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“er.. Annika ..isn’t the weather too nice today?!” I sensed he tried to change the topic the moment he peered me staring at him with a quizzical look.
“weather’s always nice in himachal . now ..you tell why’s your weather not fine today? and moreover how the hell did you know that I had an encounter with an icecream vendor!?”
“well..girl..a thing called ‘guess’ too exist in this world . you know’
somehow I felt he was lieing . it was an absurd lie.
“ohh really..then from when have you been such a great guesser?”

“I have been one from the start ..it’s just that you’ve noticed me now!”

“NO…it’s a lie.. I have been noticing only you from the very beginni…..”
I swallowed the rest of the words for i knew they were better inside my heart. but seems he understood what i wanted to say.. we’re his words a sort of provoking?.
“what..? what do you mean?” …suspicion clearly visible in his bluish green orbs searching for answers .

“nothing ..I meant ..that I know you’re lieing. from the childhood ..it has been a very bad habbit of yours to lie even when you don’t know how to do it”
well…I sort of came into a bit of my tadibaaz avatar
“that’s not true ..”
“it is”
” forget it …I don’t want to argue with you on this matter”
“HAWWW!!!…you mean I’m arguing with you…I never did that ..mind you Mr. shivaay Singh oberoi”
“I have mind that …ms.. err…ms. Annika..”
being a professor…I know his ‘mind that’ made no sense . it was just a reaction to my action . and within a pause of 2 seconds we let out a great volumes of laughter . our sounds seemed to have awoken Omru who were fast asleep .
the feeble Sun in the evening was gradually swallowed by the dark night . the tiny little dots sparkling over the black sheet of sky . the mountains turned darker . few small chillz cold breeze starting ruffling the hairs . The moment…I realized it’s night by now ..RUDRA shouted
“bhaiyyaaaaa….it’s time for dinner . moreover I’m hungryyyy”
“when are you not?” bellowed omkara
I had a small giggle beneath my chin and decided to have a good bye talk with them so that i can leave for my place .
“well..er.. guys..I think it’s time for me to leave .see you later then”
the expressions on thier faces were ..I swear..very quizzical ..as if i had asked permission to murder an individual .
shivaay on the other hand didn’t muttered a single words as though gesturing omru to say something .i expected him to at least say me a big NO! (NO..YOU’RE NOT LEAVING…BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN) me a small bye .
while ..I was pleased that omru at least acquainted me this much that to asked me to stay..and with this much of love and innocence . I couldn’t refuse them

“bhaiyya..it’s almost 9 .. we need to have breakfast or else all the mice are gonna eat my stomach up!” ..
cried rudra . well…he certainly was right . as I too was feeling hungry .

“so Rudy ..tell na what do you want to have ..or shivaay you tell ..what will you be making?” asked omkara with what I noticed was a small grin .
I saw Rudy trying to answer but his words faded which were trying a convey something like ‘protein shake’ but shivaay instantly answered before him
“I’ll be making PASTA”.
what?? but why? why do he have to make my favourite dish and that too I’m having it for the 2nd time within my 2nd visit to this place ?
“wai.. waitt..a minute . why are you making pasta?” I asked him ..

“because …some one likes it” he said .
AWWEE…he still remembers the third love of my life. but my dreams were shattered when he said “don’t you om?”
“ohh yaa..I do love pasta ..thanks bro”
ohh..so the pasta was for his brother not me ..anyways with 2 persons liking the same ..it have to be changed into a convo .
“woww…OM it’s great . even i like pasta ..it’s the 3rd love of my life .” I happily said.
“that’s great annika ..but ‘third love’?” om seemed to be a bit awkward .
“yepp..actually pasta’s my 3rd most favourite thing in the world.”
shivaay appeared to be quite interested in our talks and so like a filthy little boy who keep on interfering..he interrupted

“if pasta’sthe 3rd love of your life..and who have got the first 2 slots” he asked with mingled suspicion, nervousness, anger and curiosity of course . I could sense and see this homogenous mixture of expressions on his face .

really sorry! I’m very very late . i never meant to .. it has taken every bit of mine to write this. it’s very difficult to type when you’re not in pink of your health…but I also didn’t wanted to make my readers wait . PLEASE COMMENT .
and PLEASE DROP SOME IDEAS . I’M OUT OF THEM . thanks a zillion times for supporting me . I never ever expected such great response .
all my love guys .

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    ShivIka Conv? OmRu ShivIka Scene And Conv? It’s Very Good Shot??????
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    Awwwww shivika are so cute, especially shivaay ??
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  8. Amazing Update as usual Sairish. Totally loved it ❤
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    Coming to the episode it is as fabulous as ever….you always nailed your write ups and this one was no different….just awesome…..

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    Well the story is taking a nice shape and for ideas, I would say go with the flow.

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