A simple Love story …A TS (shot-4)

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The sun rays half disturbed my sleep the other half was disturbed by the continuous banging of door by someone. It raised my temper to a high level. Without even wishing myself a good morning ,I tied my hair in a messy bun and stormed out to open the door. I thought it was courier man,who have brought the books I ordered . I didn’t bothered to spare him a look and half blinded by sleep I said
“What bhaiyya..is this the time to deliver the books ..atleast let people sleep in the morning ..you guys na..always are mess!..and bhaiyya….”
My non stop lecture was cut off in between by a scream
“What!!! Bhaiyyyaaa????”..said the other voice .

To get a clear view of person standing in front of me ..I rubbed my eyes and with a sight of the figure in front of my..my heart started sinking horribly. God ..it was he,shivaay. But what the hell was he doing at my place and even more important than that how did he came to know my address . I wasn’t the one who told Him? Regaining my posture,i saw he again was staring at me from top to bottom . Trying to imitate him I too looked down at myself and my mouth took the shape of a big ‘O’. The expression of plain shock and the utmost embarrassment was crystal clear on my face . He was standing with his hand covering his mouth . May be he was shocked or trying to control his laughter . I was in my tee’s and shorts . Seriously ..shorts??. Silent tears dwelled not in my eyes but heart.
“Good morning”..He greeted me with a genuine smile .
“What are you doing here ? Who gave you my address huhhh?..at least you should have informed ” ..but I started with my question hour.
“God! People are so insensitive these days. A guest is at her doorstep and instead of inviting him in she’s asking him questions . What a kalyug it is.. SHIV SHIV (he said with his hands touching his opposite ears to and fro In a continuous motion) She’s not even bothered that he might be shivering with cold as he’s not too used to the cold weather” ..a sarcastic him said .
“Oh..yaa come in”
“Well…let me tell you that I’m shivaay Singh oberoi. And nothing’s difficult for me either it be cracking a 100 core deal or finding the address of his friend . Isn’t so annika?”
“Yaahh” I said rolling my eyes .
A quite light conversation was at pace .
“Heyy..why didn’t you replied my message . I might have send you more than 15 messages last night…and by the way if you have done the honour to read my texts you would have got to know that I was coming to your place this morning”
“Sorry..but I was sleeping . It’s not my mistake either!. Anyways ..come have a seat”

But he didn’t seemed to be in a mood to sit and most unfortunately for me , for him it was either fortunate or unfortunate I don’t know but his eyes fell on one of the walls of my house. It contained our memories . I have stored them since the moment he left. The moments we shared in our childhood days were perfectly photographed . I myself wonder how come I got these many pictures of ours . They were more than Hundreds in numbers and he was staring it continuously without blinking his eyelashes . Quietude fell over the airy room. His silence was killing me every moment . What if he took this act of mine in a negative way?
What would he be thinking of me ? He might consider me as a blo*dy cheap girl .
God..I swear I didn’t did it deliberately . What made my heart more worried was that he didn’t even bothered to spare me a look. Kept looking at those pictures with God knows what emotions as I wasn’t peering in his orbs .
Hii lovely chaps . I hope the story is on track . If it’s not worth a read do tell me I’ll stop writing . I atleast don’t want my readers to have a piece of crap to read.
Thanks to each and everyone for supporting . And silent readers do make some sound/noice yaar! C’mon . Those silent readers who came up ..thanks a million times . I hope I would cope up with you all’s expectations
Much love to everyone

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  1. VHM

    awesome one back to back…can’t wait for next chappy…please do post at the earliest…see how crazily i am waiting for the next episode…and don’t you even think of stopping this ff….it’s an order…well i can do that being elder to you….love you loads….keep smiling and take care

    1. Sairish

      hello di,
      thanks a ton for these sweet words .
      I wonder am i worth it or not .
      well…the next part have been published l9ng before. it’s strange you didn’t read. link is there at the top of this part . go read if haven’t.
      yeahh…your wish my conmand lady.
      I’ll not stop this ff…of course you can do that ..you have full right to do so ..
      much love

  2. Pui

    Awsm part Dearie,
    You have come back with a real big bang…
    Keep up the good work !

    1. Sairish

      hello pui di,
      first I read the part whose link you send me but sorry didnt fot time to comment .
      thank you tons for liking it.
      I’m glad you liked it
      tons of love

  3. Hi sairish, just read all the parts…. Very interesting dear… Update soon, eagerly waiting

    1. Sairish

      hello dear
      I’m so happy you came up and commented.
      it means a hell lot to me.
      next part have been published long before
      do read IF haven’t
      keep supporting me
      loads of love

    1. Sairish

      thanks a lot hamna aapi ??

  4. Ashwinee

    May God bless all his might on you dearie…..this is what I can say?……awesome…fabulous… mindblowing …fantastic…keep it up dear…

    1. Sairish

      hii ash di
      awee.. thank you so much for such a heart melting comment.
      keep reading
      lots of love

  5. Niriha

    Awesome…can’t wait for next part update soon

    1. Sairish

      hello niri di
      next part posted long before and i feel you have read as well
      keep reading
      loads of love

  6. Oleen


    1. Sairish

      thank youuu soo soo much oleen di

  7. Fenil

    Awwww so sweet Chappy.
    Shiv shiv mein bhi karta Hun hahah

    1. Sairish

      and this is such a sweet comment bhaiyya …
      hehe cute cute bhaiyya ..shiv shiv karte ho..
      read next if haven’t
      much love

  8. Aashi9

    Okay, to tell you the truth_ I’ve fallen in love with this story. Would like to see Shivaay’s reaction. Update soon.

    1. Sairish

      hehe…thanks you soooo wala much for such a heart melting comment.
      I’m just too glad you liked it this much
      I feel you read the next one already
      lots of love

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Sairish

      thanks a lot UF dearrr…
      it do means a lot to me

  10. Read all the chapters today!
    Amazing Updates. Totally enjoyed reading it. I’m totally hooked to the story now ?
    Such a cliff-hanger. Can’t wait to read the nxt update ?
    Lots of love ?

    1. Sairish

      hello rhea di
      awww.. .thank you soo much for all your words .
      it made me go Scarlett
      hehe….im glad you’re hooked to the story
      next part was published long back .
      I hope you’ve read.
      if not link is at the top of the chapter
      and yaa.. a request ..like this part write your man at the end so that i reckon to whom I’m taking with coz there are many readers with name shivika
      much love

  11. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

    1. Sairish

      thanks so I hope you have read the part 5

  12. Nithu


    1. Sairish

      hello nithu di.
      thanks a lot yaar
      do read next IF haven’t
      6th part is also posted
      read the 2 along
      Sairish here

  13. Zaveesha

    Hi cutiepie…..
    I already read this episode in the morning but was not logged in nd then have gone to college…
    This chapter is amazing too…Shivaay give her a surprise…nd he even saw their pics..waiting to see his reaction… everything is going on its pace..don’t thought about any negativity… just focus on your story…
    Best wishes always…
    Nd one request from ur sister..u can call me Aapi..I’ll be very happy…
    Love nd luck…

    1. Sairish

      hello AAPI
      I have called you aapi before as well but then my chhotu sa brain forgot whom to call aapi and whom not but from now on…it’ll be spotted in my brain
      you always are too much for me .
      your wishes seems blessing to me
      you really are toooooo sweet and you call me cutie for no reason.
      yepp…will always try to cope up with your expectations
      lots of love

  14. Very nice update, try little long updates

    1. Sairish

      dear R,
      thanks a lot for commening .
      please read the 5th part
      and keep reading

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Sairish

      thank youuu soo soooo much Nikki di
      read the next one too if haven’t
      Sairish here

  16. Sairu just looved this one from bottom of the heart…u again nailed it sweetie….sorry for late comment dear as I was busy with studies…..lots of love to u & I am going to read next part.??

    1. Sairish

      I’m missed you sooo much
      thanks A billion girl
      for such a lovely comment.
      well..you have to read 2 left over parts ..
      shot 5 and shot 6 both have been published
      again thanks
      A love you tons
      Sairish here

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