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A simple Love story …A TS (shot-3)


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With his steps followed by mine we entered the house . It was indeed classy and why it shouldn’t have been…after all this is something for which the oberois famous. Unlike other boys , he was not a dirt freak!. Cleanliness was in his blood it seemed. However ,…like a true gentleman he offered me to sit and have some juice or tea..whatever I like .
“How are you?”..he asked with utmost politeness . This was something I couldn’t answer. What should have I replied that I’m not fine because I have been waiting for you since the time you left Himachal and this stupid fella is in love with you no matter she hadn’t seen you for the past 20 years. What a stupid answer it would be and I answered with a ‘fine’
“How are you by the way” I asked him pretending to be calm as much I could
“Absolutely fantastic” he said and was visible on his face .
I felt he got that I was a bit uncomfortable and why not you just cannot hug someone you’re meeting after 20 years and say I love you. It indeed was the silliest idea.
“You ok ?”..asked a concerned him and I replied with a nod
“But you doesn’t seem so” he fired back …guess he was in a mood to fight but I was not and so replied
“’s nothing like that..I’m absolutely fine”
But he wasn’t satisfied ? Somewhere I felt he was doing it deliberately but never mind he didn’t gave up
“Oh common I can see that you’re not fine but you’re not telling it coz you’re annika…the tadibaaz annika ..never admit your problems”

I have had enough ..don’t know how but my inner fire got light up again
“Oy!..don’t say rubbish about me . Yes!.. I’m annika.. tadibaaz annika..what will you do huhh??.. what’s wrong in that if I’m a soul with a lot of self respect. You can’t do anything in that…you’re nothing in front of me..just a mere might be a business tycoon in front of media but this is Himachal not your Mumbai..
You……” Rest of the words faded .. I needed some breathe for i have been speaking continuously. A break was needed and during the break’s duration I saw him standing in front of me all red …not because of anger but laughter!
He have been trying to control it for ling but as visible from his face .he could no longer handle it and he bursted out with fits of laughter accompanied by my inaudible chuckle,a sheepish and embarrassed one though .
After a certain interval of time we paused . And unknowingly I was comfortable . That awkwardness was kind of no longer between us. I was feeling happy. We had a lovely evening .
Must say..he’s a great cook. The third love of my life,pasta..he still remembered it . I was elated ..why? I myself didn’t knew. A morsel of pasta got stuck to the edge of my lower lip . Since I was busy in blabbering about Himachal’s beauty and enjoying my pasta I didn’t noticed it but Seemed he did. Gently coming towards me ,bending a little and then finally getting the morsel out . God knows ..this small task have been so awkward and difficult with me . Nervousness hovered me again ,awkwardness regained power.
After emptying my plate as soon as I can I bid him a formal bye with no friendly hug along . Admist the food..we didn’t talked even a bit and maybe the rest of the evening as well! I was In such a hurry to get back home . With my legs almost running I left for my place without even listening to what he was saying. I’ll do everything later but now I seriously needed my grief sharer,my pillow. Badly needed it .
After crying my heart out I layed down on a small yet cozy and comfortable bed of my cottage . The night was same as usually . Under the shadow of stars and shade of moonlight . Pondering on the day’s events . Suddenly phone beeped! It was a message from him ..I read the notification . But decided to open and see it later in the morning tomorrow.
I closed my eyes with a sigh and drifted myself in a deep slumber .
Salut mon amies!
Well…a big HIIII! …so with 3rd part of this simple love story . I wanted to ask the way of writing clear to you people ? It’s not confusing till now? If any problem is there or if will be in future ..then do tell me . And a biggest request ..GUYS PLEASE COMMENT..IT WON’T TAKE MORE THAN A SECOND. PLEASE.
Once again thanks a lot for the immense support and encouragement
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