A simple Love story …A TS

The idea of waking up early never have fascinated me . I was rather I am a sleepy head since childhood but today…it was different.
morning could be so beautiful I never knew may be I didn’t bothered to know for I have been surrounded by the miseries of my own life .
The sun playing hide and seek with us,hiding admist the mountains but it’s giant size always made him caught by our eyes .

Well…it’s not just a very ordinary day of my life unlike others . They have been so since the day he left Himachal to live his own life along with his family . We are ..ohh…sorry…we were best freinds . God knows whether this fact is true today or not .

He’s returning and I don’t even knew that he remembered me until the moment I received a friend request on facebook . It was HE ..My God..he remembers me .
anyways there’s no need to get overexcited girl, he’s a star…the famous business tycoon ,shivay singh oberoi and I’m just a mere song writer and professor in Himachal. Sky and land are never meant to be together . so, In order to receive my friend just friend from airport I headed towards the bathroom of my small cottage, In which I have been living from the time my professional life started.

After the hot shower the confusion was to decide what to wear. Well… he’s not coming to notice me and with this thought in mind I chose to wear the simplest light blue anarkali I had in my wardrobe .

He had invited me to his home . Let’s see what more my destiny has planned for me .
I reacher airport and I must say it was magnificent . Will he be able to recognise me ?..somewhere I had the answer of my question ..and it was indeed a very big NO .
Standing with my fingers fidgeting /mingling with each other and eyes moving here and there . For sure, I was nervous . The flight landed and the passengers were coming and my orbs began with their job to search for my most favourite pair of orbs since I was an infant . and there was man!…I wonder whether my heart was correct or not . Second thoughts started hovering my brain…

He was a man with medium height , dressed in his close cropped suit with perfectly gelled hair,which weren’t moving an inch . Confused whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate ..our orbs met and my heart froze .

Hello! Remember me?
Anyways …the youngest writer is back again and probably with a 3 shot this time ??…I’ve missed you all so much and sorry was not in your contact since ages .
The love I have gained from you all always have fascinated me . All of my love to each and every person here .

Hopefully the next one will be soon ..

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    1. Sairish

      Thank you so very much hamna aapi/di..
      A request of yours to please read and comment on the next shot as well…
      Keep supporting

  1. Pui

    Hi Sairish ! Dearie , where have you been from the past century ?? Anyway , cute and gripping part ! ??

    1. Sairish

      Heyy pui di,
      Dearie’s back after ages ??
      But I seriously missed you guys …
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation …
      Keep loving and supporting

  2. Fenil

    superb start Sairish sis.
    welcome back.
    can’t wait for next.

    1. Sairish

      Hello bhaiyya….
      How r u?
      Really missed you guys a lot and thanks a lot for the warm welcome …again…
      Do read and comment on the next part ..
      Fingers crossed
      With Love

      1. Fenil

        I m fine…missed u too…happy Bhai Dooj.
        Yaa will read when it’s got published

  3. SatyendraSharma

    Super duper start dear sairish…..post soon

    1. Sairish

      Thank you sooo much aayushi di (hope the name’s correct)…please keep supporting and do tell how the next part is..
      With Love

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    1. Sairish

      Hey UF di/dear..
      I’m sorry I don’t know your name
      Thanks tons for the sweet appreciation …
      Thanks again
      Yeaahh…I have voted for #narbhi and will again.. No problem in that..
      Do read the next one as well
      With love

  5. Niriha

    Awesome dear…can’t wait for next part update

    1. Sairish

      Niri di…
      How r u?
      Thanks lot di???
      I have posted the next part quite before might be uploading any moment…
      So do read and tell
      With love

  6. Zaveesha

    Hii the youngest and the cutest writer…u know from past 2 days I was thinking about you..pehle bhi tmhe miss kar rahi thi btt aaj kl kuch zyada hi yaad aa rahi thi tmhari writings ki….soch rahi thi k tumhe PM karoon ya phr insta par message karoon…btt iski koi zaroorat hi nhi padi..u r back…I badly miss ur cute and amazing stories…nd heyy u r back with another work of urs nd I know that It will be soo adorable as ur previous work…
    This was very nice…waiting for the next…
    Best wishes always…

    1. Sairish

      Hello my sweetest di
      Firstly.. I really really missed you a lot
      Awwee..that’s s sooo sweet of you
      I reckon you had an intuition about my new work.. Sister’s connection ?????
      Heyy.. You were that zaveesha on insta who used to follow me… I had a feeling but wasn’t sure… Why didn’t you messaged me then..but now I’m not on insta..
      It really makes me feel so special that you missed something from my end ????
      Another bundle of thanks for appreciating this good for nothing fellow itna saara…
      Have posted the next one long back might be publishing any moment now
      Continue to read
      Tons of love

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Sairish

      Thank you so much nikkki di??❤️❤️
      With love

  8. Niyati

    Awesome start dear….loved it from bottom of the heart….do update soon…lots of love to u ??

    1. Sairish

      Well… A Ton of thanks from my side
      Have posted the next one long back might be publishing any moment now
      Continue to read please
      Lots of love

  9. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Sairish

      Hello alekhika di..
      Thanks you soo very much for commenting.
      Do read the next and comment please
      With love

  10. Ashwinee

    Awesome update sairish??

    1. Sairish

      Thank you soo much bhaiyya

  11. Nice start

    1. Sairish

      Hello vishu dear!
      Thanks a million times for coming up and commenting . The next 2 parts have already been posted. If you’re interested to read further …reply me I’ll send you the links
      Keep supporting dear
      With loads of Love

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