a simple story (episode 1)


so the story starts from after the revelation of adarsh’d affair.and he apologised to everyone,but the twist is during all this not only ragini’s dadi but shekhar,sumi and dida all r there.
dp:swara,today u proved us relations r not name sake,but they need to be followed,respected and u after being insulted also proved ur innoscence proud on u beta.may u get all happiness in ur life.
when dp is saying these,otherside ragini and her dadi got angry,
dp:and i want u and sanskar to come and live with us in this house.
by hearing this all r shocked.
lak:no way papa,i understand sanskar is innoscent this time but dont forget that he is the one who harmed ragini few days ago.

dadi:ha,laksh is saying right,pls they can harm ladoo.
with this words dp,rp,suji,and swara got angry.
suji:kakisa,my son didnt do anything it was all ur ladoo’s evil drama.(enraged voice)
dadi:i know sujhata how it feels wen our son is not wid us,but dont blame my ladoo,ur son got punishment 4 his wrong doings.
shekhar:ha ma sahi keh rahi hai sujataji.

with this dadi,shekhar,and laksh went on abusing him.and our swara lost her cool.
swara:bas(shouted on top of her voice)bahut hogaya.i admit that sanskar has done wrong,but he never harmed any one of u other than me.and u laksh mind ur language while talking abt him,let me remember u he is ur elder brother.and wat u said he is characterless then i will tell u ur wife who is standing behind u is the most characterless women i have ever met,she traped us,she wanted to throw us out of this house so that only she did this much drama.
seeing her outbrust all of them got shocked,whereas shekhar,and his family got angry.
shek:see swara,ur crossing ur limits u have done all wrong and now blaming my daughter,chi how cheap u r!

ragini:papa she is like this from 1st itself,she always tried to snatch my happiness now also she came to this house to snatch my happiness only.wat did i do swara?y r u doing this to me?she began her fake crying.
laksh:ragini pls dont waste ur tears for these ppl and u sanskar get out of this house.
swa:ok u wont trust me right,then i will show u all the reality of ragini.sanskar can u bring my laptop from our room.
sanskar complied and brought it and she some work on it.
dadi:ye chori,now wat u r doing?

swa:badepapa,u remember ragini has accused me of spoiling her first rasooi?
ragini:not accused,u did that.
swa:for god sake shutup ragini,im not talking to u.(dp nodes).then i fixed camera in kitchen ,hall and outside of this house for our safety purposes.
hearing this ragini and her dadi got scared,while all becum shocked again
swa:ragini i thought u will accept ur truth,but u went on saying lies now im fed up wid this if it was me i have kept queit but u today tried to malign sanskar’s character i will never forgive u for this.laksh u asked for proof na see this ur wife’s real face.
with this she started video,what and all happened in the kitchen how ragini messed up herself.
all r shocked by watching that,they didnt think their traditional,sanskari bahu will do such a think.after the video ended.

ragini got a tight slap from swara.she was shocked so as others especially sanskar who knew her love for her sister.
swa:this is for blaming sanskar,(again a slap)this is for the tears i saw in his eyes(again a slap)this is for the words u spoke abt sanskar
she raised her hand to slap again but sumi controlled her.ragini was looking down due to guilt.laksh and shekhar were numb knowing the truth.
dp:i didnt expected this from u ragini,u have..
swa:badepapa,im not finished this is another video,u(to laksh)said na sanskar had hurt ragini as a result we were thrown out from the house ri8,now see for urself(that video consist how ragini had managed herself to get in to sankar’s car dickey)
all were speechless seeing their youngest dil deeds.

swara:(wid same anger)i have tolerated all pain given by just for the fact that u r my sister some day or other u would realise ur mistakes and rectify them.but no i was a fool to beleive u.from now onwards dont even try to harm him otherwise u will see worst of me.

by swara’s talk onething is clear for sumi that her daughter is in love,but this time true one.otherside sujata was overwhelemed by her care,so she decided to make swara as her. bahu

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    Interesting dear…swara prices sanskar’s innocence really loved it…continue soon

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    1. Proving innocence, isn’t mahanta

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    Amazing dr….
    Nxt one soon…

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    post asap………

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    wow its amazing yar i loves it plz update next sooner

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    Awesome woooow loved it

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    Wow dat was amazing…
    Superb dear i jus loved it

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    waaa.. i love it Laxmi..ahem ahem, huh! it bring back our memory

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