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A mere thought of his liking me made me go mad . It couldn’t be true ..came as a second thought but he himself said so …
“yaa.. I mean you know I really love tiramisu and from the time I was 7 you have been making it for me..so I’m here to have it after a very long time. common make it na..I’m really hungry”he said
this shattered all of my dreams in a million pieces .
With a lot of disinterest i replied

“ohh..is that so..wait I’ll just prepare it in a bit”
HE sat on the dining chair while I was preparing the breakfast for we two . A not to serious problem was tickling me . My hairs which I had tied in a messy bun were coming out in small locks . It was irritating the hell out of me and was making it difficult for me to prepare the dough for tiramisu. For a fraction of second I saw him staring at me . I could be wrong,I’m not sure . but the moment our eyes lock though for a second he turned his head away.
awwee…he was feeling shy but his who knew his real feelings . I again concentrated on my dish.
We had quite a very comfortable breakfast together ,sharing each others instances that had happened in the past 20 years .
“amm…seriously Annika…you’rejust too awesome . I mean the breakfast was really delicious.”
HIS words made my face battle for a shade of Scarlett or rose .
I muttered a small thank you for my appreciation.
“by the way..what would you be doing today . Are you free?”
I was in a mood to have a bit fun
“well…that’s none of your business and May i know why do you want to know my schedule”
“to take you on a date” …
does he really mean his words or was just joking around . For minute i thought to say him yes and tell him that I was ready to go on a date with him . But to be on a safer side i plastered an expression of utmost shock on my face .
“whatt?? are you mad?..and by the way I’m busy today so I won’t be coming on a date with you”I said suppressing my smile with a wink
“heheh…very funny . firstly I’m not mad and secondly..I’m not going on any date with you..i just said it sarcastically”
“I know that..”…i said hiding my real feelings. “I’m going to temple today by the way so..I’m going to get ready. see you tomorrow”
without even listening to his reply I made my way for my room to get ready for the temple.
I wore another simple peach coloured anarkali for i favoured light colours.
After 30 minutes I came into hall and saw him sitting on the table. He didn’t went ?
“OY!..you’re here still”

“yaa..I’m accompanying you to the temple”
“yes..now don’t argue and come with me”
without even hearing me he grabbed my hand and we made our way to his car.
the gentleman first offered me seat and then Sat himself .
we set off for our journey and admist the way he made an unusual move. he …..complemented me .
“waise…you look beautiful”
I instantly picked up a magazine and hid me face in it as it was all red due to heavy blushing.
I saw him grinning from the corner of my eyes and then again back to his driving.
A big hello to the loveliest lot of people.
I guess this one was a bit boring .
I’m glad people came up with thier problems and shared with me . so..1st problem
1. I’ll try making the parts a bit longer. they may be short but I’ll be regular as studies are my priority as well and also cbse is too harsh on class 9 this year.
2. people asked me for shivaay’s pov.
for it i would like to say…
please comment guys..
thanks for supporting me
much love

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