A simple Love story …A TS (shot-5)

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His quietness was killing me every nano second . Each moment seemed to burden my heart even more . and such a stupid he is..atleast he should tell me what was he thinking so that i can justify my deed .
A red faced him turned around and this one look was enough for me to recognise the end of our relationship..oops..a so called ‘friendship’
“What the hell is this ANNIKA…how could you?..how could you do do this to me ,to your friend. you were stalking me ! seriously…i never ever expected this from you,this in return of my friendship”
Fresh tears formed in my eyes and I began to sob.
“Shi.. shivaay. I know I’m wrong and I know that you’re angry from me but please give me a chance to explain . PLEASEE.”
in no mood to listen to me
“silent..silent. I don’t want to hear anything from you. you’re such a cheap girl,you have been stalking me. you know what ..I’m done here .”
and he stormed out of my eyes filled with immense anger. i tried stopping him but he jerked my hand and didn’t even turned around once and atleast bid me a small bye .
broken from within i landed on the floor with a great thud. I didn’t even had energy to move my hands . Everything froze. THE boy whom i loved more than myself returned after 20 years and due to my mistake he just left .

After a moment or so my tears automatically stopped coming down . I was no longer sitting on the floor but standing on the very same position with all my might. when the vision became more clear i saw him staring at the pictures opposite facing me. does that mean he didn’t went? does that mean that ……i..i was day dreaming.
A new chill of thrill ran down through my spine and I swear …at that moment. it felt i got a new life .
my myself might not be knowing how many times i thanked God for not making this horrible dream a true reality but the problem was that he still was facing the wall.
“sh..shi..shivaay”..said an hesitated I
“haa..hmm”..he turned around while saying ..pointing his index finger at the photographs “this….”
this much suspense was enough for me and the childhood problem
I had just started under my breath..
“ANNIKA…this is awesome .Really fascinating it is.”
but my ears didn’t seemed to hear what he said
“listen shivaay..I’m really really very sorry . I never meant that. please please..forgive me and try to understand me . if you want ..I’ll remove it . promise ..I’ll do it by today itself…….but please don’t leave ..”

“OY!..Annika..what are you saying. why are you saying sorry and why would I leave .”he said jerking my shoulders slightly because i wasn’t listening to what he was saying .

“huhh??”…replied a sheepish me “you don’t have any problem in this”

“why would I well?” he sounded as cool as ice
A new layer of happiness was there within me .
“good then..what do you want ..i mean why you’re here?? any help or any problem”
…”well…I’m here to reunite with the love of my life”
his words raised some hope in me . does that mean he too is in love with me??

heyya peeps!
finally with the 5th shot of this TS. I hope it’s good. well..i would like to ask ..am I dragging the story. If you think so feel free to tell me. silent readers..a request to make some notice. common yaar youngest writer jab return4d after a long time after all ??????
I genuinly owe to you all for showering so much of love to me . thank you loads.
infinite love

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  1. Ashwinee

    The youngest writer is rocking like hell!!!!!????mindblowing update SAIRISH….
    Lots of love…

    1. Sairish

      hello ash di
      thank uuh sooo much.
      next part published long back
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  2. Oleen

    Nice one shivya ka point of view to pata chale but I I guess its a suspense

    1. Sairish

      hello oleen di
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      your doubt has been cleared in the next shot
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      1. Oleen

        Tq ? dear

  3. Nice update but tooooooooo short make it little bit longer please ?

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      hello hamna aapi
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  4. Fenil

    wow….such a lovely chappy and serious day dreaming Anika.loved it.

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      thanks a lot baiyyuuu
      youre too sweet

  5. Awesome update , and you are not dragging the story.

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      dear R,
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  6. Amazing Update. Loved it ❤
    Bechara Anika was feeling so scared.
    Anika is cute so cute. Waiting to see shivaay’s reaction ?
    Update Soon!

    1. Sairish

      hello rhea di
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      yeahh.. annika is cute ..
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  7. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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  8. Aashi9

    It’s a beautiful chapter. Wow?? Anika’s day dreaming was hilarious ???? I’d love to know know who is Shivaay’s love. Waiting for next chapter. Update soon.?

    1. Sairish

      Aashi dii
      thanks a lot for all your love and support.
      wanna know shivaay’s love then
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    Awesome fabulous update dear..waiting 4 next update soon

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  11. SatyendraSharma

    Anika’s day dreaming part was awesome…post soon

    1. Sairish

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  12. Zaveesha

    Amazing one cutiepie….
    Everything is going great..just be positive..nd believe on yourself…
    Best wishes nd love…

    1. Sairish

      yaar!..i love you sooo muchh
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    It is awesome dear

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  14. VHM

    fabulous Saiiirriiiiishhhhhhhhhhh……..you are youngest writer by age but one of the awesomest writer by talent….keep going…true…how did i miss this shot …so sorry being so late….hadn’t i read your reply on the previous shot i would have missed this episode and would had waited for long…….thank you for letting me know…when will you be posting the next episode? loads of love…keep smiling and take care

    1. Sairish

      hello vhm di
      well.. .I’m just too speechless what to say
      such a big remark from you ,one of the best writers here
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      I’m……just too happieee

      no problem it do happens …can understand very well…
      I feel you’ve read the next one too..
      anyways it’s already published
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  15. Sairu…..it’s awesome…I know I am late….sorry for that….busy with studies & school…..it’s a beautiful chapter…loved it completely & u too ??

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