A simple Love story …A TS (shot-2)

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His orbs locked with mine and at the very moment I froze . He was alone , none of the other family members were with him.
He started his foots towards me,.. is he the very shivaay, I am looking for? God he’s coming in my direction only and my very bad habit …
I started chanting hanuman chalisa under my breath…which I usually do when I’m nervous …
I have had just started
“Jai hanuman gyan gun sagar … and then my words faded inside my mouth only when he said…
“Still chants this in nervousness”
‌Woaahhh!!!..I was correct . It was he .. shivaay! But what came more thundering as a thought in my mind was that he still remebers my habit . Aww he’s tooo cute along the prettiest soul and face on Earth. I saw him staring at me for a while . Silence filled the moment . I reckon he wanted to say something bht didn’t and may be the same case was with me as well. He was smiling …or was he laughing at me . I realized I was embarrassed..but why??? Not
Letting my brain to ponder over these thoughts
“Shivaay??” …I aksed finally
“Annika…..so good to see you after a very long time indeed” ..he replied giving me a humble hug . He sounded far too calm and poised while I was kind of shivering with nervousness and may be it was justified for i have been his secret admirer since the time we made peace with each other . Yeaahh…our relationship was never a peaceful one . We used to fight a lot . He used call me paanika ..I always threw water on him whenever I was angry or we had a fight.
Regaining my poise I replied I was equally pleased to see Him . He aksed me to his home .
Well….for me there was no chance to deny
We headed towards our destination. He comforted me in his mercedes and then himself on the driver seat . A moment kind of uneasy as well as romantic took place . To be honest I found it to be a typical hindi daily soap scene . My dupatta got stuck in the car’s gate and he helped me . For a second I realized he was looking straight into my eyes . I quickly turned my head to hide my red face . The journey was no interesting . Silence kept surrounding the air expect for the thing Himachal was famous for.
Throughout the way …it was green and it was beautiful of course ..I cannot deny it .
The very tall trees ,with their trunks covered with moss. There branches hanging with a canopy of it . The ground covered with ferns . Even the air filtered down greenly through the leaves.
Finally we reached , I breathed
A long deep breathe with a sigh of relief and stared at his place admiringly. Not because it was magnificent but it has our memories , of childhood . The very special moments ..
I waited for him take the lead. ..
Heyya peeps!
How’s everyone. Sairish back again with a second part of this TS. well..I realized I may not be able to complete it in 3 parts so I’m further increasing it. I don’t know is it a good or bad news for you people .
A request to all that please comment . I have returned after a long time yaaarrrrrr!!!!
Infinite love,??

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    1. Sairish

      Heyy UF dear
      Thanks you so very much for these amazing and inspiring words ..
      Hope to see your support in the upcoming parts as well…
      With Love

  2. Zaveesha

    Hey cutiepie….this one is also amazing… the way u write…I loved that…no worry in increasing the no. Of episodes…
    Just read ur reply on previous part..
    Yeah I was the same Zaveesha on insta..U appeared in my people you may know list nd I just followed u…
    Ohh so now u r not on insta..no worry..
    Best wishes always…

    1. Sairish

      Heyy zaveesha di,
      Hehe…cutiepie ..
      Your wishes always have been luck for me ..
      Thanks for everything …
      Appreciation from you always have been encouraging .
      Yaa…not on Instagram anymore but anyways I’m glad we are in touch here ..
      Do read the next one too please
      With galleons of love

  3. Ashwinee

    Hey sairish…I don’t know about himachal Pradesh ….but the beauty of your TS has made me spellbound …THANK you for such a mesmerizing update…..

    1. Sairish

      Hello bhaiyya!
      Awwee…that seriously was such a sweet comment ..you melted my heart .. huhh..???…
      Well…thanks a ton for your immense support
      And a request to support in the next part as well…working on it
      With Love

      1. Ashwinee

        Your more than welcome dear…
        PS: I think you have mistaken me as someone else I guess…because I am not your bhaiyya….I am your di…

      2. Sairish

        I’m sooo sooo sorrryyyy…
        Literally sorrryyyy???????
        Actually theres a male of the same name and so I thought it’s you ..and thus called you bhaiya ..
        But I’m soo sooo sooo very sorry di
        Please forgive your little sister

  4. Fenil

    Awesome Amazing Aflatoon
    Fabulous Fantastic Fantabulous
    cute sweet
    loved it.

    1. Sairish

      Hello bhaiyyuuu❤❤
      “Arghh” ..thank you soo sooo sooooooooo very much for always supporting your bewakoof si sister. Your words mean a lot to me
      Thanks again
      Tons of Love

  5. Pui

    Superb and well detailed.
    Pleasure to read…Off course increase in updates is not a bad news !

    1. Sairish

      Heyy pui di..
      Thank you sooo much for appreciating . Means a hell lot to me ..
      It’s great to know you liked it ..
      I’m glad you took its increase in a positive way..
      Lots of love

  6. Superb one hy do u write on watts pad also

    1. Sairish

      Hello oleen dear
      Thanks a million times for coming up!
      Really means a lot to me.
      continue to read further ..
      Sorry dear,but I don’t write on whatpad …but if you want to read more of my works just reply …I’ll send you link for sure
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  7. VHM

    super awesome update…will be waiting for the next episode

    1. Sairish

      To the loveliest lady ,
      A big hello from my side,
      How’s you and your daughter ??
      Thanks a zillion times for commenting
      Keep supporting is a request
      Tons of Love

      1. VHM

        You know my support will always be there for you…so no need to request me…me and akki both are doing good…love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  8. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous ???lovely update dear waiting for next update soon

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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    Awesome update

  11. Incredible update…. Can’t have words to describe… U become my inspiration Sairu….So sorry for late comment & hopeu remember ur didu…lots of love & a big hug to u.

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