that he will help her.he kneeled down and put that chain,when he was doing that so he as well as she was taking deep breaths and blushing.and this moment was very well interepted by his pari bhabi.
pari:oh sorry!!i guess i have came in wrong timing.should i go back?
swasan:bhabi please dont tease us.
pari:achha ok ok.(noticing her wound)swara wat happened to ur hand.?
swara:bhabi it’s just small cut(explained her every thing)
pari:u should take care.by the way chachiji is calling u,today u have to go to ur maayka for pagphera rasam.so come down quickly.and she left.

at dining area
all r sitting and having breakfast,but only sujata was seemed to be happy.all others were in their own thoughts.
suji:swara today u along wid us will go to baadi,i have informed sumji abt ur arrival.
swa:mom is it necessary to go their?i mean after what and all happened i just dont want to face gadodia’s family.do we have another option.
suji:wat r u talking beta,u didnt do anything wrong so y should u be afraid,we r going that’s it.
dp:even im agreeing with sujata.sujata wen u r going there pls handover these divorce papers to ragini’s family and ask them to make their daughter to sign in it,i dont want my son to suffer all his life.
at that same time,at baadi
sumi was making arrangements for swara while shekar along wid his mom and ragini were seeing it.
dadi:shekar!i know ragini did a mistake,but she is repenting now.shekar she is ur daughter we cant be sit idle wen our daughter life is at stake.we should convince laksh and his family to accept ragini back.she will ask forgiveness from all.hai na ladoo?
ragini:yes papa.i know i did so many wrong deeds,but i did those becoz i love laksh unconditionally.i will ask forgiveness from all of them.
shakar:chii ragini now also u r not repenting and maa how can u support ragini?she not only spoiled mine and sumi’s life but she also spoiled swara’s life.how can she ,just for her selfishness she separated me and mishti,maligned swara’s character in front of everyone,putted molested blame on her own bil,accused swara unneccesarily.but my swara,beared all this and just for uniting me and her maa,she went to mm faced difficulties but i kept on hating her.she is right im not a good father,i dont deserve her and mishti’s love(crying)ragini i will never ever forgive u for this.
saying this he left angrily
ragini:dadi now wat r we going to do,papa didnot forgived me.pls dadi do something before mine and laksh’s relation breaks.
dadi:ladoo,let us take help of ap,u know she loves laksh more than her life,so she will help us now in uniting u and laksh.wen that swara comes here for her pagphera rasam na,we will talk to her.ok

dadi left but ragini was thinking abt her papa’s words,
rag:(MONO)papa is saying correct only,becoz of me only maa and papa r not together,becoz of me only maa’s life became like this.just to get my love i did wrong wid my parents,but at that time i thought swara would reunite them ,in that process i thought i would move on wid my laksh.now my truth has came out and ofcourse all will be fine except my relation wid laksh,swara is also married to sanskar.then now it’s high time to reunite my parents.i considered maa as my own maa,even she also considered me as her own daughter and gave me love and affection equal to swara.wat i did to maa is unforgivable but she is my maa na,she will definitely forgive me.once laksh accepts me i promise swara i will be ur lovable sister again,swaragini again.i know i did wrong wid u,but u also snatched my laksh naa.becoz of u only i did all these things.swara u wanted to unite maa and papa na,then we again together will reunite them.but if u again tried to snatch my happiness i will make ur life hell!and that is a warning.before that i have to convince maa and nanimaa to accept papa again
ragini came to dida’s house and tried to talk to sumi
ragini:maa.i want to talk to u .
sumi:but i dont want and pls dont call me maa again,u have lost that right
hearing this ragini’s eyes got tears
ragini:maa.i know that i did wrong wid u but i was helpless maa i loved laksh so much,but he broke my heart twice just becoz he loved swara, and swara accepted him inspite of knowing my feelings for him but now everything is fine naa,papa also got to know my truth so pls come back to our home maa.
sumi:wat u said,swara accepted laksh on her own,if u forgot i would like to remember u that it was u who made swara to accept that proposal,if u would have told me or swara she would have surely refused it,but no u kept on maligning shona’s character in front of whole society,made my upbringing as a joke,broke mine’s and ur papa’s relation just for ur dreams and desires.and above all that u r asking me to come back to ur house,so ms.ragini pls remember that i will not do anything like that,infact i have signed and submitted divorce papers in court.so be happy wid ur dadi.and dont u dare to step in to this house.
ragini:maa pls dont say like that,if a mother also punishes her child where she will go?i consider u as my own maa and i love u a lot.pls maa dont hate me like this,im ur daughter only na.
saying this she cried her heart out.
sumi was also having tears she wanted to take ragini in her embrace but….it is possible

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  1. Rabia0032

    Nooooo plzzz dont let sumi forgive them easily u can unite them I have no probl…but plzzz not soo soon they should get punish proparly then…to relize the meaning of their relationship n trust…plzz.
    N swasan scene Amazing dear plzz Post soon..I wana more b more swasan scene

  2. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear

  3. awesome episode.

  4. Laxmi1996

    Thank u 4 reading my ff,and yes gadodia will get their punishment but with a little twist

  5. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    SwaSan scn r so cuteee….!!
    Nxt one soon…

  6. Anurta

    Awesome but plz….plz…bring ragini into positive character soon bcz I loved swaragini bonding and some more swasan scene plz…..plz….unite every1 soon…..
    Will be waiting for it
    Ur today’s episode is superb…???
    Loved it alot
    Waiting eagerly for next part……
    Post it soon…….

  7. Dont make sumi melt so easily for ragini tears… waiting to see more swasan scenes n confessing their love for each other… pls post next update soon…

  8. A.xx

    Fab but actually want ragini to divorce him and bring a twist in this ff as I don’t want it to be like the show cx

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  11. Simi

    Nice dear

  12. awesome update soon

  13. Rosey

    No yaar please don’t make both of them together Gagodia family should be punished and I wanna see some more romantic sences of Swasan like waist chain sence

  14. Mica

    duh!!! even now Ragini doesn’t repent her mistakes at all….called her love to Laksh as unconditionally love ? omg.. to whom she wanna fool ?
    unconditionally love is selfless love, .. she did selfish love..
    and my swasan…ahem ahemmm..awww

  15. Arshaanya

    Dun let sumi n swara to ever unite wid ragini… shez still not rpntng
    N dat swasan scene was lovely…
    Show more swasan scenes

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    awesome part.i just loved it.

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