A simple love story …A TS (shot-9)

earlier one
It was the VENDOR..THE ICE CREAM VENDOR!. He looked so relative to shivaay especially his eyes . Anyways…brushing all my thoughts and set off for the address messaged by shivaay which read

‘Hello! I want you to meet someone very special…meet me at my home . Be quick .

why’s shivaay so desperate to make me meet his ‘someone special’
God..who is she?
After an unbearable distance i reached his home and entered with a heavy heart .

Shockingly the house was empty and was dimly lit as well.

“Helllooo! is anyone there?…shivaay you here?”

“Annikkkaaaaa bhaabhiiiiiiiii” came a voice from the kitchen but it didn’t sounded like a female voice rather was a voice with strong male accent and lots of innocence . what?? shivaay’s in love with a male. I nearly smacked my head for thinking such a nuisance thing. how could it ever be true. moreover I was relieved that he yet hasn’t fallen for any girl and wish I’m the one if he do fall for anyone .
on the contrary ..a second thought came to my mind . the voice …it said
‘bhabhi??’ …
with a puzzled look i said
“bhabhi?? what???..and who’s there?”
in no time a body smashed me . I had to take support of the couch beside or else i would have been landing on the floor with my back almost broken .
seemed ..it was a lad around 25 and pretty smart as well and was quite elated to have me at shivaay’s place .

“ARRAY! Annika didi ..I didn’t said BHABHI ..May be you have some problem in your ears ..go to a doctor ..I suggest ..what I..said was ..err…er..bhaji”
He replied back
“what’s bhaji then?” i asked with suspicion and nervousness was hovering him, I could sense that

“Actually ..bhaji’s a term used for elder sister in Mumbai ..” said another voice belonging to another well built lad of around 27 with long silky hairs followed by shivaay, who passed a warm smile the moment he saw me ..the boy…seemed he worked a great deal about his locks.
well…I..really found his answer absurd. what kind of a term was bhaji?
the boy who I reckon to be rudra said ..
“well…Annika do have you ever been to Mumbai ..if yep..then you would know what bhaji is”
“well..er.. no actually”
“ohh..that’s great then …you’ll a understand a far much great deal then. ”
what do he meant??…urgghh…I could see that he was grinning and was somewhere happy about me not visiting Mumbai ever in my life.
shivaay as though sensed that I didn’t recognised the 2 boys said ..
“by the way ..these two are my brothers …omkara and rudra”
ohh..so these were the ‘special persons’ whom he wanted me to meet . sometimes
our brain works in a wrong way and this time it did with me .

the boys were cute and sweet . I greeted them whole heartedly . We had a lovely evening . shivaay informed me that they had come for a special reason and are not here for long . but it didn’t bothered them . Apparently they were enjoying themselves in the lap of himachal . while all the way ..my head spinning around that icecream vendor!
OMRU,as shivaay acquainted them ..we’re tired and so went to bed too early . we were alone for a while ..
“So how was your day”.we asked at the same time .
with a sheepish smile he replied he had a great day …with omru ..it’s always fun . HE REALLY LOVES HIS BROTHERS…quite evident it was .
“well..how was yours tell ” ..he appeared to be quite interested in my monotonous routine though today’s wasn’t like the others. it was different!
“er.. mine was quite unexpected today . I had quite a chatter with students where I presented a desire for icecreams”
the rest half said sentence was completed by him ..
” and you got caught up with an icecream vendor right in front of you….” seemed the rest of his words faded the moment he saw me staring at him with suspicion. how did he knew what had all happened with me .
sorryyyyy!!! I’m late . had exams and weather’s too bad in Delhi . seems bad health doesn’t want to free me up! my temperature rose suddenly again..I’m having viral..anyways ..HOW WAS THIS? DO TELL VIA COMMENTS ..I’M EXTREMELY SORRY AGAIN FOR LETTING YOU ALL WAIT . and yepp.. do drop some ideas to procede with the story! I’m extremely out of them . well..er.. recently I wrote a one shot called “AIN’T YOU JEALOUS” but didn’t got a nyc response on it . I would be glad if you all have a look to it .

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    Hey dearie…how are you now…take care??…get well soonish??
    Coming to the update…”Annniiikkkaaa bhaaaaabbbbhhhiii” I just shouted to myself at that…very cute update full of joy…enjoyed each and ever bit of it….
    once again get well soon
    Loads of love????

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    Hi cutie pie…. firstly take care of urself nd get well soon…take proper medicine nd rest..the story can wait…
    Nd this update was amazing as usual….OmRu meeting Anika…nd everything else was also nice…
    Take care nd post on ur convenience…

    Dear Sairish
    Anika OmRu Meet Scene? ShivIka Conv Scene? Rudy ‘Anika Bhabhi’ Is A Proof That Shivay Love Anka Too? It’s Cute Shot??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    It is awesome and lovely dear.. Stay happy and healthy and blessed dear

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    Awesome ??loved it waiting 4 next part update soon
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    Fabulous update…no worries studies are important…so don’t feel bad…we can wait …this was super awesome dear…way to go

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    Wonderful update

  10. Heya Sairish,
    This was a lovely Update. Finally Anika is relieved that ‘Omru’ are his special someone ?
    Shivaay almost blurted out the truth . These two are just so adorable ?
    Hope you’re better now. Get well soon. Sending you virtual hugs ?

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    Hi Dearie..
    The update was fab !
    Look to ur health first yaar, its very imp.
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  13. Nice update infact cute update with our cutie rudy.. u r again down with fever….take care of urself dear.. FF can wait .. take care and rest well.. and get well soon

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    So sorry for late reply dear . actually was busy with a project and yaay my guess was right ?? and omru were awesome.take care of your health and post only when u are alright ??

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