Guys , its dolly back , many of u asked me for an OS on swasan so here it is …
Its very small and very simple love story ,

It will be boring , I guess …..plz adjust

Here is the story ,

Swara POV,
Today is my first day to collage , u know what first day is always exciting so as it was for me , as soon as I entered the class , I found a guy looking at me non stop …..I just ignored and went in
I sat on the place behind the boy ……the class started
The professor came and started the class ……I was trying hard to concentrate but this boy was turning back and seeing me , making me uncomfortable whole way !

Again , it was second day to collage
As I walked up on the corridor …i saw the same guy outside the class kneeling down …maybe he got the punishment
Who cares ….he is just very naughty I guess ….as I passed through him
He was just smiling and looking at me

It was third day to collage ,
I have kinda started liking it ….when he is seeing me and smiling
I was preparing for the maths in the backyard
I saw the same boy fighting with another boy ….I wasnt pleased seeing it
He looked up to me and stopped hitting the other boy
I shooked my head impossible and went …..

It was my fourth day ,
I was sitting on the bench and was continuously looking on the either side of the class
Trying to locate the boy ….but I couldn’t find him , I was disappointed

Sanskar’s POV
It was my first day , u know its always fun to meet new friends around and make them friends …
As I was talking to a guy ….I saw the doorstep where a beautiful girl like an Angel entering into the class
For a second I was dazzled …I couldn’t take my eyes of her ….

She sat behind me and the whole day I just kept looking at her ‘ without even listenning the class

It was second day
I intentionally wanted the punishment ….so that I can see her without anyone disturbing me …
Yep , she made her way , she passed through me …I smiled …as she pass through her long hair and her shampoo smell derived me crazy….

It was third day ,
I was fighting with a boy , I fought because he passed bad comments about my girl …my angel
She again came and saw me …..i think she wants pleased with it ..I backed off …

It was the fourth day ,
I saw her searching for me …she was turning right and left …she was disappointed and then I look up
Actually I was lying on the desk behind her
As soon she saw me ….she smiled ….with which I was memerised seeing her …
Aww,…….I smiled back ….

Swasan pov’s
We both became friends and lovers ….I became drug for him and he became drug for me
We both made our way to the love land ………

Screen freeze
I know its Boring and its very simple …sorry for wasting ur time …I will soon come up with an imaginary story
Love u all and plz keep supporting

I am waiting for ur comments eagerly ….plz do comment

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  1. Esha

    Ufffff ! Telly updates its swasan not swalak …plz change it …..yaar !

  2. Sriya

    esha dear loved it my cute sis it was wonderful fantabulous stupenduous os dear you have not at all wasted our precious time thanks for a lovely os and i have posted a hate to love story ( a SWASAN fanfic ) prologue it has already been published it is in 6th page please read it for me
    love u loads my cute sis
    keep smiling always

  3. Kritika

    Awsm yr,.. short n sweet

  4. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Esha u had written swalak in the tittle first I thought not to read it as it is swalak as I only read swasan os .. but then because of swara I read it. ..
    Then get to know it is swasan os ..

    And it was simple but reallh awesome …. superb. .

  5. Hii…I’m a swasan fan…don’t read any swalak ff or os. It was in the recent posts so I read it. And lo behold! It was swasan! Very good. Enjoyed thoroughly…keep writing!

  6. awesome story plz write more one shots I’m waiting for it okay

  7. title is wrong

  8. Aahna

    when I saw that tittle is swalak . I thought I will nt read BT then I think just look at it once. Now I am much happy about my decision..

  9. Sumeeta

    It was a swasan os.wrong title.but lovely smally cute os????????????

  10. Sriya

    Dolly I can accept your request we can obviously write a ff together

  11. Its awesome dolly…..can u pls write a os on swalak pls…

  12. Jwala

    nice os dear

  13. AnuAnn

    Cute story dear

  14. Simple and sweet story

  15. as i know is the copy of short story first crush completly

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